Choose your targets
12 email designs
Sales-driven copywriting
12 email campaigns
Delivery to client in-box
Full reporting (opens, clicks)

More Than Words’ managed B2B email marketing campaigns for clients

We only use GDPR-compliant, continually-updated, and extensive database containing the inbox contact details of over 350,000 named UK business decision makers on the B2B email marketing service we provide to our clients.

For your managed B2B email marketing campaign, we’ll:

  • design, write, dispatch, and report on 12 separate email campaigns over the course of the year and
  • deliver those messages to the decision makers on our database who you’ve identified as being the most likely to have a strong interest in your products and services.

You’re fully supported by an account manager and an experienced creative team over the course of our year of service to you.

Choosing target audiences for your B2B email marketing campaign

We’re here to deliver your company the highest possible return on your investment in email marketing.

You can narrow down the decision makers we email on your behalf by:

  • line of business (business activity),
  • geographical location,
  • company size (expressed by turnover or number of employees), and
  • level of interest in your product or service.

By targeting only those decision makers with a defined need for your products or services, you’ll save money.

Please contact us to speak to one of our account managers to find out how many prospective new clients we have on our database.

What you get with our managed B2B email marketing campaigns

With our managed B2B email marketing campaign, you benefit from:

  • 12 email advertisements created by a professional designer and specialist email copywriter,
  • 12 email campaigns sent to decision makers in companies where you know there is an interest in and need for your products and services,
  • 12 campaign reports containing valuable marketing and sales information on how your targets interacted with the emails we’ve sent to them, and
  • your own copy of the database (including contact names, email addresses, telephone numbers, lines of business, and so on)

When your campaigns are running, we’ll notify you within 30 minutes of any direct enquiries which we require immediate follow-up.

Following that, we send you a full report three days after each campaign.

The B2B email marketing statistics and information on each report show you:

  • which recipients opened your email and how many times
  • which recipients clicked through to your website from your email and how many times, and
  • the recipients who requested not to receive any further information (the unsubscribes)

Many of our clients have enjoyed significant additional success from their campaigns by following up the recipients who have opened or clicked through the most – ask us how this works when you speak with us.

Find out more

To speak with one of our account managers about our managed B2B email marketing campaigns, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can contact our email marketing agency team by clicking here.

If you have experience in running your own email marketing campaigns and you would prefer to just buy the data, please ask about our B2B email database service.

Please also ask us about our in-house B2B telemarketing team.

Professional, sales-driven B2B email marketing campaigns to the decision makers you've selected

Who will be running your B2B email campaigns?

More Than Words’ team has helped over 17,500 companies since 2002 make the greatest possible returns on their investment in email marketing.

Working on your campaign will be experienced and results-focused designers, copywriters, planners, data scientists, and campaign reporters.

We’re fully conversant with all current B2B email marketing best practices including GDPR, PECT, and the CAP code for your peace of mind.

The best B2B email marketing campaigns result from getting the following five factors right:

  1. the number of times you email a recipient,
  2. when you email your recipients,
  3. the design of your email as well as how quickly it loads,
  4. a high-quality, response-driven, benefits-led email sales pitch (our copywriters know how to write B2B emails which generate leads), and
  5. how you follow up on your campaign reports.

On the B2B email campaigns you run with us, your team will use all of their collective experience and know-how to deliver the results you require.

Use this approach to maximise lead generation with our managed email marketing service

Doing just one or two campaigns to the prospects on the B2B email marketing lists will not produce a significant result for you.

One campaign alone will actually probably not generate any responses at all.

So why does the DMA say that such great returns on B2B email marketing are possible?

There are four key ways to generate the maximum number of new leads and the highest volumes of new business from email marketing that you have to follow:

1. Make a commitment to email marketing

The companies which have been most successful with B2B email marketing for the last 10 years or more have been the companies which make B2B email marketing an integral part of their overall strategy.

They invest the time, effort, and resources into B2B email marketing that it needs to generate the highest returns.

2. Only use the latest and most accurate B2B email marketing lists

The quality of the B2B email database you use directly affects the success of your campaigns.

The more decision makers see your message, the more they respond.

More Than Words is a leading B2B email marketing agency and we guarantee the accuracy and efficacy of our databases as well as our compliance to GDPR and PECR.

3. Sending regular emails helps overcome the fear of buyers’ remorse and takes advantage of the buying cycle

Whoever you’re trying to sell to, they don’t want to make a mistake when they’re purchasing something for a business.

That’s whether the recipient is an owner-director or a senior manager with no shareholding in their company.

For an owner-director, the wrong purchase may jeapordise the future of their company.

For an employee, the wrong purchase could mean a severe loss of face and respect, that their promotion chances are ruined, or even worse.

That’s why far more care and attention is taken over B2B purchasing.

It now takes 7-10 exposures to a company before a potential B2B buyer will get in touch with a potential supplier.

With each monthly email you send, your company builds the necessary trust and confidence required prior to motivate a target client to make an enquiry.

4. Get the message right over 12 months with the right types of B2B emails

Most of the time, your potential buyer will not have a need for your product or service at that time.

Only occasionally will you send an email to a client who is at the right part of the “buying cycle”.

However, the more emails you send to a potential buyer, the more trust builds in your company and the more they understand the value of your products and services.

So when it’s time for a potential buyer to make a decision, they’re far more likely to make an enquiry to your company than they were before.

This is why we book clients in for 12 monthly campaigns – to catch as many people ready to buy as possible now and to build your company’s credibility in the marketplaces you’re targeting over time.

Your copywriter will work on a sequence of emails with you over those 12 months.

In some emails, the focus will be on selling and, on others, the focus will be on telling.

Each email reinforces:

  • your company’s values,
  • its expertise and experience, and
  • its focus on the highest quality service delivery.

On the dates you agree with your account manager, your emails will be sent out followed by a report showing who opened your emails and clicked through to your website.

Let your account manager show you how your sales and marketing teams can achieve additional and valuable sales by using the valuable information contained on each of your campaign performance reports.

Working with one of the UK’s best email marketing companies

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know which companies you want to target and which products or services you want to sell.

We’ll then let you know if email marketing to the businesses you’ve selected is likely to help you achieve your commercial and revenue goals.

We can have your first email campaign ready within a week of getting in touch with us.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can contact our email marketing agency team at

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s lots of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk away from North Shields Metro station.

Find out more about our fully managed B2B email marketing service

Call us now to receive more info on 0330 010 3495, click here to email us, or fill out the form below.

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