4,200% returns achievable
Named email addresses
Quality threshold guarantees
Account manager support
Fully GDPR compliant
Design/send service available

Welcome to More Than Words’ bespoke B2B email database service

Part of our comprehensive UK business database, More Than Words’ extensive, continually-updated, and GDPR-compliant B2B email database contains over 350,000 UK business decision makers for you to choose from.

Use our B2B email lists twelve times over the course of a year to successfully market your products and services to your target audience.

Benefit from 12 months of account management, technical support, and marketing support to give your company the greatest chance of making the maximum return on its investment possible.

1. Choose the data most relevant to your business

Your account manager will help you select only the most relevant targets from our extensive database.

By choosing only the companies and the decision-makers most likely to need your products or services, you lower the cost of the B2B email lists you purchase from us.

The lower your initial investment, the higher the returns you’ll enjoy.

What if you target multiple audiences at the moment and you want to keep your costs down?

Then ask us to run a search for you on the number of email addresses we have for decision makers in your most profitable sectors first.

Make a return on those target clients first and ask us for more data covering other sectors later.

2. Full support with accuracy guarantees

Your account manager will support you fully over the course of the 12 months following purchase during which you can use your B2B email database.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please get in touch with them.

They’re your voice here at the company and the person responsible for making sure that what you want is delivered quickly and correctly.

You also have access to two different types of support free of charge:

  • technical support – please get in touch if you need any help with the database (sent as a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or CSV file)
  • advertising support – if you want our feedback on any email you’re considering sending to your target audience, please send us what you’ve created and we’ll get back to you with our opinions and suggestions normally within 24 hours

Your B2B email list also comes with accuracy guarantees (shown below).

If we miss these targets, you’re entitled to either a pro-rata refund or to replacement records.

3. Our usage licence

We sell B2B email data to our clients on a 12 month license.

You may use the email addresses a maximum number of 12 times during the licence – additional sends will be charged.

After 12 months, you’ll have the opportunity to relicense your B2B email database normally for a discounted rate so that you can continue to market your products and services to your target markets.

Following the 12 months, you can still remain in touch with any decision maker who has contacted you as a result of sending campaigns without the need to relicence the database.

Find out more

To contact us about our B2B email database, please contact our email databases team on 0330 010 3495 or by email.

If you want us to design, write, and send emails to your target audience for you, you might want to ask us about our a fully managed B2B email marketing campaign service to clients when you get in touch.

Please also speak with your account manager about our outsourced B2B telemarketing campaigns.

The benefits of marketing with More Than Words’ B2B email database

Making the most of your B2B email database

B2B email marketing is an inexpensive form of direct marketing which allows you to find and remain in contact with potential customers you choose.

There are considerable benefits to regular communication with your prospective future clients.

It enables you to navigate customers as they move from the point of being aware they need your products or services right up to the point when they’re ready to make a decision to buy.

You can use More Than Words’ B2B email database to find brand new sales leads and to increase the awareness among target clients of your company and what you’re selling.

After you’ve purchased our B2B email database, we recommend the following steps to generate the maximum return on your investment:

  1. Choose the right ESP (Email Service Provider)
  2. Segment your list
  3. Engage through email formatting
  4. Humanise your emails
  5. Measure success

1. Choose the right ESP (Email Service Provider)

You’ll first need to choose an email service provider (ESP) – they’re the companies which send your email campaigns on your behalf.

ESPs often offer clients ready-to-use email templates that allow you to customise emails with your own images, layouts, fonts and links to create an engaging and professional-looking final product.

Compliance with spam laws is a key factor with email marketing.

Choosing the right ESP offers you an easy way to guarantee compliance as their services incorporate data protection features like opt-out buttons and bounce management tools.

You can also use ESP A/B testing features to test which messages deliver you the greater responses.

With A/B testing, you send two versions of the same email to different groups monitoring how each performs.

The performance reports your ESP will produce for you will give you the information you need to know which types of email campaign work best.

Popular ESPs include MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, DotDigital and Adobe Campaign.

Different services offer different features.

Less expensive services offer a more simple service with basic features and you’ll find that higher-end systems offer more advanced features such as dynamic content and advanced reporting.

It is worthwhile researching what options there are to find the best fit for your own email marketing campaigns.

More Than Words note – if you’d prefer us to broadcast the emails to clients on your behalf, please click to read about our managed B2B email marketing campaigns.

Segment your B2B email database

More Than Words can provide you with B2B email database containing the companies and decision makers most likely to need your products and services.

Nonetheless, further list segmentation is beneficial when sending email marketing campaigns as they give you the opportunity to better engage with prospective clients.

Better engagement results in higher conversion rates.

Segmentation is the process of breaking the email list you order from us into smaller and more niche categories.

You can then target these groups individually in your emails tailoring your message to best fit with their specific needs and interests.

Using the additional information presented on our B2B email database, you could segment your list in a variety of ways.

You might decide to group contacts by industry or job title, using this to send information directly relating to the contact’s job.

You could segment your email list by company size (also known as account-based marketing) to make sure that you are offering the right opportunities to the right people, thereby boosting response rates by only including those who are in a position to take up your offer.

Build up marketing touches by using your B2B email marketing database once a month

Research suggests that customers need to be exposed to 10 marketing touches from first contact to purchase.

Over the course of time, your marketing gently steers clients through the sales funnel or the buying cycle to the point of purchase.

Client’s trust in and knowledge of your company established during this time leads to stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

While you could get lucky with a one-off purchase thanks to a strong deal or great email, the marketing touches you accumulate over the course of a year with 12 months worth of email campaigning generates many new sales.

Emails are a great way of exposing your target audience to other valuable content which will build trust in you like articles on your website and following you on social media.

Sharing industry information and useful articles to companies you are still in the process of building a relationship works very well.

It promotes trust and authority and it makes clients more receptive to full sales pitches when they’re at the point of making a decision to proceed.

Write engaging emails

As previously mentioned, the majority of ESPs offer pre-designed, effective and engaging email templates.

However, the written content you include on your email campaigns is very important – it must engage, persuade, and inform your potential clients.

Do remember that More Than Words is more than happy to look at and give feedback for any email or newsletter you design as part of our database package.

More Than Words note – we offer an email copywriting service to clients wanting help with the content of their email. Our email copywriting service is included in our managed B2B email campaign service.

Get to the point

Emails sent out to a B2B email list should be short and scannable, telling the reader who you are and what you want from them within 3 seconds or less.

Most people scan information quickly before deciding whether or not they want to find out more.

Keep the important information near the top and the rest of the text split into manageable chunks with bullet points and headers to draw the eye to the most important facts.

Create a relevant call-to-action

Before you start writing, decide on exactly what it is that you want your email marketing campaign to accomplish.

Whether you want recipients to buy something, click through to your website, or follow you on social media, direct them to do so with a clear call to action.

Wording like “Click here to read more” underneath a short article is often enough to encourage your reader to take the desired action.

Short, snappy subject lines

Your subject line needs to be brief, relevant and attention-grabbing.

As with the body of the email, your recipient should be able to gather some idea of what you are contacting them about, as well as having their interest piqued enough to open the message.

Measuring your success

The best email marketing databases generate brand new leads and sales for the companies which invest in them.

They also help you improve your marketing strategy by identifying actionable approaches to future campaigns.

One of the major benefits of direct marketing is that, by actively targeting your desired customers, you can better analyse how and why your marketing approaches are performing in the way that they are.

Your ESP’s campaign management system (CMS) will provide you with detailed reports on the success of every email you send.

Through this, you can identify and track key metrics to measure the success of each campaign and adapt future campaigns accordingly.

It is important to remember that you can also directly ask your contacts to give feedback and ask questions thereby providing yourself with a first hand source of qualifying data to go along with the reports provided by the ESP.

Email Database - FAQ

We deliver your B2B email database to you via email or secure online transfer in one of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft Access, or
  • comma-separated value.

Throughout your time with us, your account will be managed by an experienced member of staff with many years’ experience in helping clients make the most from their B2B email database.

We offer free technical support on how to use and manipulate your B2B email database by phone and by email.

GDPR happened in 2018.

As a result, fewer companies are buying in a B2B data list for marketing than before, even now.

But the companies which continue to benefit the most from GDPR are the companies which kept faith with email marketing.

Their emails are no longer fighting for attention against significant volumes of other B2B marketing emails like they were before.

The DMA reports that, post-GDPR, email marketing campaigns benefit from:

  • higher open rates,
  • higher click through rates, and
  • fewer opt-outs.

We see this ourselves in the campaigns we run for clients every day.

56% of marketers say that the GDPR was “good” for their business.

More Than Words provides clients with a wide selection of target businesses with accurate, compliant, and up-to-date B2B email lists for UK campaigns.

The following information is contained on each record on our UK business database in addition to the contacts’ email addresses:

  • Contact title – Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, and so on
  • Contact first name – the first name by which the contact prefers to be addressed
  • Contact surname – the surname or family name of the contact
  • Contact job title – the job title of the contact
  • Contact email – the direct email address of the contact given to the telephone researcher
  • Category – the line of business the company operates in
  • Employees on site – number of staff employed by the company (approx. 90% coverage)
  • Company registration number – as registered with Companies House (approx. 8% coverage)
  • Incorporation date – as registered with Companies House (approx. 8% coverage)
  • Turnover band – as registered with Companies House (approx. 60% coverage)
  • Net worth – as stated in the company’s last published accounts (approx. 7% coverage)
  • Profitable or loss-making – the size of the profit or loss indicated in the company’s last published accounts (approx. 2% coverage)
  • Profit percent change over previous year – whether profits have increased or decreased from the company’s previous trading year (approx. 2% coverage)
  • Sales increase or decrease over previous year – a pound figure showing the level of increase or decrease in company turnover (approx. 2% coverage)
  • Year started – the year in which the original company started (approx. 40% coverage)
  • Website – the website address of the business (approx. 75% coverage)
  • Premise type – a code indicating the type of premises occupied by the business (approx. 70% coverage)
  • Premise type description – a description of the premises (approx. 70% coverage)
  • Branch count – the number of sites across which the business operates (approx. 90% coverage)
  • Legal status – limited company, PLC, LLP, sole trader, partnership

The coverage figure returned in brackets refers to the frequency of occurrence of information in that field across the entire database.

For example, a 50% coverage means that 50% of these fields are complete across the entire database.

This does not mean that the data you buy from us is guaranteed to have this coverage. If a field is particularly important to you, please let your account manager know when you speak with them.

Although the majority of the decision makers on our database are managing directors, the decision makers are classified using the following labels:

  • Company Leader
  • Engineering
  • Facilities Decision Maker
  • Finance Decision Maker
  • Fleet Decision Maker
  • Health and Safety
  • HR Decision Maker
  • Marketing Decision Maker
  • Most Senior Contact
  • Operations Manager
  • Purchasing Decision Maker
  • Sales Decision Maker
  • Telecommunications Decision Maker

There are two types of emails that More Than Words sells its customers:

  1. personalised emails, for example mark@morethanwordsuk.co.uk and
  2. generic emails, for example enquiries@ morethanwordsuk.co.uk

There are lots of different reasons why there are these two types of email.

The vast majority of the email addresses on our database are personalised but we do also offer generic email addresses to clients who want them.

However, when you get in touch with us, we’ll assume that you want personalised email addresses and only search for and supply you with them unless you tell us otherwise.

Is there any value in generic email addresses? Why are they sometimes collected instead of personalised email addresses?

When we’re collecting email addresses, we ask which email address a company would prefer to be contacted at.

There is a general divide between companies with 49 or less staff and companies with more than 50 staff.

Companies with 49 or less staff

Most companies on the B2B database with 49 staff or less will be run by their original owners who will have built up the business over a number of years.

When the founders are still involved in running a business, they will have given some power to their colleagues but not that much.

Around one in three companies of this size will give a generic email address as their primary point of contact.


At this size of company, the owners/founders will want to see what the staff they have delegated responsibility to are getting up to.

For companies of 10-25 staff, there may be an active process of transfer to staff members beginning.

For 26-49 staff, that will be at a more developed stage.

For most business founders, the early years of opening and running a business is them taking on virtually every part of running that company themselves.

The prime motivation is for survival and growth.

During this time, most founders will be going through a crash course about running a business themselves and they’ll be less likely to trust employees with making sure the company can meet its bills and pay its staff.

As time goes on and trust in the core abilities of staff members grows, the job of running the business is gradually spreading from just the founders to the founders & their developing management team.

So, why do many of these companies prefer to be contacted at a generic email address when they could give the Managing/Finance/Sales Director’s email address instead?

Because responsibility is beginning to be shared across a number of people but the boundaries might not be clearly defined yet and may overlap a number of people, it is the better bet that if an email is received by all decision makers and influencers, it will get to the right person.

For example, in More Than Words, any emails going to info@ or enquiries@ will be received by both directors, the office manager, the senior sales manager and the sales managers.

As this is the case, the particular query, comment or complaint will be received by the correct person and it won’t need redirecting to the correct person as the assumption is that it will be handled by the most appropriate person.

Personalised emails

Personalised emails, particularly with smaller companies, will generally always get to the person with the purchasing responsibility you’re after.

If they do not have direct responsibility, they will always almost have sway over the decision-making within the business.

If we fail to meet our own quality thresholds in dat we provide you with, we’ll either replace the surplus records or refund you pro-rata.

We offer:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

Yes – we can send emails to your B2B email database for an additional charge.

Please click to find out more about out B2B email marketing campaign service.

More Than Words is one of the fastest growing email providers in the UK.

When we compile an email address list for a client, our focus is on quality and not quantity.

The role of email marketing companies in your business should be to engage the right decision makers at the right time with your advertising message.

To do that most effectively, the email database you work from needs to be up-to-date and only list decision makers with responsibility for purchasing your products and services.

You can call or email us to talk about the email data you want.

Phone us on 0330 010 8300 or email us by clicking here.

Accurate, up-to-date and compliant business email databases from leading UK B2B data brokers

The right B2B email database can deliver a turnover return on your investment of £42.24 on every £1 spent, according to the UK Data and Marketing Association.

Email marketing still produces better results than all other forms of direct marketing, even in the GDPR era.

And our experience backs this up.

The majority of our clients renew year after year with us because the email marketing campaigns they run using our data:

  • deliver a constant stream of high-quality leads and
  • result in lower costs per lead, costs per sale, and costs per customer acquisition than all other forms of direct marketing.

Buy B2B data online with More Than Words

For companies wanting to buy a targeted email list, it’s of the highest importance that you choose an established, high-reputation B2B prospect database provider.

You need to be certain about provenance when you buy an email database of UK businesses.

Choosing the wrong B2B data providers when buying email lists for UK companies may, at the very worst mean, that:

  • your main email account is suspended and
  • your website taken down.

Make sure that you only buy a targeted email list which is GDPR compliant

You should also ensure, when you buy a UK database and particularly an SME business database, that it is GDPR compliant.

This means that there should never be any sole traders and partnerships on a B2B email list you’ve purchased.

Your supplier must ensure that only compliant companies are listed on their databases – if they’re wrong, then you’re legally responsible.

Ask your B2B email database provider to send you their GDPR policy prior to making a purchase.

B2B list owners versus B2B data brokers

There are two types of UK email database mailing list providers – list owners and list brokers.

Whereas list owners offer access only to their own database, list brokers offer access to dozens.

And because B2B list brokers order regularly and buy in bulk from their panels of list owners, you’re almost certain to be able to buy the select UK database you want for a much lower price.

As an established data broker in the UK, we’re able to offer you access to general and specialist databases which are all:

  • thoroughly researched,
  • regularly updated, and
  • both GDPR and PECR compliant.

How much does a B2B email database cost?

We urge you to risk any temptation you may feel to download free B2B email lists of UK companies you might find online or accept any offer of a free B2B database.

They are likely to be years old and, with an average UK B2B email database accuracy decay rate of 30% a year, only a very small fraction of the information on them will actually be usable.

For those companies whose general contact details have remained the same, the target buyer may have changed – sending a personalised email but using the wrong name on it rarely achieves a positive outcome.

More Than Words sells bespoke B2B databases based upon a cost per 1,000 records with a licence granting you 12 months’ usage (a maximum of one email every month).

The more data you purchase, the lower the cost per 1,000 records will be.

Managed service vs database only

If you have little or no experience of running email campaigns, we would recommend that you use our managed B2B email marketing campaign service instead.

With our managed services, we design and write the emails for you over a period of 12 months.

We run one campaign to your targets every month and, three days after each dispatch, we send you a full report showing how recipients have interacted with your campaign.

If you’re unsure whether to purchase a B2B email database for your own use or to purchase a managed campaign instead, please do get in touch with us to explore both options.

Click to read more about our 12-month managed B2B email marketing campaign service.

Ordering a B2B email database for your company

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know who you want to target and what you want to achieve by sending campaigns to the recipients you select on our leading company email database.

We’re available on 0330 010 8300 or you can contact our marketing databases team by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s lots of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk away from North Shields Metro station.

Call 0330 010 3495

Find out more about our UK B2B email database

Call us now to receive more info on 0330 010 8300, click here to email us, or fill out the form below.

    B2B email lists UK – interesting links and more information

    Despite the introduction of GDPR, UK B2B email marketing is producing an even greater return on investment for the companies which integrate it into their marketing mixes than it has historically delivered.

    If you’re researching whether to purchase a B2B email database for your company, we have included below six articles we feel will be of help and benefit to you from other experts in the industry:

    B2B data services from More Than Words

    When you deal with us, you can select just the contacts you want for your bespoke business mailing lists. To talk with us, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or you can email us at B2Bemaildatabase@morethanwordsuk.co.uk for more information and support.