UK Care Homes Data Cleanse

Our telemarketing team, combined data cleansing with lead generation for a client’s list of care homes generating 300 leads and created leftover budget for further marketing activities.‍

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We were approached by a company who worked with care homes across the UK.

Having already identified the names and telephone numbers of 1000 prospective care homes, the client was looking for specialist support in performing a data cleanse – to verify contact information and enhance their existing list in preparation for an upcoming lead generation campaign.

Our Approach

In the first instance, we proposed using our internal telemarketing team to identify and accurately record the information required by our client.

Additionally, we explored what was required of the proposed lead generation campaign, quickly establishing that it would be more efficient and cost-effective to run the two campaigns as one – delivering the data cleanse and generating leads via our telemarketing team.

We were able to provide the information in a specific format, as required by the client in order to upload it directly into their CRM and email sending software.

male carer in purple uniform looking after an elderly women


Records cleansed and updated with accurate email addresses and managers’ names
Records verified as no longer trading
Leads generated
Close-up of a carer with there hand on the shoulder of a elderly man comforting them


Thanks to successfully completing both the data cleanse and lead generation campaigns consecutively, our client was left with spare budget – which they were able to use immediately to repeat the campaign for a further 3,000 care homes.

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