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Our telemarketing company services for clients

More Than Words offers clients targeting businesses, schools, and the public sector a full range of telemarketing company services.

You’ve found this page at a time of record engagement with decision makers across all sectors through our telemarketing and telesales campaigns.

Use telemarketing and telesales to:

  • create a rapport with your client base,
  • generate leads and appointments for your sales teams, and
  • gather market intelligence from both existing and prospective customers.

Please get in touch with us to let us know who you want to contact and what you want to achieve from the calls we make for you.

Our main five telemarketing services

The five main services we offer to our telemarketing clients are:

  1. Appointment making
  2. Lead generation
  3. Market research on target clients and sectors
  4. Validation of information on databases you already hold
  5. Promotion of any event you’re hosting or attending

Who can we contact on your behalf?

We can carry out telemarketing campaigns to:

  • your existing customer and prospect database or
  • decision makers on specialist databases we buy in for the sectors you tell us are the sectors most likely to need your products or services.

A professional telesales script writer on your campaign

We have an experienced in-house telesales script writer who will create a call script and structure for your campaign.

The bespoke script created for your company will capture your target clients’ attention and stimulate their interest to such a level where:

  • we generate leads or appointments for you,
  • we gather important information on which companies are already providing your target clients with the products and services you sell and when you’ll have a chance of pitching for their business,
  • we fully validate the information and decision maker details held on your existing database, and
  • we persuade a prospect to attend an exhibition you’re attending or hosting.

Who will be calling on your behalf?

When we’re selecting which colleague to represent you, we’ll choose the one with the most experience on and the most success with previous telemarketing campaigns we’ve carried out which were similar to yours.

This means either they’ll have experience on or success with:

  • introducing similar products and services to clients,
  • selling to the types of clients we’ll be contacting with on your campaign, or
  • a mixture of both.

Prior to making the first call, we strongly encourage you to speak with your telemarketer so that you can:

  • get to know them,
  • share any tips or information you have with them, and
  • answer any questions they have.

Who will oversee my campaign and report back to me?

Your campaign will be overseen by a telemarketing manager and by your account manager.

Your telemarketing manager’s job is to:

  • train the telesales reps working on your campaign and
  • ensure that they are successful in hitting their key performance indicators on number of calls made, quality of calls, and so on.

You can speak with the telemarketing manager with responsibility for your campaign at any time you want.

Your account manager is the person you dealt with initially when you called More Than Words.

Your account manager is your internal representative within More Than Words and their job is to make sure that what you want us to do for you is done quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Choose from our range of telemarketing services

Outsourced B2B lead generation – telemarketing

B2B telemarketing – our experienced B2B telesales services team makes appointments, generates leads, gathers market intelligence, and builds brand awareness for our clients from commercially-important target markets

Telemarketing for accountants – a response-driven, two-way form of direct marketing ideal for prospecting new customers, upselling to existing clients, and building brand loyalty in an increasingly fickle marketplace.

Telemarketing for commercial financial services – build a strong, two-way, direct relationship with thousands of commercial borrowers and property developers you select.

Outsourced marketing to the education sector – telemarketing

Telemarketing to schools – the two-way dialogue initiated on a school telemarketing campaign with heads, leaders, and teachers builds awareness of your brand and of your products & services and it delivers enquiries & sales when other marketing channels fail

Outsourced marketing to the public sector – telemarketing

Telemarketing to the public sector – our public sector telemarketing campaigns build relationships, build trust, and uncover opportunities in the UK’s most lucrative and hardest to penetrate markets.

Find out more about our telemarketing company services

To find out more about our telemarketing and telesales services, please click on the links above, call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

When you get in touch, please also ask us about our outsourced email marketing services – managed B2B email marketing campaigns, managed school email marketing campaigns, and managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector.

Target these sectors with our telemarketing service

The benefits of working with an experienced telemarketing company

Telemarketing generates £11 worth of turnover for every £1 spent on it, according to the UK Data and Marketing Association.

That’s despite the fact that, for well over a decade, making new connections and winning new sales by telephone marketing has been declared as “dead” by various different marketing experts almost on a monthly basis.

All of these experts’ predictions were completely wrong.

In the past year or two, company owners have become much more aware of telemarketing’s major advantage – its ability to create a human connection between you and your potential audience.

Our experienced front-line telesales staff represent your business on the phone.

We help you to connect you to the decision makers you’re targeting so well that you achieve the commercial goals you have set for your telemarketing campaign.

In addition, our clients also benefit from:

  • hands-on campaign management,
  • the ability to monitor campaigns remotely, and
  • an experienced copywriter and former telesales rep who creates telemarketing scripts used on your campaign.

4 major opportunities when you work with a telemarketing company

1. Telesales appointment making

Telemarketing appointment setting is our most in-demand service.

If your company employs reps who visit clients to make sales, you can get them in front of a much greater number of clients by using telemarketing.

The more solid appointments, the greater your revenues.

If your reps are personally responsible for their own lead generation at the moment, they may be spending two or three days finding new prospects to go out and meet.

The time they spend doing this means that they will only have a limited window of time left in the week to meet these clients.

In our experience, the skills needed to generate leads are very different from the skills needed to sell face to face.

That’s why so many companies have trouble transitioning lead gen staff into sales staff and vice versa.

If your rep is capable of seeing 20 clients a week (4 a day) but, because they’re responsible for generating their own leads, they’re only seeing 10, that’s:

  • nearly 500 sales opportunities they’re being denied every year and
  • up to 500 additional sales your business is missing out on every year.

Speak to More Than Words about our B2B appointment setting service so that we can:

  • generate more qualified, confirmed appointments for your sales staff and
  • get your reps in front of more decision-makers every week.

2. Outsource lead generation to us

An increasing trend in telemarketing and telesales over the last 10 years has been the introduction of lead generators.

Lead generators don’t possess the skills or have the authority to close deals over the phone however what they do really well is find brand new prospects.

When they’ve found a new prospect, you pass the lead onto a deal closer to make the sale.

If your deal closers are currently having to find their own prospects, they’re not going to have the time they need to make more sales.

That’s because they’re spending the majority of their days being blocked by secretaries and other gatekeepers.

More Than Words works with over a dozen companies on a monthly retained basis finding prospects for our clients’ over-the-phone deal closers.

Call us to find out more.

3. Using a telemarketing company for market research

How much do you really know about your customers?

Although many companies manage to raise significant revenues from their existing customer database, it’s fair to say that most marketing and sales decision makers within firms are more concerned about finding and selling to brand new clients.

Conducting market research among both your existing clients and prospective clients will provide you with deeper-level marketing and sales insights.

You can then use this information to help decide your future promotional activities and product development.

Valuable insights can be gained by asking questions like:

  • What do existing customers think of your business?
  • Where could you improve?
  • Are there any companion products or services clients would buy from you if you made them available for sale?
  • For clients who haven’t bought from you yet or who have stopped buying from you, who are they currently using?
  • What is it about your competitors which makes your target customers keeping buying from them and not you?
  • What does your company need to do to stand out?

After speaking with your target clients, we’ll be able to deliver you an honest, full, and dispassionate insight into how your company, its products, and its services are perceived by both the people and companies you’ve already sold to and by the people and companies you’re yet to win over.

4. Using a telemarketing company for data validation

Customer data and prospect data are two of the most valuable assets any business owns.

The quality of the data you hold, as well as how you put it to use, directly affects both your company’s overall revenue and the lifetime value of each client or prospect.

B2B customer and prospect databases deteriorate in quality to a rate of around 30% per annum.

Let us check that all the contact details you have on your databases are correct including the name and responsibilities of the decision-makers.

When we’re speaking to both customers and prospects, we can also encourage them to:

  • sign up for your email newsletter service and
  • follow your company and its key personnel on LinkedIn and on other major social media platforms.

The More Than Words telemarketing team

Front-line telemarketing company staff

The colleagues who will be making your calls on your behalf all have at least five years’ experience in telemarketing and telesales.

Prior to each campaign going live, they have a full understanding of the results you want from your campaign.

We strongly encourage you to speak with your telemarketer prior to the start of your campaign.

Your telemarketing rep will gain a deeper insight into your products, services, and company by speaking with you.

And, because you’ve established a relationship with each other over the phone, they’ll feel more confident about approaching you with any questions which arise during telemarketing calls.

Experienced telesales manager

To obtain the best performance out of even the most talented and successful front-line telemarketing staff, you need an experienced telesales manager.

We have three experienced telemarketing managers overseeing, training, supporting, and encouraging our telesales team members.

Your telesales manager is a particularly important figure on your campaign because they filter all leads or appointments generated as a result of your campaign for quality.

We don’t want to waste your sales reps’ or deal closers’ time.

So, your telemarketing manager makes sure that each lead we deliver to you conforms to your definition of what a good lead actually is before we pass it to you.

Telesales script writer

You might hear many experienced telesales people say that they don’t need a script and, to a degree, they are right.

However, in the early days of calling for a new client, every telesales professional, no matter how experienced, needs a structure.

They need to know:

  • which points they need to introduce to a prospect in the first instance to stoke interest,
  • what a prospect’s likely questions are going to be and how they should answer them, and
  • how to engineer the close of the call so that your company

Knowing how to do this means that you’re much more likely to get the outcome you want from more of the calls they make for you.

More Than Words’ head of copywriting is an experienced telesales representative and manager with over 20 years’ experience as a telesales script writer.

Prior to the campaign being launched, he will contact you to find out as much about your company and its products and services before drafting a script for your approval.

More Than Words telemarketing – your new business agency

More Than Words is one of the UK’s fastest growing B2B lead generation companies.

We offer our clients direct access to decision makers in their target markets by telemarketing and email marketing.

Our B2B telemarketing and data research team achieve the results our clients want time after time.

Our staff make appointments with, generate interest from, reconnect with, and obtain key sales information from your customers and the prospects you’re keen to win over.

For companies with travelling reps, we can diarise each appointment made by our telemarketing team so that, on each working day, they have more clients to visit.

Free your sales team by freeing them of the responsibility to source new business – just let them do what they do best and close the sale.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve with our telephone-based agency lead generation service.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you email us by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There is plenty of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk from North Shields Metro station.

Call 0330 010 3495

Find out more about our telemarketing agency services

Call us now to receive more info on 0330 010 8300, click here to email us, or fill out the form below.

    B2B telemarketing companies – interesting links and more information

    Thousands of companies in the UK have their own in-house telesales teams which form an important part of their overall sales and marketing department.

    Hiring the right telesales staff and managing them correctly is very difficult however, particularly if you’ve never been involved in telemarketing before.

    More Than Words gives you the option to invest in telemarketing as and when you need it – you can also scale your telemarketing activity up and down as you need it.

    If you’re new to outsourced telemarketing and you’d like to do a bit more reading on it before you get in touch, we’ve compiled a list of six articles from third parties which are full of helpful and useful information:

    We hope you enjoyed the articles. If you have any questions about outsourced telemarketing, please get in touch with us and ask us what you’d like to know.

    At the same time, please let us know who you want to reach, what impression you want to make on them, and what you’d like to sell to them over the next 12 months. To start our conversation, please call 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.