A cold email is one of the more effective B2B marketing tactics a B2B marketer can use to draw a potential customer back in when sales prospecting.

While cold email outreach does not always end in a sale, you’ll find that a lot more prospects convert if you utilize email marketing in your B2B sales strategy.

In fact, across companies, the use of a strategic email sequence has been shown to have a positive impact on sales and profit.

In this guide, we cover what to ask in a cold email, why it is important to consider the buying cycle when composing a follow up email – and the linguistic choices that can help (and hinder) your email marketing efforts.

Find out the two types of information you should always ask for in a cold email, and how email marketing can help you to determine the timing of your next sales follow up email.

You’ll find an email template for a series of different scenarios and timings – including advice for a great sales email subject line.

This guide contains More Than Words’ tips and best practices for creating persuasive and engaging follow up emails.

These tips will level up your B2B email marketing automation to create better engagement with prospects.

Get a more consistent response rate from your sales prospects with this ultimate guide to making a B2B sale email campaign by downloading the form below.

Download the complete guide to B2B follow up emails


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