In terms of output UK manufacturers and suppliers rank ninth in the world.

During this time, industrial production has increased in contribution to the UK economy by 1.4% a year, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

ONS attributes sustained growth to:

  1. a more skilled and productive workforce,
  2. improvements in automation and technology, and
  3. integrated international trade.

Manufacturers & suppliers for direct marketing

On our list of manufacturers and suppliers, you have access to the following:

UK manufacturers and suppliers database from More Than Words
  • 59,749 companies,
  • 57,027 decision-maker names,
  • 43,862 phone numbers, and
  • 30,827 email addresses.

We won’t sell you the entire database – only targeted data for the decision makers most likely to need your products and services.

Full breakdown of our database of UK manufacturers & suppliers

These are the industry sector classifications available to you.

Contact your account manager for a more detailed breakdown.

We can also help you to pinpoint any leading manufacturer or specific niches you’re targeting.

  • Processing industries and suppliers
  • Companies that manufacture and supply bricks, pottery, and glass
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products
  • Computer and office equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Manufacturers of electronic components
  • Suppliers and manufacturers of food
  • Companies that manufacture and supply furniture and timber products
  • Suppliers and manufacturers of metal and mechanical products
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of paper and board products
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of rubber and plastic products
  • Companies that manufacture or supply instrumentation products
  • Fabric and leather product manufacturers and suppliers
  • Vehicle and accessory manufacturers and suppliers
  • Other manufacturers and suppliers

Manufacturers vs suppliers

How do suppliers and manufacturers differ?

Traditionally, a manufacturer creates a product, which is then sold in bulk to a supplier or wholesaler.

Wholesalers then sell the manufacturer’s products to retailers and resellers who make the sale to end users.

Can a manufacturing company be a supplier?

Many companies combine manufacturing, distribution, and supply.

Any UK based manufacturer that relies solely on one UK supplier is at risk.

This is because they have no control over the sales teams of their supply chain.

A wholesale or supply partner may prefer another manufacturer’s products due to higher margins or incentives.

Consequently, a growing number of manufacturers are setting up their own operations to sell their products directly to retailers, resellers, and even to end users.

Just over half of the 120,000 manufacturing companies we have on record now take responsibility for some or all of the products they create.

Sell more with our list of UK manufacturers and suppliers

Our full service includes:

1. A list of suppliers and manufacturers

  • a comprehensive, fully customisable database of manufacturers and suppliers
  • list of decision makers’ email addresses,
  • data will be accessible for 12 months after purchase, and
  • each entry contains several fields.

2. Includes one email marketing design, three email broadcasts, and full follow-up reporting

  • one email design created by our designers and copywriters,
  • three email marketing campaigns delivered from trusted servers
  • full reports for each campaign showing opens and clickthroughs

3. Support after sales

  • technical support – even if you do not possess technical skills, our staff will be happy to assist you.
  • advertising support – our account managers, designers, and writers are ready to review and advise on any advertising you send.

If you’re not able to run your own direct marketing campaigns, please ask us about our managed B2B email marketing campaigns and our B2B telemarketing service.

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