// Lead Generation Targeting Public Sector Organisations, Could You Be Missing Out?
  • Clare Tweed

Lead Generation Targeting Public Sector Organisations, Could You Be Missing Out?

Entrepreneurs are thriving in the public sector at the moment, as the Government’s target of 25% of all contracts going to smaller firms was met and surpassed in 2019. A new goal (33% of all government spending to go to small enterprises) has been set for the upcoming year - a figure which could be worth £3 billion extra a year for small businesses.

Whilst all of this is great news if you fall under this category, winning a public sector contract is not as simple as applying for it. There is still major competition from other companies, and the public sector itself is not as simple as you might hope. In England alone, local government is made up of 26 counties, with 192 district, borough or city councils within them (https://www.local.gov.uk/about/what-local-government). There are also 9000 parish and town councils, and 10 National Parks.

Central government has more than 485 separate departments (https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations) and each area is run to its own methods and standards, with multiple people working across the supply chain for each. For a small business looking to win a lucrative contract in the public sector, this makes for a sizeable job finding the right contract, with the right department, and finding the right person to speak to in order to be considered in the first place!

So how can you build an effective public sector marketing strategy, that makes your business stand out from the crowd? There are several things that you could try, including:

Learn More About Contracts

UK tenders are regularly published and updated on https://www.gov.uk/contracts-finder. You can browse the existing contracts there, find out which contracts are coming up and gather relevant information about previous tenders and contracts to help you with your pitch. You can also register on the Contracts Finder website, so that email alerts will be sent out to you when a tender that is relevant to you is added.

Look For Local Contracts

Other than on the gov.uk site, information about local tenders are usually published on the websites of local authorities, allowing you to find relevant contracts in your area. You may stand a better chance of getting these contracts thanks to your proximity.

If you work in a specialist area, research who the relevant public sector body is and contact them to find out if they have opportunities that suit your expertise. Buyers in the private and public sectors alike are always looking for a business who is engaged in and understands the area they are hiring for.

Understand Public Sector Procurement

It is critical that when you bid for a contract, you start with an in-depth knowledge of supplying the public sector. There are events run by Procurex Live which can help you - Providing training and advice on how to bid on these tenders, and you can also do your research online. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/public-sector-procurement-policy is a good place to start.

Get Help From Experts

Running a small business is often more than a full time job in itself at first. When it comes to winning contracts, researching, preparing and making bids can take a long time and use a lot of resources. Trying to do this whilst also chasing leads could feel like an impossible task. For this reason it is worthwhile working with a specialist company such as More Than Words to help you to identify the right contacts and opportunities to get started with.

Don’t Be Afraid To Sell Yourself

Modesty has no place in small business! You must have faith in your business’s abilities if you believe that you are able to take on a large contract such as this, so why not brag about your skills and abilities. If you have worked in the public sector before, mention this and highlight the successes that you had. Don’t forget to bring in any other relevant experience that you feel makes you the ideal person for the job.

Play On Your Local Ties

When bidding on contracts in your local area, don’t be afraid to emphasise just how much you do within your community. A local council will feel much better about giving a contract to someone that they feel has strong ties to the community and gives back as much as they take out.

Ask For Feedback

If your bid is unsuccessful be sure to ask for feedback. Public sector bodies are obliged to provide you with feedback if you ask for it within 15 days of your bid being rejected, and you can use this information to reassess your action plan and give your next bid a boost.

Qualify Your Leads

Try not to just bid for everything that you find. Putting together a pitch can and should be a long and arduous task to ensure thoroughness, so you simply do not have time to write multiple bids at once. For this reason, successful entrepreneurs only bid on contracts that they have a good chance of success with.

One of the best ways to find good potential contracts is to purchase a marketing list which features the contact details of key decision makers across the public sector. You can get lists which relate to Local Authorities, Central Government, the NHS and so on, depending on your area of expertise, to whittle down your options. This is where More Than Words comes in.

More Than Words is a full-service marketing agency, staffed by experienced sales and marketing professionals. We have created a successful lead generation service to help businesses like you to win clients in the public sector without all of the lengthy research and revisions.

We can use your existing public sector database, or create a new one, and then use telemarketing to qualify information such as:

  • Whether the organisation needs your product and/or service

  • What their procurement process is

  • Who their decision makers are and their current contact details

  • Whether or not they have an existing contract and, if so, who their suppliers are

Our Successes

We have years of experience working with companies targeting the public sector, helping our clients to find and successfully pitch to a range of organisations. Past work includes:

  • Working with a PAT testing company, using our email and telemarketing service to target universities, schools and NHS trusts. Through this we managed to ascertain when testing would be due, and which staff members were in charge of procurement, leading to our client successfully securing businesses with an NHS trust, three universities and numerous schools.

  • Working with a company who is already well established in both the public and commercial sectors, designing, planning and installing playground and fitness equipment. We were able to identify parish councils who had a responsibility for playgrounds, as well as those who didn’t, so that our client was able to enjoy access to a comprehensive and up-to-date email database of relevant contacts for future pitches.

At More Than Words we are able to take the hassle out of finding and pitching to potential clients in the public sector, saving you time and money and ensuring that your business has a step up from others in your industry, and thus a better chance of securing the most valuable contracts. To find out more call our team on 0330 010 8300.



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