More Than Words’ list of primary school email addresses provides clients with all of the latest and most accurate information they need to launch successful marketing campaigns into the sector. In addition, we can also design your first three emails and broadcast them to the schools on your behalf.

Our primary school email list contains 19,173 email addresses, equivalent to 89.2% of the schools we have listed on the database.

In this article on our list of primary schools, we cover:

  • how many primary schools in England there are as well as the rest of the UK,
  • our list of primary school email addresses for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland,
  • successful marketing and selling to primary schools,
  • the benefits of working with our copy writers, designers, and planners on an email marketing campaign to primary schools,
  • how important timing is when contacting primary schools,
  • why your email might not be read at a head teacher’s desk anymore and what you can do about it,
  • details on our three email campaigns (and email design) when you purchase our list of primary school database, and
  • how to order our list of primary school email addresses.

Our list of primary school email addresses

How many primary schools in the UK? The DFE schools database lists 21,497 and that’s the number of primary schools available on our UK primary schools database.

Primary school email database in the UK

The vast majority of the primary schools on the database are in England reflecting the size of the English population in proportion to the UK population.

Primary school email list England

We have a primary school email address for 15,850 of the 16,719 establishments listed in England. We have a 99.8% coverage for primary school email addresses across England with an identical coverage for emails with contact names.


Total Email Contact names Contact names with emails
East Midlands 2,891 2,716 2,887 2,716
Greater London 2,209 2,115 2,207 2,115
North East 1,731 1,604 1,727 1,603
North West 2,915 2,787 2,903 2,786
South East 2,931 2,797 2,928 2,795
South West 2,128 2,015 2,128 2,015
West Midlands 1,914 1,816 1,913 1,816
Grand Total 16,719 15,850 16,693 15,846

Primary school email list Scotland

There are 2,266 establishments in Scotland of which 1,864 have a primary school email. There is a relatively low number of contact names (and consequently emails with contact names) in our coverage of Scotland.

Total Email Contact names Contact names with emails
Scotland 2,266 1,864 11 10

Primary school email list Wales

On our UK schools database, there are 1,823 primary schools listed with 907 email addresses. We have a total of 1,264 contact names, 906 of which have email addresses.

Total Email Contact names Contact names with emails
Wales 1,823 907 1,264 906

Primary school email list Northern Ireland

There are 689 primary schools in Northern Ireland with 552 email addresses. At time of writing, we have no email addresses for primary schools in Northern Ireland.

Total Email Contact names Contact names with emails
Northern Ireland 689 552 0 0

Searching for the primary schools you want to target

The UK primary schools marketing database is very easy to search. Examples of the type of search you can perform on the database includes:

  • list of primary schools in London
  • list of academies in the UK (primary school level)
  • local primary schools in my area

You can find a school individually too – the search function delivers the information you need on both narrow and broad searches.

You can also search on much more detailed primary school details including:

  • amount received through primary school Pupil Premium
  • gender and religious characteristics
  • headteacher name (where available)
  • highest age of pupils
  • local authority affiliation
  • lowest age of pupils
  • number of pupils
  • OFSTED rating
  • postal address
  • postcode
  • primary school capacity
  • school type
  • school website
  • SEN provision
  • telephone number availability

Selling your products and services to primary schools

In primary schools, decision-making on spending and procurement is often the sole responsibility of the headteacher. He or she will often collaborate with the Parent Teacher Association on some decisions (particularly larger ones) and also with fellow teachers.

A notional budget may be allocated to heads of year co-ordinators – spending suggestions will still require sign-off by the head however.

Likewise, notional budgets may also be allocated to the following colleagues on relevant spending:

Art Co-ordinator IT Co-ordinator RE Co-ordinator
Citizenship Co-ordinator Mathematics Co-ordinator Science Co-ordinator
English & Literacy Co-ordinator Music Co-ordinator Technology Co-ordinator
Geography Co-ordinator Physical Education Co-ordinator SEN Co-ordinator
History Co-ordinator PSE Co-ordinator

Because of their relative small size in comparison to high schools, primary schools are not likely in most cases to have a business manager.

Standard areas of procurement for a headteacher include:

  • Budget planning
  • General procurement
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Facilities management and maintenance
  • Health and safety
  • IT services and support
  • Security
  • Administrative systems
  • Marketing
  • Website design and build
  • HR services

Approaches for these products and services should be made to the head teacher.

How to market and sell to primary schools

There are three successful methods you can use to market and sell to primary schools:

  • email marketing via the schools web directory contained on our database
  • telephone marketing to primary schools
  • postal marketing to primary schools

Email marketing to primary schools

School email marketing campaigns remains the most popular way to successful get a message into primary schools.

In fact, many primary schools prefer it because it’s far less environmentally-impactful than using postal marketing.

To be successful, the design you use in your email marketing to primary schools must convey the sales message quickly – an interesting and compelling subject line is essential because your email may be one of dozens received on the same day by the school.

When the subject line has done its job, then you have a maximum of 1-2 seconds through the use of design and headline copy to encourage the head teacher to choose to read it in full rather than to skim read.

Once you have the data and a reliable delivery platform or partner, the costs of sending a campaign once a month is negligible.

Postal marketing to primary schools

Email marketing to primary schools overtook postal marketing in the mid-2000s initially not as a result of environmental concerns but because of much lower ongoing campaign costs following the procurement of primary school data.

Postal marketing to primary schools has never achieved again its previous volumes. However, that has worked to the advantage of the companies still choosing this route to market because of a lower level of competition and the immediacy & impact of printed marketing.

Many of our clients who have bought the list in the past have used the postal address information contained in our primary schools’ email address list to specifically target the 1,000 or 2,000 schools which, because of size, geographical proximity, or both, would be the schools they’d like to sell to the most.

They have then used targeted other schools with email marketing campaigns to ensure complete coverage.

Telephone marketing to primary schools

Telemarketing to schools campaigns offer a number of different advantages to companies looking to build relationships and make sales.

You can make appointments with head teachers and co-ordinators within the school. During a call, you’re able to ask a head teacher information about their school which gives you the details you need to better personalise your marketing to that primary school in the future – telemarketing can get information about schools much faster than other forms of contact.

If your company doesn’t currently have the staff required to perform telephone marketing to primary schools, please speak with us about it when you call and we’ll let you know how we can work with you.

Do primary schools actually make purchases as a result of marketing?

Primary schools do make purchases as a result of the marketing they receive. In fact, marketing is the primary way they find out about the products and services they need – whether sent direct into a school as with email marketing and telephone marketing or advertising seen on education sector-specific websites.

Of course, just like every other decision-maker for every type of organisation, there may be occasions when they tire of receiving information.

Against that backdrop, to be noticed for the right reasons with primary school email marketing, you need to make sure of the following:

  • what you communicate to a primary school decision maker must reflect their experience, their hopes, and the pressure they’re under,
  • you need to be seen more than once, and
  • what you send them must display correctly on whatever device they’re using.

Primary school-focused copy writing sells your product or service

Head teachers, school leaders, and co-ordinators within primary schools have a difficult job and their reality needs to be reflected in the copy of any email you send to them.

For products and services designed to help students achieve better results and outcomes, you need to describe:

  • exactly what it is you’re offering,
  • any pain points a teacher or co-ordinator may be currently addressing showing how your product or service can assist them, and
  • references to the Government website, the education press, or trade union websites and articles putting those pain points into a wider context.

For non-educational issues, you need to demonstrate how what you offer will either save the school money, make the school money (through increased enrolment or fundraising), or help the school conform to any applicable legislation.

The tone of voice you adopt should be friendly but formal. Overt sales language should be avoided (except if you’re pushing a time-limited sale or offer).

Your email will also need a compelling and engaging subject line to capture headteachers’ attentions to encourage them to read the contents.

Why you need to be seen more than once

You need to be seen multiple times by schools. In our experience and those of our customers, schools sift out opportunistic, speculative approaches in favour of serious and committed education suppliers. One of the ways schools can differentiate between the two is by the number of times they’ve been exposed to a brand.

Schools also come in and out of the buying cycle. The buying cycle describes the point at which a purchase is imminent and/or required. For example, if a primary school leases a minibus for three years and they have no requirement for any further minibuses, they will be out of the buying cycle until around three months from the end of their lease.

By being seen once a month, the reputation of your brand as a school supplier increases over time meaning that, when a primary school is in the right part of the buying cycle for your product or service, that your familiarity to them will be a strong commercial advantage.

A professional and elegant email design

The design of your email should be stylish, elegant, and structured in such a way that the message is not lost because of the complexity of the layout, the choice of colours, the choice of fonts, and so on.

Your primary school email will also need to work on all devices – it must look good on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Three email broadcasts and full reporting

With your primary school email list, we’ll provide you with:

  • one full email design (including copy writing)
  • three email broadcasts
  • full reporting three days after the campaign has been broadcast showing opens and clickthroughs
  • unsubscriber management

Order your list of primary school email addresses in the UK with full marketing and technical support

When your order your list of primary school emails from More Than Words, you’ll receive

  • 21,497 primary schools
  • 19,173 primary school contacts
  • 17,968 email addresses
  • Detailed information on every school listed
  • 12 month usage licence
  • Updated every 3 months (updates sent on request)
  • First three email broadcasts
  • First email design
  • Free technical and advertising support included

The More Than Words team have supplied UK schools database services to over 8,000 companies in Britain and beyond. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your team to open new opportunities in the primary school sector.

To find out more or to order, please call 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

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