Have you tried cold calling to find new commercial cleaning service customers before? Many cleaning business owners have tried it but they enjoyed little or no success with it. The likely reasons for that in most cases are poor scripting of calls and a lack of telemarketer training and oversight.

If this has put your off from investing again in cleaning and janitorial telemarketing, we’re pleased that you found this page because, when done correctly, telemarketing actually delivers a constant stream of high quality and qualified B2B commercial cleaning leads. You’ve just got to get the basics right.

Let our appointment booking and lead generation team do the calling for you.

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Finding brand new clients and markets for your commercial cleaning services

It’s your telemarketing campaign and it’s extremely important that you know exactly what you want for your telemarketing project for it to have the greatest chance of success. So, what are you looking to achieve?

What results do you want from your campaign?

Most of the cleaning services companies we work with are looking to achieve the following two things on their campaign:

  • appointment booking/lead generation to identify immediate and future opportunities in the markets they already serve and
  • becoming a well-known brand name in markets and sectors they’re not currently well-known for serving but which offer more money.

Before we make our first call for you, you must be sure what exactly what you want us to achieve for you.

The obvious answer might be that you want as many sales and leads as possible but certain types of sales and leads will always be more valuable to you. We need to identify with you what they are.

Are you looking for companies of a particular size or in a particular line of business to work with? Which types of leads mean the most money for your business?

For help in creating a campaign which has the best chance of generating the highest possible returns based upon your main business goals over the coming year or two, please contact one of our account managers.

Booking/setting appointments and lead generation

Booking or setting appointments involves our telemarketers first establishing interest with the person they’re speaking to on the phone. Most clients, whether they already use a commercial cleaning company or not, have a well-formed idea of the types of cleaning duties they would want a supplier to carry out for them.

When booking/setting appointments for you, we make sure, based on our questioning of the person on the other end of the phone, that their business, school, or public sector organisation would provide you with the type of work you actually want.

If they do then we’ll set a date and a time for you to visit the potential client at their main premises (or premises if they have multiple sites) normally within a week of speaking to them.

With our lead generation service, instead of booking a date and time for you to visit, we ask the person we’re speaking to whether it’s OK for you to call them back so that your sales team can book an appointment instead.

What kind of businesses hire cleaning services?

Most businesses require daily janitorial and commercial cleaning services. Many do it in house because it’s free and they don’t have the budget while others use a commercial cleaning service like yours.

We can deliver qualified leads to you from retailers, office-based businesses, hotels, restaurants, pubs, car dealerships, and more. Tell us the sectors you most want leads and sales from when you speak to us on the phone.

Could you introduce my cleaning company to schools, hospitals, councils, and so on?

Yes. We regularly contact prospects within schools and the public sector for our clients. For more information, please click for details on our outsourced telemarketing campaigns to schools and our outsourced telemarketing campaigns to the public sector.

Where do you get the telephone numbers from for my marketing campaign?

More Than Words is an established list broker as well as an outsourced telemarketing bureau. For cleaning companies wanting to contact schools, we maintain an extensive UK schools database and that’s what we’ll use on your campaign. For campaigns to businesses and the public sector, we use data provided to us by trusted and established list owners with which we’ve had a relationship for years.

Turning your prospects into clients

Do you have a list of prospects who haven’t been contacted in a while? They got in touch with you in the past looking for advice and quotes on cleaning but, for whatever reason, they did not proceed to purchase your cleaning services.

Let us call your prospects on your behalf to try to book an appointment with them for you or turn it back into a live qualified lead. Give us every name you’ve got going back up to three years – we’ll phone every one of them to try to warm them up again.

Reactivating old client accounts

Want to make an offer to lapsed clients to come back to you? It really does work. Let us know when you give us a call and we’ll get in touch with them for you.

Working with our telesales script writer

In addition to the data we provide for your campaigns, the right sales script is also essential for any cleaning and janitorial telemarketing campaign to be successful.

The right script delivered by a professional telemarketer pitching clearly the benefits of your cleaning service to the correct person is vital for starting a meaningful business conversation with a decision maker in your target markets.

As well as creating an interesting and engaging opening, your script writer includes a section on “objection handling” for the telemarketer on your campaign to use. What that means is that, whenever they’re speaking with a potential customer, they’ll have relevant answers to any questions (“objections”) they’re asked.

Not everyone we contact on your company will be in a position to buy – many of them may already been contracted to a cleaning company. If that’s the case, we’ll ask questions about who their current supplier is, how much they’re paying, and when the contract release date is.

On every call, we’ll get as much information out of each target contact as possible to build a sales pipeline of opportunities for your commercial cleaning company over the next 12-24 months.

Janitorial telemarketing FAQ

How do I get customers for my cleaning service?

There are a number of different approaches you can take to find new clients for your cleaning business.

You should do everything you can to get your website as high on search engine results pages as possible. The higher your site, the more potential clients will see it. And if you use Google My Business, your site could be even more prominent when potential clients are searching for cleaning services providers in their local area.

In addition to calling local businesses on the phone, you may also wish to think about sending email marketing campaigns to the types of companies you’re targeting.

Does cold calling for cleaning and janitorial services really work?

Yes. Cold calling works very well not only for cleaning companies but for nearly all companies selling their products and services to other businesses.

Telemarketing generates £11 worth of turnover for every £1 spent on it, according to the UK Data and Marketing Association.

Could you pitch our services to facilities managers and facilities management companies?

Yes. We have the contact details for over 8,800 facilities managers (please click here for more information on our list of facilities managers) and we also have the contact details of facilities management companies on our UK business database.

Book our janitorial telemarketing service today

Is telemarketing right for your cleaning business? Yes – it works nearly every time.

While you should use every direct marketing strategy (like email marketing campaigns, and postal mail campaigns) available to your company to increase the numbers of qualified leads and sales you have to work on, your first choice should always be telemarketing.

Your website will always deliver new and relevant sales opportunities to you but the problem with website marketing is that you’re waiting for people to get in touch with you.

A much faster and cheaper way to build up your cleaning business is by cold calling the types of businesses, schools, and public sector organisations you can work with. With our telemarketing services, we can reach out to and speak with these decision makers on your behalf.

For a free consultation on cleaning and janitorial telemarketing service, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our telemarketing team for help.

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Making telemarketing work for your commercial cleaning business

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