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B2B calling lists to target decision makers with the budget to purchase your products and services

Our B2B telemarketing data is a contemporary snapshot of British business.

From it, you can select the decision makers you want most in need of your product or service.

According to the UK Data and Marketing Association, you will, on average, receive 129 positive responses from every 1,000 full calls made where you speak to the decision makers.

This compares with 1 response per 1,000 from email marketing and 44 responses per 1,000 from direct mail campaigns.

69% of business owners and decision makers take calls from sales people with 57% stating that they prefer being contacted by telephone.

If you’re attending or hosting an event, 75% of the people who come will do so because they’ve received either a cold call or a cold email.

Telesales and telemarketing still works.

Why choose our B2B calling lists for your telemarketing teams?

Our UK business database holds the contact telephone numbers for over 3,000,000 UK business decision makers.

From our database you can select just those companies with the highest likely level of interest in or need for your products and services.

When you speak with our account manager, they’ll identify with you:

  • which companies will solve a problem or unlock an opportunity with your products and services
  • the types of decision makers you should be targeting, and
  • the businesses most likely to be able to afford what you sell or most likely to be able to obtain finance to buy from you.

In addition to millions of “most senior contacts”, we have hundreds of thousands of records for decision makers responsible for telecoms, sales, operations, marketing, human resources, health and safety, fleet, finance, facilities, and engineering purchasing.

The more precise your targeting, the higher the return on your investment will be.

Ordering the B2B telemarketing data you need for your company

We offer accuracy guarantees on our B2B telemarketing lists – if we miss those targets, we’ll refund you pro-rata or issue you with replacement records.

The data is licensed to you over 12 months giving you the opportunity:

  • to build relationships with the decision makers you’re targeting,
  • to build your company’s credibility, and
  • to demonstrate the value you offer with your products and services.

Over the 12 months, your account manager is here to assist you in generating as many new leads and sales as possible from your B2B telemarketing list.

If you want us to review your script and objection handles before you call, send them over to us and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with our feedback and suggestions.

To get in touch, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our marketing databases team by clicking here.

If you currently don’t have a telemarketing team but you’d like to find out whether this approach will work for your business and its products and services, please ask us about our outsourced B2B telemarketing company services when you call.

The four main advantages of working with More Than Words’ B2B calling lists

How to generate the maximum possible return from our B2B telemarketing data

Multichannel marketing has gained prevalence in recent years and it offers B2B marketers an opportunity to better integrate sales and marketing channels to deliver more consistent promotional messages.

B2B purchase decisions usually require an agreement by committee making the process more complex than targeting consumers.

In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, the number of stakeholders involved in B2B purchase decisions increased from 5.4 in 2015 to 6.8 in 2017.

As a result, it can be difficult for B2B organisations to measure the impact of their campaigns.

Conveying a unified message across all sales channels helps prospects to feel comfortable with your company.

It also fosters trust and authority in the decision makers you need to convince at all stages of their buying journeys.

Telemarketing has proven to be an effective means of building personal connections with potential customers over the phone adding to and qualifying the messages directed over email and social media.

B2B calling lists and outbound marketing

You can use B2B telemarketing data in two main ways for outbound marketing campaigns:

Outbound lead generation

Using telemarketing to call the contacts on your targeted B2B calling list, you can:

  • qualify the data that you already have,
  • identify additional decision makers, and
  • determine each prospect’s level of interest and potential requirements.

The telemarketer can also use this call to set up a follow-up appointment with a sales representative, providing them with a warmer lead and increasing the chances of making a sale.

Outbound campaign support

Used as an addition to email or other direct marketing campaigns, telemarketing can be used to follow up on emails that have already been sent, answering questions and gauging interest.

Telemarketing can also be used as your preliminary approach before sending marketing emails, improving their response rate.

Telemarketing gives your company more control over the sales process allowing you to speak with potential customers at a time of your choosing and offering the opportunity to speed up potential clients’ decision making cycles.

Write a script

Scripts are at the foundation of successful telemarketing even for the most seasoned marketing professional.

Using one does not mean your telemarketer will sound robotic and that they won’t be able to deviate from their script.

What it does do though is provide your telemarketers with a road map specifically designed to give the greatest chance of achieving your desired goals on a call..

HubSpot offers this comprehensive guide to formulating effective telemarketing scripts.

You are free to structure your script in any way you wish, as long as you know what you are writing it for and clarify that every sentence spoken works towards this goal.

Remember, More Than Words is happy to look at and give feedback for your telemarketing scripts before you move onto the next stage as part of our database package.

We also provide a telesales script writing service – please ask your account manager for more information.

You may also want to trial several scripts on smaller groups of contacts from your B2B telemarketing before deciding your final script.

Listen in to telemarketers working from each script draft and use these calls to refine your end product.

Certain elements may look right on the page but not work well in conversation.

Don’t forget to take feedback from your contacts and team as you go – your telemarketing script should always be a work in progress that develops as you learn.


Just as with any other direct marketing campaign, the research you put in will directly affect the value you get out of your telemarketing calls.

This means doing your research in advance segmenting your list and creating individual messages for individual audiences.

More Than Words B2B calling lists offers your company access to the influencers and decision makers in your chosen audience and a wealth of information besides so segmenting your audience should be simple.

You want to create specific, tailored pitches for each group of contacts, ensuring that every prospect you speak with receives a call which offers them value and a solution to the specific issues they face.

Make it the most valuable marketing touch

One of the biggest errors telemarketers make is mistaking the personal connection of a phone call with an opportunity to overstep and oversell to soon.

Using a B2B calling list is a way to progress clients along your time scale but it’s still necessary to take your time.

It takes 7 to 13 “marketing touches” to deliver a qualified sales lead, according to the Online Marketing Institute.

Telemarketing, especially with cold leads, should always be about starting a dialogue and building a relationship between your business and theirs.

The easiest way to close any deal is to first identify what it is that you can offer your prospect, and convincing them to make a small commitment that demonstrates a level of trust in your business.

This could be anything from committing to a follow up call to providing an email address where you can send future communications.

Link telemarketing into a multi-channel approach

It feels easier to monitor the success of multi-channel marketing campaigns when they play out across digital channels.

Most ESPs and SEM tools provide automatic data and analytics reports that inform marketers how their campaign is performing, across which channels, and in what order.

The more traditional approach that forms telemarketing can seem at odds with this digital revolution, but the relationship-building benefits of telemarketing actually form the cornerstone of the entire process.

To ensure that your B2B telemarketing data affords you the right opportunities, your sales approach should be refocused to work in tandem with digital channels.

We would recommend integrating telemarketing into your overall multi-channel approach in the following ways:

Data gathered from other channels can inform your telemarketing campaign

Email and social media campaigns are the ideal way to qualify leads in advance of making calls.

Integrate telemarketing into all of your marketing campaigns

This offers a seamless multichannel approach that builds trust in prospects.

Use telemarketing for relationship building

Telemarketing is better for lead nurturing than any other form of marketing. Use regular calls to build relationships with new prospects and strengthen those with old ones.

Make relevant and interesting calls

The human connection that benefits telemarketing as a strategy is lost when prospects feel hounded by repeated ‘hard sell’ sales calls.

Use reports to monitor progress

As automated data analytics are not available in telemarketing, it is important to create reports of every call you make.

Reports help you to evaluate the calls you make, monitor individual telemarketer performance and progress, and refine your campaigns over time.

Microsoft Office has basic telemarketing report templates that you can use as a starting point but, for the most effective reporting, you should think about including several things:

Feedback and suggestions

Your telemarketing conversations are the very best source you have for understanding how your prospects and customers feel about your marketing campaign.

Telemarketers should make notes of feedback offered during their calls, good or bad, so that you can follow up with this later.

If you decide to outsource your telemarketing, make sure that you ask your provider for feedback from your telemarketers personally as well, as they may have insights into how your campaign is performing that you would otherwise never know.

Quality of the data

Reports should include any comments that update the data that you have such as whether a contact has changed or the data given is incorrect.

This provides opportunities for data cleansing for future campaigns as well as a way to accurately assess the success of your campaign.

Market feedback

Telemarketers are also in the unique position of speaking with market leaders about the role and sector that they inhabit.

A good telemarketing report should include any information or trends that your team uncovers during calls, that could help you to respond to changing needs and interests in your industry.

B2B telemarketing data FAQ

A B2B calling database contains a phone list for telemarketing to businesses and other supporting information on each company included.

There are two ways you can use your B2B calling list and they are:

  • your existing telemarketing team can contact the decision makers on the list
  • you can outsource your campaign to an established outsourced telemarketing services provider.

There is a significant degree of interchangeability between the two terms but, in general:

  • B2B telemarketing is when your company books appointments, generate leads, or updates its databases by making outbound telephone calls, and
  • B2B telesales is an attempt to make a sale over the phone during which payment arrangements with the customer are finalised (for example, taking credit or debit card details there and then or issuing an invoice).

As leading B2B data providers in the UK, we have the following information on every (or nearly every) record on our calling list:

  • Contact title – Mrs, Mrs, Miss, Dr, and so on
  • Contact first name – the name by which people who know the contact well addresses them
  • Contact surname – the family name or surname of the contact
  • Contact job title – the contact’s self-reported job title
  • Phone – the switchboard number of the company
  • Category – the business sector your contact’s company operates in (our list of B2B industries in the UK encompasses over 2,000 trading activities)
  • Legal status – limited company, PLC, LLP, sole trader, partnership

The following fields are contained on every record on your calling list but there is not full coverage.

In brackets after each field is the “coverage” for each record across the database.

For example, there is a 70% coverage for “premises type” across the database. This means that, for every 10 records, seven will contain information about the premises type occupied by the company for which your contact works.

Please let your account manager know when they’re running a count for you about the fields below which are of particular importance to you.

The additional fields on each calling record together with their approximate levels of coverage are:

  • Employees on site – how many employees the company has (90% coverage)
  • Branch count – how many locations the company operates from (90% coverage)
  • Website – the main website URL for the business (75% coverage)
  • Premise type – the types of premises occupied by the business represented by a numeric code (70% coverage)
  • Premise type description – a descriptive of the type of premises occupied, for example health setting, warehouse, etc (70% coverage)
  • Turnover band – the company’s last reported annual revenue (60% coverage)
  • Year started – the year the company, in its original or current form, began trading (40% coverage)
  • Company registration number – supplied by Companies House upon incorporation (8% coverage)
  • Incorporation date – the date on which the business was incorporated at Companies House (8% coverage)
  • Net worth – the positive or negative value of the company according to their last publish accounts (7% coverage)
  • Profitable or loss-making – a numeric code indicating whether the company made a profit or loss in its previous financial year (2% coverage)
  • Profit percent change over previous year – a percentage figure indicating the percentage to which the profit of the company increased year on year as shown in the company’s previous two full reported financial years (2% coverage)
  • Sales increase or decrease over previous year – a figure in pounds showing any increase or decline in the company’s revenue in the last reported financial year (2% coverage)

For all of the records on our B2B telemarketing lists, we list either the “company leader” or the “most senior contact”.

In addition, we maintain and update a substantial database of other decision makers more narrower financial and budgetary responsibility.

The eleven other types of decision maker we hold are:

  • engineering
  • facilities
  • finance
  • fleet
  • health and safety
  • HR
  • marketing
  • operations
  • purchasing
  • sales
  • telecommunications

The numbers we have for these classifications are less than the over 1 million we have for “company leader” or the “most senior contact”.

However, for some of the areas, we do actually have tens or hundreds of thousands of contact names.

Yes – we have information on the number of staff employed by 90% of the businesses on our calling list and information on turnover for around 60%.

Let us know the sizes, locations, and sectors of the companies you wish us to include on your bespoke SME business database for telemarketing.

We do not sell B2C telemarketing databases primarily because:

  • there is not legal certainty over the “legitimate interest” principle when calling consumers and
  • there are over 20m numbers on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) meaning that the remaining pool of non-TPS number is not large enough for us to create a viable regularly-updated product.

There are B2C data providers in the UK offering consumer telemarketing databases do exist and many of the lists are on sale from reputable and long-established firms.

However, we caution that you carry out full due diligence on the telemarketing data providers you approach before committing to make a purchase.

Yes – we have the direct inbox details for over 350,000 UK business decision makers on our wider UK business database.

We can add them to your B2B calling database for a small charge. Please ask your account manager for more information.

Yes – we have postal details for over 3,000,000 UK businesses and the decision makers in them.

We can add them to your B2B calling database for a small charge. Please ask your account manager for more information.

Yes. We ensure compliance to both GDPR and PECR when we are compiling calling lists.

We also ensure that the suppliers we use are also GDPR and PECR compliant too.

Please ask your account manager to send you a copy of our GDPR policy if you want to find out more about it.

We charge per 1,000 records subject to our company minimum order.

We’re in a competitive marketplace and we want you to make a return on your investment with us so it’s our company’s policy to make our B2B calling lists as affordable as possible without comprising quality or efficacy.

Once we have sent you your B2B calling list, you can use it for the 12 months following purchase.

At the end of the twelve months, you then need to relicense the data in order to be able to continue using it.

There are three exceptions to this rule however.

You can remain in touch with the contacts on your B2B calling list if, as a result of a telemarketing campaign you have carried out to them:

  • a decision maker has purchased from you,
  • you are in dialogue with a decision maker but a purchase has not yet taken place, or
  • a decision maker has confirmed to you in writing that they wish you to stay in touch with them (please keep your written records up to date during the course of the year).

These are standard terms offered by all UK telemarketing list providers.

How to buy B2B telemarketing data from More Than Words

When you purchase a B2B calling list from More Than Words, you’re purchasing from one of the fastest-growing B2B data providers in the UK.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve with your next telemarketing campaign.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our telemarketing database team by clicking here.

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    B2B calling lists – interesting links and more information

    If B2B cold calling is new to your company or if you’ve not used this approach for a few years, we’ve compiled a list of links to useful articles to help you understand how this approach works today:

    Each B2B calling list and each B2B telemarketing campaign is unique – speak with one of our account managers to help you plan a campaign which delivers the highest number of new sales and the highest volume of new revenues for your business.

    To buy B2B calling lists from More Than Words, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.