If you are moving CRM systems or are setting up one for the first time, cleansing existing customer data is essential

During the cleansing process we not only updated existing information we also provided additional information which would enable targeted marketing campaigns in the future

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A long established client contacted us for help to cleanse their existing customer data ready for uploading into a new CRM system.

The client had already identified some areas of cleansing that were required such as, new fields of information that would need populating including the types of products each client purchased. 

Although the currentwas highly populated, there were issues around the accuracy of the information. 

They were looking for a company who could do the following:

  • Standardise all of the current fields into the new CRM field headings
  • Check all buyer and accounts contact details were correct and make changes where required
  • Update marketing preferences for newsletters and email promotions
  • Record all of the products that were of interest to each company
  • Break up and standardise postal addresses
  • Carry out cleansing of existing information by telephone

Our Approach

Once we had reviewed all current information and formatting, we decided that the best approach would be for our internal tech team to standardise all address information and to minimise the number of fields required by utilising the option of multiple tags for product preferences.

The next stage to cleansing customer data would be carried out by our B2B telemarketing team, who now had a data list in a manageable format to work with.

Telephone calls would be carried out to update and amend existing information alongside obtaining new information around products and marketing preferences.

Whilst this project would be live, our client would be able to see all progress within their campaign folder and also would be provided with weekly reporting.

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telephone calls were made during cleansing of existing data
of companies were identified as no longer trading
postal addresses were changed to a standardised format
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The approach we took for cleansing of existing data records for our client was a success.

In addition to cleansing we were also able to:

  • standardise and reformat the current information,
  • update marketing preferences
  • identify dead records which could be deleted prior to uploading the data into the new CRM
  • record product information to allow the marketing team to create targeted campaigns using their own marketing database

Our client found the way we managed this project took away a large amount of the stress and hassle that comes from changing from an existing CRM system to a new one.

To discuss CRM database cleansing or any of our other services contact our team on 0330 010 8300.

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Clare and the team at More than Words are great at what they do, they were the most attentive and professional in responding to my initial enquiry, understood the brief and took a lot of the pain out of a very large scale Account Information Cleanse project. I highly recommend them for any telephone survey work.

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