Our list of finance directors and finance managers will give your sales and marketing teams the chance to connect directly with key decision makers across British businesses.

Our directory of finance decision makers includes the following contact information:

  • 38,815 names of financial directors
  • 38,815 company names
  • 11,051 email addresses of financial directors (personal email address as opposed to a generic company email address plus the website address of each decision maker on the list)
  • 26,118 telephone numbers (for telemarketing campaigns)

Our lists are GDPR-compliant and your have a licence to use the data as much as you like over the course of a year (if you purchase an email list of finance decision makers then you can send off one email a month using your delivery system or our delivery system).

You don’t have to purchase the whole list – tell us about your company, what you sell, and why finance directors need it. We can then segment from the database the decision makers most likely to need your products and services.

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Can you reach the people on your lists at their direct email addresses?

In addition to holding mailing list details and direct phone numbers, we also hold compile and maintain a specific B2B email database allowing you to conduct email marketing campaigns to the finance directors on their list. If you lack the infrastructure required to do this, ask your account manager about our managed B2B email marketing campaign service. Our email directory of finance decision makers is fully GDPR-compliant.

In addition to using the email list to promote your products and services, you should also consider sending a regular newsletter to the people on your list. With a newsletter, you not only highlight the value of what you sell but the value of your company’s experience and your insights to the recipients on your email list. Ask us for more information on marketing strategies when you get in touch.

Can you run telemarketing campaigns to these contacts?

Yes. You can run successful telemarketing campaigns to contacts’ phone numbers on the database. Our source’s B2B telemarketing data team keep finance director contact details and phone numbers up-to-date on a rolling updates cycle. If you’d like us to run a B2B telemarketing campaign to the contacts on our database, please ask us for more information. For all managed campaigns we carry out for our clients, we run the numbers on our business mailing lists through the Telephone Preference Service.

Can you use your mailing list to run postal marketing campaigns?

If you want to make sales to the decision makers using our mailing lists of financial decision makers, please feel free to do so. If you choose to use a 3rd party mailing house to send your campaigns, let us know and we can supply the data in a way to enable them to take advantage of any applicable postal discounts.

List of finance directors FAQ

Traditionally sitting on the board of directors, a financial director is the overall head of a company’s finance department.

They responsible for all financial-related aspects within a business including forecasting, budgeting, and compliance.

They are often tasked with bringing their experience to spearhead change within UK companies focused on things like:

  • potential profit improvement,
  • introducing more efficient business & management processes,
  • delivering company performance updates regularly to the board,
  • identifying areas where money could be saved and reporting on strategies to make those savings, and
  • general growth planning.

The job title “finance director” is more likely to be heard in UK companies – the job title “CFO” (chief financial officer) is more likely to be heard in North American companies.

Although there is a degree of interchangability between the job titles, CFO is more often offered to the head of a finance department or team within a division, subsidiary or territory.

In many companies, there may be more than one chief financial offers representing different areas of the business who are answerable to the ovaerall financial director.

A financial controller is more likely to be the head of accounting within companies and, therefore, they are junior to and answerable to finance directors.

There are multiple long-established and reliable sources which contribute to our masterlist of UK financial decision makers.

The main source is one of the UK’s leading management-level marketing data solution providers. For over 30 years, they have developed and maintained a system to efficiently and accurately collect data on decision makers with financial and other responsibilities and functions. If you’re looking for a marketing list of other decision makers with responsibility for finances (including their email addresses and website URLs), please let us know when you get in touch.

Our financial decision maker database is part of our much larger UK business database. If you wish to source data on financial decision makers from around the world, please ask your account manager about this specialist data when you call.

Gain direct access to the contacts you need with our finance director database

Up-to-date mailing lists are a significant asset to any sales and marketing team. Use our list to promote your products and services direct to the decision makers you need to connect with by email, phone, and fax. And if you want us to conduct marketing campaigns on your behalf to the businesses on your database, please let us know.

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