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Use telemarketing to generate public sector sales leads
Public Sector Marketing

Use telemarketing to generate public sector sales leads across Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Parish Councils, Housing associations and Central Government

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Feb 15, 2024

Is telemarketing part of your public sector sales strategy?

To generate public sector sales leads you should include B2B telemarketing, here’s why.

Momentum is ripe for SMEs looking to break into the public sector. At least a third of the government’s spending will go to small businesses and start ups by 2022.

For example tech firms have a unique opportunity, as the public sector invests in modernisation and technological upskilling.

However, pitching to the public sector can be intimidating for SMEs. Public sector organisations usually prefer to work with well-known suppliers due to high levels of competition. Because of this, businesses seeking a competitive edge are turning to telemarketing, a traditional form of generating sales.

By using telemarketing, businesses can establish a personal relationship with any prospective customer. Many organisations with complex decision-making processes (especially with high order values) require multiple steps before choosing a supplier.

The better your company knows your potential customer, the better chance you have of winning the work.

Some of the benefits to generating public sector sales leads through a telemarketing campaign include:

  1. building meaningful relationships with the key buyers of your products and services, and
  2. successfully competing for bids and ad-hoc orders from central government, local government, the NHS, and housing authorities.

Public sector telemarketing for lead generation

As a telemarketing company, More Than Words Marketing offers five types of outbound telemarketing calls:

  1. face-to-face appointment booking,
  2. sales lead generation for your team to follow up on,
  3. market research,
  4. event promotion, and
  5. database cleansing and enhancement.

Our core service aim is to provide as much value as possible to our clients and the best way to do that is to fully understand their commercial goals.

Having more information will help us when:

  1. finding genuine buying opportunities, and
  2. creating a database based on what your sales and marketing teams need.

Data sourcing for successful telemarketing

In any good marketing strategy, it’s not just what you say, but also who you say it to. Even the most persuasive telemarketer can’t sell to someone without purchasing power. So that’s why successful sales calls begin with accurate data lists.

More Than Words Marketing provides two ways to source data. We can either:

  1. provide a list of decision makers from a trusted third party source, and/or
  2. work from any existing client/prospect list you already have.

In cold calling situations where we need to buy the data, you can choose who we contact on your behalf. Purchasing contacts can be selected according to their seniority, department, and organisation.

Public sector telemarketing approach

Once data is in hand, it’s your call what to do.

In the public sector, telemarketing has an array of applications. Different options work best for different kinds of businesses, products, and services.

Our telemarketers are experts in customer service, and effective telephone outreach to public sector organisations. To make sales, our team can find out the relevant information you need for the person you need to connect with.

Appointment setting

People with purchasing responsibilities want to learn as much about a potential supplier as possible.

Using our B2B telemarketing service, book appointments with those who need to understand the most;

  1. the quality and the efficacy of the products and services your company offers, and
  2. the value your company delivers to its public sector clients.

Lead generation

Many public sector purchases do not go out to tender and are instead made on requisition. These purchases are usually under £100,000 and for specific types of products and services.

With a telemarketing campaign you can:

  1. present your product to key decision makers and influencers
  2. learn how much an organisation will spend on the products and services you offer in the next 12-24 months.

Market research

Public sector decision-making is complex. Use telemarketing activity to find out:

  1. who the key decision makers and influencers are,
  2. their current procurement arrangements, when their current supply contract ends, and
  3. what their procurement plans are for the next 12-24 months.

With this detailed information, you ensure that your future marketing activities:

  1. are correctly and precisely targeted, and
  2. take into account the current and future needs of the target organisations.

Event promotion

Hiring a stand at a trade show and exhibition is a successful way of:

  1. demonstrating your products and services to an interested audience and
  2. building company credibility in the minds of public sector decision makers and influencers.

Let us promote your exhibition or event on your behalf by calling the targets you selected to invite them to visit your stand.

Data enhancement

Our contacts include over 260,000 elected officials, managers, executives, and managers.

Your telemarketing campaign will allow you to:

  1. verify the contact details you have for the decision makers and influencers you are targeting
  2. find out about upcoming tenders, ad-hoc purchases, and current supply arrangements.

Client feedback on More Than Words generating leads from the public sector

We often receive positive feedback from our existing customers. Having used our telemarketing campaigns to target UK public sector organisations, these clients say:

“More Than Words ran a highly successful direct marketing campaign targeting the majority of the 400+ Local Government Authorities/Councils across the UK for a start-up that I co-founded. While I anticipated that this segment would be difficult and slow to penetrate, the campaign (managed by Lisa) allowed us to prove our value proposition and build critical mass on our first outreach attempt – far surpassing our initial expectations as an unknown start-up. Our early success is now generating direct referrals across Local Authorities, and my colleagues and I are ecstatic.”
“Clare and her team have managed several campaigns for me and I cannot recommend them more highly. They are such a lovely and sincere group and have generated fabulous results for my company, JR PAT Testing Ltd. Always transparent and I think they stand out a country mile from anything else I have experienced before. I will always use their services and I am happy to provide a detailed reference anytime for anyone”

Find more success stories in our case studies from a playground company and training provider

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Next steps to generate public sector sales leads

Call More Than Words Marketing on 0330 010 8300 if you want to know more about telemarketing or our public sector marketing databases.

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Next steps to generate public sector sales leads

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