Case Study from a PPE provider

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we generated 50 leads for a new PPE provider and nearly 70 requests for more information with email marketing and telemarketing

Worker abseiling from a building in full ppe kit including a rope harness, hardhat and full high-visibility jacket
Laboratory technician in full PPE kit looking into a microscope


Our client was a new PPE provider looking to become more recognisable in the UK market as a trusted source of PPE supplies in addition to building long-term relationships with significant businesses within the care sector.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they felt that their message was being drowned out amidst an excess of substandard products flooding the market.

They wanted to secure their status as a business which was committed to providing good quality PPE from legitimate sources.

The client had already decided to supply product samples to potential customers, in order to demonstrate the high quality of their products and verify that they were suitable for use in a care or nursing home environment.

They approached More Than Words looking for help in getting their message out to the relevant parties.

Our Approach

We were able to source and provide our client with a detailed and up-to-date database of care homes across the UK.

The database featured contact details for high-level personnel within each organisation and a number of other business details to benefit the client’s subsequent marketing strategies. 

Using the contacts from this database, we launched weekly email marketing campaigns in addition to making 40 hours of telemarketing calls over a four week period.

This combination was designed to reach a large number of people at once via email, at the same time incorporating the personal touch of a follow-up call to leverage the top opens and clicks. 

We were able to gather valuable market intelligence on the buying habits of these organisations during the telemarketing calls in addition to generating leads for quote requests.

Worker in full PPE including ear protectors, goggles and high-visibility jacket holding a pair of large Pliers


Quote requests generated from telemarketing calls
Requests for more information on product ranges and follow up
Quote requests received from email campaigns
Close-up of a man in full high visibility holding a pair of ear protectors


Our service provided the client with an invaluable source of data that they could utilise to make future connections with valuable business information that they could use to segment and better target their future campaigns.

Through email and telemarketing, we enabled our client to secure a significant number of orders immediately, building relationships that have since led to them retaining and continuing to supply a large number of these connections.

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I have worked with Clare and her team on a couple of occasions and I can honestly say that they deliver. I can highly recommend More Than Words

Steve Smith, Accendo Supplies
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