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List of travel agents for direct marketing campaigns
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Using our updated, accurate, and comprehensive list of travel agents, you can promote your products and services directly by email, phone, and post

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Feb 15, 2024

List of travel agents for direct marketing campaigns

More Than Words Marketing’s list of travel agents contains contact information for decision-makers and budget holders in UK travel companies.

Travel agencies are central to the UK travel industry. The role of travel agents is to act as intermediaries between consumers and tourism-related businesses.

More than £33 billion is generated by travel agents and tour operators in the United Kingdom each year.

There are three main types of travel agent:

  • multiple – larger UK chains like Thomas Cook and TUI,
  • miniple – have 5 to 50 branches
  • independent – which cater to locals.

Using our database, you can find the exact agents you are looking for.

What’s on our travel business marketing database

Our travel companies list, part of our UK business database, comprises:

  • 4,512 contact names for budget-holders with purchase authority in travel agencies
  • 4,216 phone numbers (either direct lines or main switchboard)
  • 1,882 contact email addresses
  • 4,925 full postal addresses
More Than Words note – looking for a UK hotels database as well for your direct marketing campaigns? Please click for our list of hotels.
More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for travel agents? The UK SIC code is 79110 – “Travel agency activities”. If a travel agent is also a tour operator, they may also list under UK SIC code 79100 – “Travel agency and tour operator activities”.

List of travel agents full service includes:

1. Database of travel agents

  • an extensive list of travel agents and agencies
  • travel agent email addresses and phone numbers
  • you can use the data for 12 months after purchase, and
  • multiple fields per entry.

2. Design of one email marketing campaign, three email broadcasts, and full follow-up reports

  • one engaging and persuasive email design created by our in-house designers and copywriters
  • using our trusted servers, we send three email campaigns
  • you will receive a detailed report three days after each email campaign is sent, showing every email open and click.

3. After-sales service

  • our in-house data technicians will help you use the data you purchase regardless of your technical level.
  • during the licence, our team will review any campaigns you create yourself.

Which products and services are most in demand from UK holiday companies?

The way people take holidays is changing and UK travel services providers are having to adapt to their customers’ needs.

Joint travel agents and tour operators

In addition to their own package holidays, many travel agencies also offer holidays from other suppliers.

Holiday and tour operators rely on third-party providers to offer clients the best experiences while still maintaining manageable profit margins.

There is the opportunity to connect with other travel service decision makers to offer discounted hotels, flights, experiences, excursions, and so on their tours.

Vacation packages and volume-based deals

Can you offer travel agencies new worldwide travel experiences and deals that they can then pass on to their customers?

Inform the decision makers in travel agencies about luxury travel packages that offer customers a degree of choice when choosing their vacation.

Offer them marketing tools to help them sell your holidays to their clients by sharing positive reviews from previous travellers.

You can give travel agencies a discount for the minimum number of clients they can send on your tours and holidays, and further discounts the more they send.

Experience-based world travel

There are a wide range of holiday options available to clients today that were unimaginable twenty years ago.

From flying to less-visited destination spots to staying at hotels that embody local cultures, people search for adventures to create memories they share with their children and their grandchildren.

Are your vacation packages so unique that you can still count the number of people who have taken them?

Are you aware that more travellers would love your trip if they knew about it?

If so, let UK travel company decision makers know about it by email, phone, and post.

Delivering a website advantage

Clients expect travel agencies to have websites even if they have a retail presence.

Ultimately, travellers expect to find the best deals for the destinations they want to travel to and to select the cheapest flight tickets and the best hotels from an easy-to-use online menu.

User experience is key.

Even if a travel agent does not make the sale straight away when a visitor is on their website, every visit presents an opportunity to subscribe to their email newsletters.

Up to the point of sale, agents can inform clients about the latest deals, changes to flights from their local airport, exciting travel experiences, and new holiday destinations.

Could you help agents sell holiday packages, flights, hotels, and more via their travel website and email newsletters?

Show them how your solution can deliver commercial advantages.

The retail experience inside travel agency branches & offices

The need for retail branches and offices may not be as relevant as it once was due to online travel agency websites and booking platforms.

Clients can still go to travel agent offices for advice on where to travel, information on specific destinations around the world, and to book hotel and flight tickets.

In fact, you might be surprised at how much travellers want on-site experiences.

Retail travel agent shops in the United Kingdom (UK) decreased from 2016 to 2020 – most people expect it to be far more.

Can you help travel professionals offer a better experience at retail locations?

Business travel management

Travel agencies previously offering consumer-focused holidays and tour packages are now entering the business travel management sector.

Some large companies employ in-house travel managers to manage their corporate travel. Others hire outside corporate and business travel management agencies.

Of particular use to business travel management companies are software packages which allow them to:

  • book trips,
  • monitor and manage individual spend,
  • provide travel support,
  • book group travel,
  • organise ground transportation, and
  • negotiate corporate rates within chains of hotels.

Marketing to travel agents

Using our list of travel agencies, you can gain access to the budget-holders within the travel and tourism sector.

Direct marketing (email, telephone, and postal marketing) provides opportunities to reach your targeted list of travel agents with the goods and services they are looking for.

With direct marketing, you can control your audience making it easier to ensure the right content gets to the right people.

Can I carry out email marketing campaigns to travel agents with the database?

Email marketing campaigns are cost-effective. Once you’ve obtained a travel agent contact database and a low-cost or no-cost emailing platform, you can send thousands of emails without having to pay for each send.

DMA data shows that email marketing offers a ROI of around £42 for every £1 spent, making it one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing.

Once your B2B email database is uploaded to an email marketing platform, much of the process is automated. Analytics reports measure the performance of your email and help you make adjustments for better results.

We can recommend email marketing platforms when we speak with you.

Can I carry out telemarketing campaigns to travel agents with the database?

You can make telemarketing calls to your target contacts using a travel agent database.

Using B2B telemarketing for direct marketing yields instant results.

Calls are a great way for sales representatives to gauge prospects’ interest and answer questions to quickly qualify holiday company leads.

A good telemarketer turns a call into a two-way dialogue in which the prospect is able to establish trust with the business, and they tailor their offers accordingly.

B2B telemarketing is a personal way to reach your contacts and makes them feel more invested in your company – and people answer calls more than they open marketing emails.

For your peace of mind, our British travel agents B2B telemarketing data is guaranteed to be accurate.

Are you able to run email and telemarketing campaigns for my company?

More Than Words’ managed B2B email marketing campaigns save you time and energy.

A team of copywriters, designers and campaign planners will work with you from concept to implementation.

We provide you with full campaign analytics to help you adapt your campaign over time.

Our managed B2B telemarketing campaigns are carried out by our team of experienced telesales professionals.

Using phone calls, we can generate leads or learn more about the decision makers within the travel companies you’re targeting.

Many of our clients use our telemarketing services to arrange appointments with prospects for their own sales teams.

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Find out more about our database of travel agencies

More Than Words’ list of travel agents provides key information about the industry’s decision-makers including contact details.

We can help you maximise the number of leads and sales you generate from your marketing campaigns. Call 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our marketing databases team.

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