Marketing to UK solicitors with a niche product or service

Our team gathered valuable commercial information and generated 27 sales leads from our telemarketing campaign

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We were approached by a client who offered very specific types of expert witness reports to Solicitors. Although there are around 15,000 solicitors across the UK, it was those that worked in two specific areas of law that would be applicable.

Apart from the specific areas of law, there were also other challenges including the number of potential decision makers within a solicitors practice, and the frequency they would require expert witness reports.

Our client had several goals which were:

  • Identify legal aid solicitors who worked in two specific areas of law
  • Identify names and contact details of potential buyers within a practice
  • Gain an understanding of how many applicable expert witness reports were required every year
  • Generate leads, where there was an immediate or forthcoming required

Our Approach

Using publicly available information, clients existing information and our UK Solicitors database we were able to identify the right solicitors, check telephone numbers against TPS/CTPS lists and provide contact details.

A final list of 950 data records were then split into two lists according to the order of priority. Our telemarketing team then spent 40 hours and embarked upon a research and lead generation campaign.

This approach for marketing to UK solicitors would provide our client with both the commercial information they needed and immediate sales opportunities.

At the end of the campaign our client would have the results and all call notes recorded so they could be easily imported into a CRM system or similar.

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Sales leads generated
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Our client was very impressed with the results we generated and our management of the campaign. They found our call notes were comprehensive, allowing their internal team to take any future actions.

Sectors which seem unreachable or services which are considered niche can be worked with to produce sales leads and market intelligence, the key to success is working with the right marketing company.

More Than Words Note: Marketing to solicitors through email marketing presents a challenge since GDPR, this is because only a small proportion are limited companies or limited liability partnerships. However, for those solicitors who are not on TPS/CTPS lists you can use telemarketing to reach around 70% across the UK.

To discuss a potential lead generation campaign, market research or data cleansing task contact our team on 0330 010 8300.

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Clare and her team have been excellent from start to finish. Very quick responses and they really know their stuff and were able to help us create a well targeted campaign for a our very niche sector, which delivered great results!

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