Use telemarketing to follow up email marketing campaigns to generate leads, awareness and engagement

Find out what can be achieved when you use telemarketing to follow up on your email marketing campaigns

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A company from the debt collection sector contacted the More Than Words team regarding how to increase the response rate from their monthly email campaign, which targeted new potential companies from a wide range of sectors across the UK.

The email campaign had been set up to target different recipients each month. They found that the open and click rates were very positive, however they were not converting into enquiries.

Our client had used different types of informative content with a call to action, but like many clients could only use the statistics from the email campaign to make assumptions on how well they were being received.

Due to the number of opens and clicks being produced there were too many for the business development staff to follow up in a timely manner.

They were looking for a trusted company who could represent their brand professionally to carry out telemarketing to follow up email marketing campaigns.

Our Approach

Initially we reviewed the previous email marketing reports alongside the content that had been sent, we were then able to make recommendations to the client on which content to use moving forward.

We then made the suggestion that when we were using telemarketing to follow up email marketing campaigns we looked to achieve the following:

  • Generate a follow up call with a BDM where there was an immediate requirement for debt collection
  • Identify key credit control contact names and email addresses for future communications

Where there was no immediate requirement we suggested that we invited companies to use our clients service to recover previously written off debt, which was a specialist service they could provide.

The campaign was then set up to enable us to carry out 40 hours of telemarketing to follow up email campaigns for the next two months. All our client needed to do was to provide the email marketing report and we then set up call briefs and managed the whole campaign.

From our previous experience no matter which sector you are targeting, using telemarketing to follow up email campaigns is the only way that you can open up a two way conversation and to identify appropriate sales opportunities in the short, medium and long term.

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700 phone calls, 6 leads, 2 future leads and 100 new contacts opted in to mailing list
First telemarketing campaign
650 phone calls, 9 leads, 17 future leads, 106 new contacts opted in to mailing list
Second telemarketing campaign
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The results clearly demonstrate the value and importance of using telemarketing to follow up email marketing campaigns.

We delivered more leads than the email marketing campaign achieved, however the email marketing is still an important marketing tool as it created awareness prior to the telemarketing calls.

The 206 new contacts were specifically in charge of credit control and opted in to receive future email marketing from our client.

These contacts were particularly valuable as they are the decision maker who would engage the services of a debt collection company.

Our client appreciated our knowledge and support throughout the campaign and subsequently has booked in further telemarketing to follow up email marketing campaigns for the next 3 months.

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Clare and the team are fantastic. The whole process has been really straightforward and the guys have been very flexible with our marketing campaign. Thanks for all your hard work. Highly recommended!

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