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UK email providers can help your email marketing campaigns reach more inboxes and generate more enquiries

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Oct 9, 2022

Email marketing that works

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving but one channel that has remained consistent is email. Almost 78% of B2B marketers include email marketing in their content marketing strategy, through secure email providers UK-wide. Further, 79% of B2B marketers find email the most effective mode of distribution. By using it, you can help to amplify other marketing channels. Still, email marketing poses many challenges.

Biggest challenges facing UK email providers

Source: Litmus.com

One challenge is the time it takes to build a business email from scratch. When marketers don’t have the right audience, tools or expertise, they may end up spending a lot of time creating and sending emails that don’t get results. This reduces productivity and lowers email marketing ROI. In addition, email marketing is just one part of the marketing process.

A small business must also have a system for tracking telemarketing follow-up, generating leads, and keeping data up-to-date. In addition to providing full-service marketing capabilities, More Than Words Marketing works as an email provider to design, write, dispatch, and report on impactful, highly targeted email campaigns.

We can help you measure and follow up on your multi-channel strategy with data, targeted campaigns and help with data analysis.

Effective, secure email service

Goal-oriented marketing requires a carefully planned strategy.

Almost everyone in your target market has an email account, so starting with email makes sense.

Understanding your target audience, your products and services, and how to measure success allows us to choose what message to send to whom and when.

UK email providers top tips

In order to provide end-to-end, secure email marketing services, we make use of the following components:

Create audience personas

Before you build or buy your B2B email list, you need to create a buyer persona (or several). It is easier to convert your potential subscribers to customers if you know why they need your product or service.

Find common characteristics among your target audience. Some examples are:

  • buyer demographics,
  • motivators for decision-making,
  • concerns and challenges, and
  • influence on purchase decisions.

Search online for businesses you want to target and those you need in your database.

Select the right data for you

With More Than Words’ database service, you choose your audience from our comprehensive database of schools, B2B companies and public sector organisations. It doesn’t make sense to buy the entire sector database, and we’d rather not sell it to you. We want to generate the most lucrative sales opportunities for your company at the lowest level of financial risk.

A smaller number of targets means a lower cost and, inevitably, a higher return on your investment.

Create segments for your audiences

Segmented emails increase people’s chances of clicking on links by 50%. You can segment your email list by splitting it into smaller groups, based on information like preferences, location, and job title.

If, for example, your chosen database contains a wide range of manufacturing sector businesses, you might create smaller groups based on:

Market type

There are different types of industrial markets for B2B products. These industries could be divided into automotive, medical devices, metal/glass, textiles, defence and so on.

Operational activities

Market segmentation of the industrial units is also based on the varied nature of their operations. These include manufacturing, assembly, distribution and so on.

Consumption rate

Industries are classified as large, medium, and small scale based on their resource consumption and order size. These segment-specific emails allow for better personalisation and more targeted offers.

Creating an email campaign

UK email providers More Than Words’ email marketing services are divided into two categories:

  1. managed email marketing services, in which we design your emails, deliver them to recipients and report results, and
  2. a database-only service where we provide you with prospect email addresses, and you plan and execute the campaigns.

Every email you send should be aimed at encouraging engagement with your audience – leading to increased sales. When your only communication is transactional or sales-focused, decision-makers won’t open your messages.

As spam protection, an effective digital strategy offers more variety than overtly sales-related emails. Your email message should provide insights and recommendations to provide value to prospects and subscribers. You can add value by educating your potential customers. You earn trust during the decision-making process, and their loyalty over time.

Knowing your goals is essential before launching an email campaign. To make this more effective, consider the following:

  1. What is the campaign or company goals?
  2. Why do your customers buy from you?
  3. How does this campaign achieve its goals?

Every email campaign will have a sales pitch that clearly explains:

  • the benefits offered by your products/services, and
  • how they help a client overcome a challenge or increase revenue.
More Than Words Note: Read recent case studies from a PPE company and print clothing company to find out how our managed email marketing service worked for them.

UK email providers- self service

If you choose to run your own campaigns, you still need an email service provider.

Email campaigns require an email client or email hosting service and email tracking services. Using a mail service, you can manage and analyse your business email mailbox. A hosted exchange will usually include email storage space as well. Decide what features your email provider needs to offer.

You should look at things like the email hosting provider’s

  • ease of use,
  • encryption,
  • customer support,
  • integrations, and
  • data tracking tools.

Many businesses also prefer a custom domain name, linked to their website.

Benchmark your email performance with A/B testing

An A/B test requires two different versions of one piece of content with one variable changed. Show these two versions to two comparable groups, and then analyse which one performs better over a specific period of time. Some marketing assets convert better than others. It’s unlikely that changing one word in email body copy will have much of an impact on conversions or clickthrough rates.

Focus your energies on the most impactful elements of your email campaign. Here are some of the most effective elements of A/B testing.

The headline

The heading is the first thing people see when they open your email. If it doesn’t catch your visitors’ attention, they won’t read any further.


The wording of your CTA can impact conversion rates. Performance can also be affected by features such as button colour, text colour and even the shape of your CTA button.

Video, audio, or image

Omnichannel marketing drives conversions. SEO-optimised text won’t reach everyone, so consider using videos and infographics.

One strategy is to run A/B tests comparing written content with video versions, or short infographics versus more descriptive ones.

Subject line

Email subject lines influence open rates. 69% of email recipients will report a spam email based on their subject lines alone. However, personalised subject lines have been found to increase open rates of emails by 22.2%. Similarly subject lines displaying importance and time-sensitivity increase open rates by 22%.

Analyse results

After each email broadcast, More Than Words Marketing sends a report which outlines:

  1. opens – every time an email is opened, we send you information about who opened it.

You can also see how many times they have opened it in the past three days.

  1. clickthroughs – we will also provide you with full details of every recipient who clicks through from your email to your website.

LIVE Lead service

If you receive a direct enquiry from a decision maker, More Than Words’ LIVE Lead service team will forward the details to you within 30 minutes. Mostly for technical reasons, you don’t get direct responses from your clients on the campaigns we broadcast for you. Instead, we handle all initial contact with email recipients for you.

Learn more about our marketing data

If you would like to discuss how our products and services can help to boost your marketing activity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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