Database purchase vs build your own database for your sales and marketing campaigns

There is a lot of mixed messaging on whether you should buy a B2B database from a 3rd party data provider.

Exactly what the reason for this advice is never quite clear but it’s strange how it always seems to come from companies selling systems to allow you to build your own marketing data list from scratch.

Of course, we sell data and, as an established data supplier which only sources the data we sell to our valued clients from reputable data providers, we think differently.

You will read online how buying a marketing database for email campaigns and direct mail campaigns is never a good idea and, based on the behaviour of some companies in our sector in the past, they have a point. 

In the past, data would be farmed from internet users indiscriminately and sold in bulk to third parties. This meant that recipients of marketing messages could not really be considered as qualified targeted prospects meaning that those messages were much more likely to be marked as spam. 

But times have changed and so too has the data industry.

Today, data brokers like More Than Words only supply the highest quality marketing data always following the latest GDPR guidance. 

As well as being accurate and up to date, the lists you purchase for your email marketing campaign, postal mailing campaign, or telemarketing campaign contain only the contact information of your target market.

The difference between a good database and a bad database is whether your messages will be seen by the potential customers you want to reach or not. You’ll never find new customers from a contact list containing businesses, schools, and public sector organisations with no need for your products, services, or solutions.

When we supply data to our clients, we take time to find out about your business and to understand the businesses and people interested in what you sell. We then only sell you that data – no topping up just to get our invoice value up.

A well-selected, compliant marketing list matching your exact data requirements:

  • is cost effective,
  • builds brand awareness,
  • generates inbound sales leads,
  • is measurable and allows you to test before sending,
  • increases new sales
  • easier conversion of new prospects into new clients, and
  • offers real-time, automated reports.

Why might you need a B2B marketing database?

Of course, not every business needs a contact database at all times. When and if you do decide to work with a data supplier, your requirements will be unique to you and your business as will your marketing list. 

The main two reasons businesses tend to buy bespoke data lists are:

1. For fast data collection

It takes time to build a substantial UK business email database and even longer to divide your list for successful email marketing campaigns to specific target audiences you want to sell to.

A bought-in targeted email database cuts the time it takes to build your list and start marketing from months to minutes.

Over time as you get to know your new contacts you can flesh out the database with insights about each decision-maker but purchased data is an efficient starting point.

2. To quickly expand into a new market

Changing locations, branching into new sectors, or targeting a wider audience means a whole lot of research.

You need to identify and find financing for overheads such as website hosting, physical premises expansion and new technologies.

On top of this, your team will be working hard to get things put into place for your expansion as well as performing their existing jobs.

There is usually little time or manpower left for finding and introducing yourself to contacts in this new market.

You can save time and move more quickly into your chosen area by purchasing data.

When good data goes bad

Research from SiriusDecisions found that up to 30% of the information on contact databases goes bad each year as your potential clients leave their jobs and businesses change or close down.

There are a host of problems businesses suffer that are caused by bad email data, and data hygiene requires regular attention and a full inspection of the database at least once every quarter.

The best way for you to ensure that you have good data, and stop it from going bad, is to ask your broker the following questions:

How often do you update your UK business email database?

Regularly updating data ensures the accuracy and therefore the relevance of the email list to the buyer.

More Than Words performs regular data cleaning and updates on all of our databases to ensure that they provide the most realistic and up-to-date information available at the time of purchase.

What is your deliverability rate on your UK business email database?

It is almost impossible to guarantee 100% deliverability from any email list, even those you build yourself.

Your provider should be able to offer a guarantee that the majority of emails you send will reach their intended target.

A carefully chosen More Than Words UK business database ensures that the right decision makers in the right companies receive your emails making it more likely that they will attract interest.

Currently, we can guarantee up to 85% deliverability across our databases.

How are your mailing lists targeted?

We provide targeted databases based upon your requirements.

For example, a list of sales managers containing 500,000 entries might bring you one or two leads.

But a mailing list that features 5,000 ‘sales managers at a mid-sized tech company in London’ is likely to generate a far better response rate because your emails will be more relevant to those recipients.

Your More Than Words account manager will walk you through the various categories on our database to help you find a list of contacts that are useful to you.

Where do you get your data from?

Any data you use for marketing purposes must comply with DMA guidelines and GDPR rules.

Any reputable data broker should be able to confirm that their information is in accordance with these regulations.

More Than Words’ full data policy can be found on our website.

Can I request a data sample prior to purchase?

We can provide samples showing the format of data but not a sample of the database you wish to purchase for licensing reasons.

However, please be aware that our databases are sold with high accuracy thresholds and guarantees.

What’s on each record?

Although most of the databases we sell are intended for email campaigns, your database will actually contain a lot more information including:

  • title for salutations (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • name (separate fields for first and last name)
  • job title (the job title reported by the contact)
  • company name
  • line of business
  • legal status
  • postal addresses including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode for use on direct mail marketing campaigns
  • telephone numbers (main switchboard number) for telemarketing campaigns.

Do you sell databases for other sectors?

Yes. Please ask us about our UK schools database and our UK public sector database.

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