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More Than Words provide targeted direct marketing campaigns by email and telephone to UK schools

Proven sales and marketing techniques to schools
Connect with the budget holders in schools for your products & services

For companies that take the time and effort to break into the schools marketplace, long-lasting rewards await. Schools are in control of their own budgets and can make their own selection on the products and services they want to buy in and the companies they want to buy them from. We can connect you directly with decision-makers in over 30,000 schools.

Main reasons to market to schools
Over 50,000 Establishments
An astonishly large & receptive marketplace

Education, including government spending, takes up more than 13% of everything the country produces. Around half of these establishments are owned by the public sector, the rest are in the private sector. UK schools will spend in excess of £3 billion with businesses – an average spend per public sector school of around £100,000.

3 Year Budget Plans
A group of customer who know how much they can spend

Schools are given 3 year budget plans. Heads, deputy heads, managers, administrators and heads of departments know how much they have to spend. They know they have to spend it by the end of the year. You can position your business to take advantage of the huge spending hikes in Sep/Oct and Mar/Apr of each year.

A Non-Price-Sensitive, Open Marketplace
Schools choose by quality, not by price

In primary schools, all spending decisions are taken by the headteacher in consultation with colleagues. In secondary schools, each department has their own budget and autonomy. In many schools, the business manager is a super-spender. This is a market which isn't interested in suppliers racing to the bottom.

Schools Talk To Each Other
Every chance of benefiting from the "cascade effect"

Do a good job for a school and they'll tell other schools about you. If the school is part of a "cluster", your name will get around even faster. If the school is part of an academy group, you might end up on up to 60 schools' supplier books. It doesn't stop there either. Schools talk to councils and the wider public sector.

Our schools email marketing service
Where we design your advert and send it to schools
Assigned designer

Your designer will structure an email that works with schools’ standard email clients including for reception on mobile phones.

Assigned copywriter

Our copywriters bring you years of experience in writing engaging, response-driven text which connects with heads and other DMs.

Account manager

All of our education marketing clients have their own dedicated account manager who will look after you from start to finish.

Data team contact

You’ll have your own data team contact through whom you can schedule or reschedule campaigns and receive full campaign reports.

Outbound telephone appointment setting
Get in to see the decision maker you need to talk with
Assigned telemarketer

Our telemarketer will be tasked to speak with the exact decision maker you want to connect with in the schools to share your message.

Script +

Our prices include both a full school-ready script with objection handles and a script for manager follow-up to ascertain actual interest level.


An experienced outbound education campaign manager will oversee and coordinate the project from start to finish. From the first call to the last they will ensure your message is delivered and the schools are engaged.


You can track the progress of your schools campaign live using our interactive and constantly updated reporting system.

Outbound client re-engagement campaigns
Win more business by reactivating lapsed accounts
Find out
why they left

Knowing why a school stopped buying from you can give you the vital clues to address any unknown customer service problems.

them back

Schools appreciate the businesses that work hard to win their custom. We’ll help you do that by making a real connection.

Full notes
on each client

For every phone call we make where we get to speak to a decision-maker, you’ll have a full record of the conversation (+ audio).


Want to go out to see them? Want to make a follow-up call? Let us know the outcome you’re after that works best for you.

Education data only
Britain’s largest education database
12 months’ updates

For one year after your purchase, we will provide, on request, full updates of your data set.

12 months’ support

Our technical team are here to support you with your use of the data – just call them.

Variety of formats

We can provide the data in a wide range of different formats including CRM-ready.

Further discounts

As a data-only client, benefit from future discounts on email & telesales campaigns.

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