At the heart of all sales, marketing, and lead-generation activity, data is arguably the most important asset to increase the likelihood of ongoing success. B2B data cleansing improves productivity, efficiency, and revenue while providing invaluable business intelligence.

Professional B2B data cleansing results in higher-quality lead information and a higher return on your marketing investment.

So, whatever area your business operates in, maintaining accurate, compliant, and up-to-date information on your current and potential leads is vital to ensure profitable campaign after profitable campaign.

Why telemarketing for B2B data cleansing?

B2B telemarketing is undoubtedly the best way to carry out successful data cleansing campaigns.

Unlike a B2B email marketing campaign which likely won’t generate a response from recipients in which they share important information with you, telemarketing will.

Telemarketing will allow you to find out decision maker names and titles, how long their company is in contract for, who their current supplier is, and more.

Telemarketing is much more personal than other forms of communications allowing the data cleansers to form a bond with clients and to gain the more valuable information on businesses which can then be used for accurate, targeted, and personalised direct marketing campaigns.

By using a telemarketing service to cleanse your B2B data, the data cleansers successfully:

  • remove duplicate records,
  • amend records with incorrect contact information,
  • identify key influencers within target companies, and
  • suppress the data of people who have opted out of communications using a service such as MPS (Mail Preference Service).

B2B data cleansing saves money

According to research, it’s estimated that 30% of B2B data is out of date within the course of one year.

That means you could be wasting a significant chunk of your direct marketing budget because the data is not contemporary anymore.

By cleansing your marketing database to ensure information is accurate and up to date, far less time is spent by your marketing and sales reps in lead generation and the cost per customer acquisition is greatly reduced as a result.

Increased revenue

Dealing with returned or unanswered communications can be costly and time-consuming and this is why having accurate information on your current and potential clients is invaluable.

Businesses which maintain the accuracy of their data are far more efficient than those which let their databases stagnate.

By using up-to-date and accurate information, positive response rates to campaigns are far greater leading to more valuable leads and ultimately increased revenue.

By cleansing your data through telemarketing, duplicate data – which is another potentially costly aspect of direct marketing – can also be eradicated. According to research, the cost to businesses of having identical data in their systems directly correlates to the amount of time it remains in their database.

So, when it comes to your bottom line the quicker the data is cleansed the better.

Benefit from market intelligence

Clean and accurate data improves business intelligence by providing valuable insight into a range of important areas – including job roles and company turnover – allowing you to improve the decision-making process within your business.

Having accurate and up-to-date information on your clients is key when planning marketing and sales campaigns, fine-tuning your product, or service offerings, and improving your customer service process.

By providing qualified market intelligence, carefully cleansed data can also help reveal new business opportunities within your field, leading to increased sales and business growth.

Increased productivity

As well as helping to cut costs and increase revenue, maintaining a clean and accurate database can also increase overall productivity within your business.

By using out of date or inaccurate information, your sales and marketing team will likely be wasting a great deal of time and manpower communicating with dead-end leads or producing inaccurate reports based on invalid analytics.

By cleansing your data using a professional telemarketing service, you can help increase productivity while reducing costs.

Data cleansing ensures GDPR compliance

Compliance is vitally important for all forms of direct marketing.

Compliance requirements demand that your data is up-to-date and that it abides by privacy and data security regulations including GDPR.

Businesses can be liable for hefty fines if they don’t comply with the legislation and this is why enlisting the services of a telemarketing company to scrub your data and keep it up to date is a wise investment.

Regular cleansing of data will allow your business to keep on top of customer contact permissions, ensuring that only those people who signed up for communications are receiving them.

Don’t put the integrity of your business at risk by using non-compliant data.

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