Case Study from a playground equipment supplier

We were tasked by this client to identify which Parish councils were responsible for Playgrounds- our telemarketing campaigns identified more than 1300 and generated 300 leads

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We were approached by a national playground equipment manufacturer who supplied and installed outdoor play equipment and fitness equipment.

They worked with:

  • local authorities,
  • parish councils,
  • property developers,
  • schools,
  • house builders, and
  • the leisure industry.

Existing sales and marketing activity included direct mail, email marketing, and social media channels. 

Parish councils were an important sector who they marketed to currently through direct mail. 

In the last 12 months response rates were not as high and, after some internal calling activity, it was determined that a large number of the Parish Councils were not responsible for playgrounds. 

In order to direct future sales and marketing it was determined that it would be highly beneficial to identify those that were.

In addition they wanted to opt-in parish councils to email marketing campaigns which could be carried out quicker and less costly than direct mail.

Once a list of parish councils responsible for playgrounds had been identified the client had planned at a later date to carry out a lead generation campaign.

Our Approach

After establishing the client’s typical order, and the number of Parish council data records which could be contacted by telephone, we recommended a single public sector telemarketing campaign which incorporated lead generation.

Our approach would provide our client with…

  • sales opportunities, and
  • a refined database containing vital information for future marketing activity

…as well as increasing their email subscriber base. It would also provide a significant cost saving from having a separate lead generation campaign.

Young happy child sliding down a red slide in a playground


New email subscribers
Number of parish councils confirmed as being responsible for playgrounds
sales leads generated
Close up of a playground play frame netting


Our approach secured a significant number of leads and identified future opportunities.

The client told us this had been the most successful marketing campaign they had ever carried out and have since commissioned more campaigns in different sectors.

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Great telemarketing agency that delivers high-quality leads and market insights. 100% would recommend working with Clare and her team, they are all seasoned telemarketing professionals with an exceptional work ethic.

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