List of printing companies for direct marketing campaigns

Having an accurate list of printing companies is essential to any business wishing to sell their products or services to printers and the printing industry.

The UK printing company list at More Than Words is part of our wider UK business database.

It offers comprehensive information on printing companies located across the UK.

How many print companies are there in the UK?

There are currently 10,500 companies operating in the UK print industry, employing around 140,000 people.

Printing, packaging, and communications are a vital part of the UK economy, contributing approximately £14.5 billion in sales and £7 billion in Gross Value Added each year.

Finding and connecting with relevant decision-makers in printing services is a great way to generate leads and sales for your business.

What’s on our list?

More Than Words Marketing’s printing business list contains information for:

  • 5,883 printing company names,
  • 5,675 contact names for decision-makers within each business,
  • 4,356 telephone numbers, and
  • 3,242 email addresses.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for printing companies? The closest match is 18100 – “Printing and service activities related to printing”.

Marketing to printing companies

With our printing service database your business can reach out to printer employees and decision-makers with a need for your products and services.

List of printing companies from More Than Words Marketing

Our printing companies list can be used as a direct marketing tool to reach businesses.

Like all advertising, direct marketing involves creating and sharing marketing campaigns.

However, the direct marketing method is action-oriented and customer-centric.

Email marketing to printing companies

In order to create successful email marketing campaigns, businesses need a B2B email database.

With our email list of printing companies, you can send relevant offers directly to a place where 99% of people check every day .

With low-cost (or even free) email marketing software, businesses can send bulk emails with no printing or postage costs.

Email also has one of the best returns on investment (ROI) of any other marketing channel – £42 for every £1 spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Finally, email marketing platforms provide simple analytics tools that can measure the success of campaigns.

Telemarketing to printing companies

Telemarketing is an important marketing method for businesses looking to see immediate results.

B2B telemarketing data helps your telesales teams qualify prospects quickly and build relationships with them.

A lot of businesses use telemarketing calls to generate leads or just set appointments.

B2B customers are less likely to make a purchase during a cold call but will often agree to a meeting or second call.

On the first call, you can learn more about your prospects, answer questions, and ease pain points.

Second calls are warmer because prospects have already interacted with you – making it easier for you to convert them.

Do you want us to market to your list of printing companies instead?

If you don’t have the ability to carry out email marketing or telemarketing campaigns, then More Than Words can do it for you.

Our experienced team creates and implements managed B2B email marketing campaigns and managed B2B telemarketing campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Companies often prefer outsourcing marketing campaigns since they gain instant access to marketing professionals who would otherwise cost significant sums of money to hire or train.

We will set up professional campaigns on your behalf and then provide you with full reporting to help to analyse and refine strategies over time.

Selling to printing companies

Today, traditional print forms are less in demand due to online technologies – but printing companies remain popular.

That’s because printing companies make money selling solutions, not just basic printing.

The most effective marketing tactic for a business selling to print companies is showing how your business can help them meet their customers’ needs.

In many cases, standing out from the competition means offering a full-service solution to their clients.

Others like to offer specialist printing services such as 3D printing, screen printing or offset printing.

How is printing sold as a solution?

Consider it as a way of answering customer questions.

  • What is the best format for banner printing?
  • How can I easily supply digital print artwork?
  • How can I make my event stand out with brochures?
  • What paper stock can you offer for large format projects?

It’s all about service when a printer answers these questions.

It’s this sort of simple, purposeful service that can establish a printing company as a trusted partner, the place to turn when problems arise, and the end-customer’s first point of contact.

Printing solutions selling may involve:

  • software and management tools for online ordering,
  • graphic design and web design,
  • 3D printers or printing press hire,
  • supply chain management and logistics,
  • business services, and
  • digital marketing services.

Determine how your business can help your prospects deliver more value to their customers or improve the speed and efficiency of their business.

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