Our construction telemarketing agency team have the data, the sales skills, and the experience you need to help you build relationships with key decision makers, optimise supply chain agreements, increase sales volumes for your products, services, and solutions, and win new client accounts.

Work with them and use their construction industry knowledge to take advantage of quality opportunities we find for your company and to establish important new business relationships.

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The major benefits of investing in construction telemarketing

Booking construction sector appointments

We can book appointments with the prospects of greatest commercial value to you either in person or via videocall. Working with us, your sales team will be able to spend more time closing ongoing deals as you leave the lead generation to us.

If you’d prefer to use our lead generation services to establish interest in your product, service, or solution for your salespeople to follow up later without booking an appointment, please let us know.

Make the most from Barbour ABI leads

Make the most of your data subscription with Barbour ABI.

Our B2B telemarketing team will contact the industry decision makers on the leads you receive as well as getting in touch with the companies involved in about-to-start and ongoing projects of interest to you. We can also make contact with the companies you want to work with by using Barbour ABI’s Relationships tool.

Outbound B2B telesales lead generation

Our telemarketing team will provide your company with construction sales leads for both immediate and later projects so that you can build a pipeline for your company to cover the coming 12-24 months.

Supply chain agreements

Although suppliers’ agreements (often called frameworks) don’t represent actual sales, they do make it more likely that you’ll win orders to supply products, services, and solutions from a specific supply chain.

Let us introduce your company to the specifiers and buyers operating within frameworks so that you are considered for future national and regional work.


If you are interested in bidding on certain tenders but you want more information before deciding whether you want to bid on them, we can identify the correct people to speak to to ask about the tenders with a view to getting them to send over the current project drawings to determine if this is right for you.

Events and exhibitions

If you intend to book a stand at an event or exhibition to promote your products, services, or solutions to the construction trade, we can call the prospects you want to come to your stand to invite them to the event as well as calling them after the event with a view to setting up business appointments for your sales team.

Training companies – fill up CPD places

If you’re targeting the construction sector to find quality attendees for both external and internal CPD events, our telemarketing team will contact up to 48,000 decision makers within 50,000 UK construction companies on your behalf.

More Than Words note – we also have the inbox email details for 17,500 construction industry decision makers. Click here to find out more about our list of construction companies in the UK.

Your B2B construction telemarketing team

We are the construction telemarketing experts and there’ll be at least four experienced agency team members working on your campaign.

Data sourcer

If you want to run primarily cold calling campaigns to people and companies with whom your company has not done business with yet, we often need to purchase the data in to generate leads for you. The quote you receive will be inclusive of any data we’ve purchased for your campaigns.

More Than Words has access to significant industry data resources covering tens of thousands of construction companies in the UK.

When you have agreed the business goals of your campaign with your account manager, our data sourcer will then present you with the type of decision maker contact details that s/he thinks will be most suitable for your campaign.

Working with your sourcer, you then refine the list of prospects we’ll get in touch with so we can maximise the value of every call we make and generate just the types of sales opportunities you want to pursue.

Experienced telesales rep

When selecting a rep to work on your B2B telemarketing campaign, we’ll choose the rep with the most experience in selling a product, service, or solution like yours (if available). We encourage you to speak with your rep prior to the campaign beginning so that you get to know them and they feel comfortable in approaching you direct if they have any questions not covered in training.

Telesales script writer

The second member of your B2B telemarketing services team is the telesales script writer. Although your rep will not work to a strict script, the best way to generate a return on investment on telesales campaigns is to make sure that, when they’re on the phone talking about your product, service, or solutions, that there is a structure to the call.

A flexible conversational structure with a defined opening and closing approach will produce the best results for your campaign as well as your rep knowing the answers to the questions a decision maker is most likely to ask.

Telemarketing manager

All of our construction telemarketing campaigns for clients are overseen by an experienced telesales manager. Their role is to train the rep on the script/structure you’ve agreed to, to monitor call quality throughout the campaign, to incentivise performance, and to provide live reporting to you on campaigns when they’re in progress.

Making More Than Words your construction telemarketing partner

Take advantage of our experience in lead generation for construction companies. Let us speak to prospects on your behalf to book appointments and meetings for your sales representatives which gives them the greatest chance of winning the order.

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