The bottom line is that internet price comparison sites and direct insurers with massive advertising budgets now dominate the personal insurance market. However, competition in the business sector is not quite as intense and direct selling approaches by phone and email to existing clients and cold prospects still work.

Take advantage of the opportunities open to your agency to sell health insurance, key person insurance, life insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and more over the phone and by email direct to new business customers.

Choose More Than Words as your telemarketing company and use our telemarketing agents’ experience and selling ability to win new business from existing customers, expand into new sectors, and to build a 12-month pipeline for your sales team.

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Who do insurance agencies want to contact with their telemarketing campaigns?

When direct marketing insurance services for our clients, they generally ask us to contact their existing clients, their prospects list, or to help them establish market presence in a new sector.

Existing clients

Are there opportunities for you to upsell to your existing clients? How much do you know about each of your clients’ businesses? Are they buying one type of insurance from you and other types of insurance from different providers?

We can spend five to ten minutes on the phone with each one of your business customers and, with the information we feed back to you, you can determine whether you’re meeting all their insurance needs and do something about it.

We can find out when insurance policies from your clients’ other providers end so that you can get in touch with them close to their renewal dates to offer them alternative quotes and better cover.


“Prospects” are those decision makers within companies who have not purchased from you yet. They will have contacted your company in the past but, for a variety of different reasons, they have not decided to place an order with you yet.

As on all of the phone calls we’ll make to your existing customers, we’ll fact-find with each prospect to discover what their insurance needs actually are as well as discovering the renewal dates for existing policies they have with other providers.

We can ask if there were any problems with the quotes you provided to them in the past which stopped them from buying from you to give you and your sales team a better chance of successfully closing the deal when they’re next in the market.

Cold calling specialist sectors

Telemarketing is particularly effective at helping insurance companies establish a foothold in a new sector or expand an existing one.

In addition to the standard security policies you offer to companies, you can use our insurance telemarketing team to pitch niche products like insurance policies on ongoing & risky building work, insurance policies for high-risk professions, and insurance policies for extreme sports and martial arts providers.

There are tens of thousands of businesses in the UK whose current insurance may not be fit for purpose and, working with you, we can identify the most profitable niches to target.

More Than Words note – we are one of the few joint marketing database and telemarketing firms in the UK. We’re able to source the data list or lists needed to contact the audience you want to target. All B2B telemarketing data we use on your behalf is included in our hourly rate – no additional charges apply.

Telemarketing for insurance agents – the possibilities

Booking appointments

Do you want to meet with or speak to the people we’re targeting in person or via video call?

If so, we can book appointment for you on specific dates and times when we’re calling out on your campaign. You’ll have access to the full notes our telemarketing rep made on the call so you can better tailor your in-person pitch to the decision maker.

Telemarketing lead generation for sales teams

Our lead generation service is similar to our appointment booking service except that we don’t ask prospects to meet you at a specific date and time.

Instead, what our telemarketers do, like any good insurance agent, is to ask the people they’re speaking to for as much information as possible on the types of insurance they have (or might need) as well as their renewal dates and the names of their current suppliers.

We then ask each decision maker if they’d like someone from your insurance agency to follow up with a call.

Building a sales pipeline

When our telemarketers are calling companies for you, we’ll find those ones at or near to their policy renewal dates and you’ll be able to send quotes to them straight away to try to win their business.

As your campaign progresses, we’ll also be generating leads for your company’s pipeline over the coming 12 months for your sales team to follow up.

If a company is not in the market right now, we’ll collect as much information as we can about that business as well as a date to call back on so that, when the time comes, your sales team has all the information they need to book an appointment orclose the deal.

Business insurance renewal date gathering

We collect insurance renewal dates as standard on all of the calls we make. At the end of your campaign, we can then present the data to you in time order so that your team knows when to get in touch with each client on the database.

Client and prospect data cleansing

For any insurance business, there is great value in both maintaining and contacting the people on their customer and prospect databases.

Do you have an old database of clients or prospects which hasn’t been used for a considerable time? Or has your agency bought out a rival agency and you’d like our telemarketing services team to improve the quality of the data across the business as a whole?

We’re happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you want to send your database over to us.

Who’ll be working on your marketing campaign with you?

There’ll be four people within More Than Words working on your campaign – your account manager, telesales script writer, telemarketing manager, and the telemarketing reps themselves.

Account manager

Your account manager is your central point of contact within the company. When you book your insurance telemarketing campaign with us, you’ll have a direct email address and direct phone number for your account manager when you want to get in touch.

Before we start making calls for you, we agree with you what the aims of the campaign are, who we’re going to get in touch with for you, and what you want us to try to achieve on each call. We also agree with you the dates and the times that we’ll be calling on your behalf

Telesales script writer

Our telesales script writer becomes involved at this point. With knowledge of the aim of your campaign and the companies we’re targeting, the script writer then starts planning each part of the call from the opening to the closing. Key to a successful call outcome is the handling of objections – they’re the questions asked by a decision maker in the middle part of the conversation they have with your telemarketing rep.

What our script writer prepares is part script, part structure, and part sales process. For all telemarketers, the first hour or two involves becoming used to getting the main points across and making the calls they’re on sound more conversational and two-way.

As time goes on, they become far less reliant on the script and they focus on improving their technique and delivery on calls. The most successful sales technique to use on an insurance industry telemarketing campaign is spin selling and your script writer will integrate this approach into the work they do for you.

We then present you with the script and structure and work on it with you until you’re happy to sing it off.

Telemarketing manager

At this point, the account manager and telesales script writer then brief the telemarketing manager – this is the person who oversees the day to day running of our services to you.

It’s their responsibility to train your telemarketing rep, to monitor their calls for quality, to provide ongoing support to your rep, and to ensure they achieve campaign productivity targets.

Telemarketing rep

We’ll also select the telemarketer to work on your campaign. We encourage you to speak with your telemarketing rep prior to the first call being made so that you get to know each other and so that they feel comfortable approaching you when the campaign is under way if they have any questions not covered in training.

When your campaign is under way

You can track your campaign live when it’s under way using specialist browser-based software. You’ll be able to see the notes your telemarketing rep has made next to each decision maker name, background information on the appointments booked and leads generated, and more.

For appointments and leads where we believe there is an advantage in you getting in touch with a prospective customer straight away, your account manager or telemarketing manager will get in touch with you straight away.

How should you fit insurance telemarketing into your wider advertising and promotional activities?

The insurance industry is extremely competitive and now it’s the responsibility of every insurance agency to be accessible to their target markets online, offline, and all the time.

All insurance agencies should continue to develop their website making sure that they focus their search engine optimisation efforts on the types of business they want to win and not trying to cover every base.

When a potential client is on your website, you should do everything possible to close the sale online (if possible) – failing that, you should capture your customers’ contact details for your sales team to follow up, get them to subscribe to your email newsletter, or invite them to follow you on social media.

You can achieve some of the best results by email – either cold B2B email marketing campaigns and by sending email newsletters every month to your client and prospect databases.

Telemarketing should certainly be an approach you use every month. If you want to try it to see what results you can get before you invest in a team and the technical infrastructure required for telemarketing, outsource it to us.

Insurance telemarketing – get a quote

Use our sales staff and their experience in booking appointments, lead generation, gathering business information and renewal dates, and cleansing client and prospect databases. If you want us to break into new markets for you, we include the data list or lists we need to purchase to carry out your campaign at no extra charge.

For more information about organising a B2B telemarketing campaign for your insurance agency, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our direct marketing team.

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