If you sell products or services into the residential care home or nursing care industries, we’re pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to our comprehensive, marketing-focused list of care homes in the UK.

Our experience in marketing to care homes for clients

The care home sector is a huge market worth £16.5bn a year – the country spends £1 of every £100 it earns on private and personal care of the elderly and sick.

However, the care service sector has very high barriers to entry and very high fixed costs.

Meanwhile, the NHS and health-related industries of the UK are currently undergoing significant change.

For suppliers, a deeper understanding of individual organisations can help you to give those in social care a better idea of the value your products or services offer.

The Care Quality Commission has an extensive list of care homes available, which many businesses use for marketing purposes.

However, we feel that, in the current climate, it does not include much of the vital information necessary to carry out successful marketing campaigns to the residential care sector.

More Than Words Marketing’s list of care homes

This list is part of our wider public sector database. For each nursing home on our list, we include the following fields:

  • 21,437 nursing homes, local care homes, and 24 hour care centres,
  • 9,480 email addresses
  • 21,003 contact names
  • job title for the contact
  • location, both broad (North East) and more specific (North Yorkshire)
  • telephone number

The three main advantages of working with More Than Words Marketing

Our UK residential care homes marketing service incorporates:

1. Nursing homes data

  • an accurate and up-to-date care home database care providers
  • email addresses (usually the owner or the manager)
  • multiple fields included per entry – please see below for more information
  • use the data for 12 months

2. Email design and three email broadcasts carried out for you with full follow-up reporting

  • email design – our copywriters and designers will create a persuasive, attractive, engaging, and compelling email design for your company.
  • three email broadcasts – we will send your email marketing campaign via our trusted servers to the organisations you specify on our database for nursing homes, care homes, and residential homes.
  • full reporting on each email campaign – three days after each send, we’ll email you a spreadsheet showing every care home that opened and clicked through to your website (and the number of times they did so).

3. After-sales support services

  • free technical support – our in-house data technicians will help you use the data you purchase even if you have little or no technical experience
  • free advertising support – your account manager, the design team, and the copy writing team will review and offer advice for any advert you want to send to care homes during the year.

How to sell to care providers in the UK

When marketing to care homes, any promotional material you send them must instantly and clearly communicate one of the following four benefits:

  1. reduction in fixed and operating costs,
  2. ability to expand capacity and enhance resident care comfortably within cash flow,
  3. how to attract more residents (either direct to elderly people themselves, to their families, or to local authorities and health organisations), and
  4. how to achieve regulatory compliance more easily and cheaply (particularly effective if new legislation is forthcoming).

Second, who do you target?

Many residential homes are run by caring entrepreneurs who know little about the more technical aspects of running a home but who are committed to the care needs of their residents.

For these owners, providing expert care and superior comfort (such as en suite facilities and mental health support) is paramount.

In these homes, the owner is more likely to ask the opinion of the care home manager and then sign an order off.

For larger care home groups, care home managers may have a wide degree of independence on purchasing, subject to financial assessment, with certain products or services being centrally organised.

The fundamentals of care

The Care Quality Commission website underlines the Fundamental Standards that all care homes must comply with.

These include:

Person-centred care

Residents must have access to NHS continuing healthcare that is tailored to them and meets their needs and preferences.

Fit and proper staff

Care homes must only employ people who can provide care and treatment appropriate to their role. This means that a resident with a physical disability or medical condition would need a qualified nurse.

Premises and equipment

Equipment used must be clean, suitable and looked after properly.

Duty of candour

Care homes must be open and transparent with a resident or loved one about their care.

Demonstrate the value of your products and services with telemarketing

In a sector with such important rules and standards, demonstrating the value of your business as a supplier is key.

More Than Words Marketing can provide an additional outsourced telemarketing campaign to help with this.

Working from our wider public sector telemarketing list, we will contact care home owners, managers, and procurement heads within groups with the aim of starting a personal relationship between them and your business.

We can generate leads on your behalf or book appointments.

Telemarketing service to UK Care Homes from More Than Words marketing

We can also ask about their current supply arrangements (or ask any questions you want us to ask) so that you can personalise your marketing campaign to them.

More Than Words note: Our team can also perform a data cleanse of your existing list of care homes. Read our case study to find out how we worked with a previous client on their list.

Portable Appliance Testing company case study

Ordering our list of care homes

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The UK care homes sector offers suppliers of goods and services a genuine opportunity to win brand new customers and, over time, establish your company as a trusted and valued supplier to the sector.

To speak to us about our UK care homes database, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us and ask us how we can work with you marketing your products to care homes.

UK Care Homes Marketing Database

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