We were approached by a regional vending machine company’s owners who wanted help to understand which types of companies were operating in their local area broken down into demographics like company size, sector, and number of staff.

Our client had already successfully employed sales and marketing techniques to create steady growth.

They were now wanting to further develop their business by making new connections and building new relationships with other local businesses.

Our client asked us to provide them with a complete database of the companies they wished to target complete with contact details for certain job roles alongside a wide range of other qualifying criteria.

Our client’s goal was to use the database to increase the number of subscribers to their email newsletter as well as to generate opportunities and appointments for their sales staff.

Our approach

Following initial consultations, it become clear that they were not looking for a regional subset of our UK business database.

In fact, the client and their More Than Words’ account manager decided that no generally available marketing databases were suitable for what they wanted to achieve.

Instead, we would build upon a regionalised business database and gather the information and subscriptions they wanted with an outsourced B2B telemarketing campaign. This would create a bespoke database for the client and generate leads.

Overseen by an experienced manager with the approach developed, our telemarketing team called the companies on the database as part of a 60 hour telemarketing campaign to uncover decision makers.


New subscribers to newsletter and blog


Contract end dates identified


Leads generated (for immediate and future closing)



With our approach, we were able to significantly expand our client’s local network, opening up lines of communication between themselves and relevant contacts.

We were able to present the client with a number of new leads in addition to creating a roadmap for future action that could be taken toward the end of their contacts’ existing contracts.

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