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Food manufacturers database for direct marketing campaigns
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Use our comprehensive UK food manufacturers database to market to decision makers by email, phone, and post

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Feb 14, 2024

Food manufacturers email list for direct marketing campaigns

You can run direct marketing campaigns to decision makers within food companies by email, phone, and post with our mailing list.

This industry email list is very valuable if your business provides products or services that could help those working in food or drink manufacturing.

If you are involved in distribution or elsewhere in the food industry then our database is equally valuable.

The food manufacturing sector is one of the country’s largest, turning over £121bn every year and employing 4,000,000 people.

In 2020, many companies in the distribution sector came up against a number of problems as their supply chain broke down. Additionally, delivery delays made it more difficult to keep food products moving.

In recent months, we have worked with a number of clients on their direct marketing campaigns to food manufacturers. We’ve helped them to increase the number of high-quality leads their sales team have to work with.

To generate leads, we recommend using both telemarketing and email marketing campaigns to manufacturing decision makers.

What’s on the industry mailing list?

More Than Words Marketing’s database of food manufacturing companies (part of our wider UK business database), is a rich source of current contact details and company information.

It gives access to a wide range of high-level professionals in the food manufacturing sector.

On the database you will find:

  • 3,609 records with postal addresses
  • 2,819 with phone numbers
  • 1,968 with email addresses

Also included on the mailing list is:

  • company name
  • mailing address
  • industry
  • contact name
More Than Words Note: We also have a full manufacturing industry email list of UK manufacturing companies, click here to find out more.

Food Manufacturers database and marketing – our full service

1. Food manufacturers email list

  • an accurate food industry email list of food and beverage manufacturers, food processing and food safety establishments,
  • information about each business, including company name, contact details, and so on,
  • each entry has multiple fields, and
  • purchased data is valid for 12 months

2. Three email marketing campaigns and detailed reporting

You will receive the following information with your email list:

  • one email design (including copywriting),
  • three email broadcasts, and
  • detailed reporting three days after the campaign has been broadcast showing open rates and clickthrough rates

3. After-sales service

  • we are always available to help you with any technical issues, so that you can use the database easily, and
  • our account managers, designers, and writers will be able to offer advice and insight on any advertising you send to food manufacturers

If you do not have the capacity or experience to perform your own marketing campaign, we also provide outsourced email marketing campaigns to your email list.

Telemarketing for manufacturers

As a supplier, by incorporating the human element into your marketing campaigns, you set yourself apart from the competition.

In most cases, combining email and telephone marketing has a higher conversion rate than using either strategy alone. 

We offer follow-up outsourced telemarketing services to help you build a stronger relationship with your food manufacturers email list.

To increase the likelihood of a sale, our telemarketing experts keep up with the latest news and supply chain best practices.

They can also ask for information about a manufacturer’s current producers, importers and any retailer information. 

You will be able to view these calls in real time and manage any follow up actions required through an online campaign folder.

More Than Words Note: We also have the transportation industry email list, printing industry email list, and construction industry email list of key decision makers.
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Order the food manufacturer's email list

To find out more about our list of food manufacturers database, please call us on 0330 010 8300.

Alternatively, you can click here to email us and ask us how we can help you to generate more leads and sales from your direct marketing campaigns.

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