UK phone number database for telemarketing teams.

For any business, of any size, a company telephone number is important.

Both customers and competitors see dedicated business phone numbers as a sign of professionalism.

In fact over 76% of consumers prefer to contact customer support by phone rather than any other means, even in the age of social media.

A business phone number doesn’t have to be a landline number.

In today’s market, a UK mobile phone number is just as effective if it is a dedicated business number.

If your business is looking for prospect phone numbers within businesses, schools and the public sector, the quickest and most cost-effective way is to purchase a UK phone number database.

Telephone number list for UK Telemarketing from More Than Words

More Than Words Marketing’s phone database is designed specifically for B2B telemarketing and telesales teams making outbound calls.

The wide range of information contained database is refreshed on a six-month cycle.

Building your own prospect contact number database

Telemarketing Data Lists for Lead Generation from More Than Words Marketing

Historically, businesses would rip out pages from the Yellow Pages, and telemarketing reps would make calls from those listings.

Nonetheless, as useful as the phone book was for finding phone numbers, it was a laborious process to find a new client.

Often, reps made cold calls not knowing the name of the decision maker or the size of the company.

Telemarketers would often not even know what the businesses they were calling actually did until they had spoken with them.

More Than Words Marketing takes the work out of this process. We also help you to prevent making nuisance calls and getting complaints.

Our phone number database for UK businesses and The Telephone Preference Service

Consumers and businesses may opt out by registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS).

This means that individuals and businesses who have registered do not wish to receive cold calls.

Businesses that violate TPS and CTPS guidelines can be fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

In the past, four companies have received fines totalling £480,000 from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for making unlawful calls to TPS-registered numbers.

Furthermore, there is a reputational risk of being exposed as a business that breaks regulations which is perhaps more damaging than a fine. Cold calling has a bad reputation, so this kind of press can cause big problems.

Our service provides you with bespoke landline phone numbers from our telephone database of more than 3000,000,000 GDPR-compliant records.

Our phone lookup search is narrowed down by industry, type of business and other criteria. Let us know the types of prospects you are looking to get in touch with.

This means that your telemarketers are only contacting the businesses most relevant to you, your products and services.

They will also be checked against the TPS and CTPS register so you only call those who consent to receiving calls.

Please scroll below the FAQ to find out more about our service.

UK phone number database of businesses FAQ

There are no mobile phone numbers on our business phone number database.

For each of the decision makers we have phone numbers for in businesses, schools, and the public sectors are a UK landline.


Phone numbers in the United Kingdom have a set format. Every UK landline phone number (except emergency services and 118 enquiries) starts with an area code. Area codes denotes the geographical area of the UK from which the call was made. A telephone number may have a four or five digit area code beginning with 01 or 02.

There are also non-geographic numbers like freephone numbers.

On our UK telemarketing databases, each entry is listed with area codes first and the remaining part of the number in a different field.

Traditionally, you would use either the Yellow Pages, the telephone directory, or directory enquiries. Mass printing of the UK Yellow Pages (published by BT) has now ceased and the UK Yellow Pages now exists as an online telephone directory only at the website.

In many areas, BT (“The Phone Book”) and Thomson (“Thomson Directory UK”) have also stopped printing a local telephone directory based upon a central area code. In the telephone directories they printed, they listed both residential telephone numbers and business telephone numbers. Previously, you could use telephone directories to find a home phone number or business phone by using an alphabetical search. However, as with Yell, printed publication of telephone directories has now ceased and it is available online at The BT UK Phone Book website.

There are many directory enquiries numbers you can choose from too – please see a list here. Calling these services attracts considerable costs and, as a result of that and the rise of online 118 directories, demand for them has slumped in recent years.

Reverse phone lookup services are sometimes called reverse phone number lookup, reverse phone look up, reverse phone number search, criss-cross directory, Lookup UK sites, or a gray pages directory. Reverse phone lookup services act like a phone number checker – you enter the number into the reverse phone lookup provider’s website and it lets you know all the information it has about that number.

To complicate matters, UK phone numbers and text message numbers can be “masked“.

There are plenty of reverse lookup websites where you can type in a UK telephone number or overseas telephone number and find out who it was who call you. These resources allow you enter the landline or mobile phone number which has called you and then it will let you know.

The best known reverse phone number lookup service is Google’s. When you receive calls from unrecognised numbers, you type those numbers into Google and it will search for that phone number for you. In most cases, the phone number will turn out to be a United Kingdom phone number belonging to a business. Google’s reverse phone lookup however is surprisingly effective at giving you information and a lot of details on the identity of people and organisations making a phone call to you from abroad.

But what if Google has no details of a number which has just called you? There are a number of Lookup UK services which will be listed on Google’s search results pages like WhoCalledMe and Who-Called. These services have as the number of scam calls made to UK businesses and consumers has increased. If you do not recognise a number or the number is withheld and you suspect it might be a scam call, you can enter the potential scam caller’s number into the reverse phone lookup number website you’ve visited.


Lookup UK sites however have their limitations. On all searches you carry out, the details they have on each phone number are limited.

Although the information these sites have in their resources is vast, they do not have access to nor own a phone company – the only organisations which will know the true identity of a phone number is BT or the other company to which they rent the numbers from.

What about ex directory numbers? When you receive calls from ex directory numbers, your landline or mobile phone display will normally show you that the number is withheld so they’re no good for lookup services. In addition, ex directory numbers are not listed in the records of the BT online phone book. The only time you are likely to see an ex directory number on an online phone directory is when it’s part of a paid-for or free online listing.

Why buy telemarketing data if a lot of this information can be found on public records?

Obviously, you could use a search engine to find out potential customer phone numbers.

Online phone directories and general phone lookup sites contain information you need to build up a database for telesales teams to use.

However, aside from the risks of breaching TPS and CTPS regulations, compiling this information into a useful, comprehensive format is too time consuming.

Gathering further information such as:

  • the names of the people who make the decisions,
  • email addresses,
  • business size,
  • line of business,

and so on, would take substantially longer.

All of this information, and more, is contained within our landline database, ensuring far quicker results for your team.

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Our database of UK businesses contains over 3,300,000 decision makers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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You don’t have to buy any more records than you need with our service. We only want you to make marketing calls to the type of business, school, or public sector organisation most likely to buy from you.

Using the records we send to you, your rep will know, before they make the phone calls, the name and address of the person with responsibility for purchasing.

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