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We restored our client’s confidence in B2B telemarketing by showing how highly-targeted data can improve interest and generate leads

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A recycling company approached us for help providing targeted data lists and a telemarketing campaign.

Initially quite hesitant, following two previous unsuccessful attempts at using an outsourced telemarketing service, their two objectives were to identify and approach electrical retailers and housing associations in certain geographical areas, then contact them through a telemarketing campaign to generate leads for our clients specialist recycling services.

Our Approach

Our first task was to refine the target audience and create a highly-targeted marketing database.

We identified our client’s best fit as independent electrical retailers, who would be working on an individual basis with customers, and midsized housing associations, responsible for enough homes to warrant using the service but not too many to have an in-house solution.

This produced a list of 325 electrical retailers and 700 housing associations.

We used our knowledge of how independent electrical retailers operate and compete with national chains in creating our telemarketing brief, also recommending to our client that we gather intelligence on any current arrangements, in order to provide future opportunities for our client to work with.

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Leads for immediate quote
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Using our experience and knowledge of the target market to refine the clients’ prospect list, we were able to generate a significant number of immediate leads and provide a pipeline of future customers from brochure and pricing requests.

Our client was also confident that telemarketing delivered by More Than Words Marketing would work for his business in the future.

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