The engineering sector is one of the UK’s most profitable – a major force in driving economic growth and productivity.

According to an Engineering UK report from 2019, the sector was responsible for 21.4% (£1.2trillion) of the UK’s entire turnover in 2018.

The engineering industry is broken down into more specific sectors by specialist governing bodies, to which engineers must register in order to become accredited with the Engineering Council.

A targeted list of engineering companies provides excellent opportunities for businesses looking to connect with engineers as the appropriate decision makers are already segmented into groups by specialism.

More Than Words has a comprehensive engineer database which offers relevant, data-rich contact information for a list of engineering companies of all specialisms based all over the UK.

If you are looking to market products or services to the engineering sector, or just engineers in general, this data is able to speed up and focus your marketing process.

In this article, we look at how using our engineering companies UK list will give you the chance to reach the high-level influencers in your chosen industry.

We will also look at:

  • what information you can access on our database
  • the two levels of service we offer
  • who will be helping you to build your campaigns
  • tips for successful marketing to engineering companies in the UK
  • advantages of using a More Than Words database
  • using a engineering companies UK database to improve your marketing strategy
  • contacting More Than Words

What’s on our database?

The More Than Words engineering companies UK database provides a relevant and up-to-date selection of contact details for high-level professionals in the engineering sector.

The list includes details for:

  • heavy engineering companies
  • light engineering companies
  • civil engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • Eeectrical engineers

There are multiple fields per entry including detailed information about each contact and the organisation they are part of.

This allows for sophisticated segmentation and targeting in your marketing campaigns.

There are:

  • 33,729 records with postal addresses
  • 19,364 with phone numbers
  • 13,304 with email addresses

Please know that you don’t have to order the entire database – you should only order the records relevant to you.

Speak with one of our account managers who will be able to select the decision makers of greatest value to you.

Our levels of service

More Than Words offers clients two options for marketing to engineering companies in the UK:

  • a database-only service and
  • a professionally-managed email marketing service.

Database only service

More Than Words’ database-only list of engineering companies provides you with:

1. A complete data file of current contact information for engineering companies

  • contact details, addresses and relevant information for an exhaustive list of engineering companies all over the UK
  • Most entries have multiple fields, allowing for segmentation and targeted marketing practices

2. A full 12 month lease from the date of purchase

  • you can use your database as often as you want during the 12 month lease, offering you multiple chances to connect and network with these high-level professionals

3. Access to a dedicated account manager

  • You will be given an account manager who is on hand to provide support with using your database effectively.

4. Access to expert technical and advertising support teams

  • technical support with your database support with and feedback for your own promotional campaigns

Managed email marketing campaign

Our professional team of marketing experts will work in tandem with you to create a 12-month campaign designed to maximise the benefits of your list of engineering companies.

This service includes:

1. Email designs

  • our team of experienced copywriters and designers help to create attractive, targeted email marketing messages ready to be sent out to your list of engineering companies

2. Email campaigns sent by us

  • our trusted servers guarantee a high rate of delivery into recipients’ inboxes

3. Full analytics for each marketing message

  • after your message is sent out we will monitor the clicks and opens and contact you immediately to let you know of any follow up actions required from your team
  • three days after each mailout, we send you a full analytics report showing you which contacts opened your email, how many times they opened it, which recipients clicked through to your website and which of your contacts chose to unsubscribe from your emails.

Who will be working on your campaign with you?

With an expert team of sales and marketing professionals on-hand, the More Than Words database service offers access to everything you could need to create a marketing campaign which converts.

You will have access to skilled in-house designers and copywriters, who will expertly craft compelling campaigns from your brief.

Content planners, dispatch and reporting teams are available at every step of the process to give you advice and support and accelerate your selling power.

We are available to provide help and feedback throughout your lease if you purchase a data-only package, as well as providing dedicated support in the facilitation of your ideas for the entire 12 months if you choose the managed campaign option.

Successful marketing to engineers

There are many reasons you might be looking to reach out to engineers and engineering companies.

Engineers are a key target market for those in the manufacturing industry, as they are often involved in the decision-making process for buying costly machinery, parts or hardware for their organisations.

However, engineers are not an easy target for marketers, who are taught to appeal to the emotions of a potential customer in order to make a sale.

Due to the importance and price of these big-ticket items, engineers are required to weigh the options logically and choose the best product or service for their business.

This means a change of tack for businesses looking to connect.

Optimise your website and its content for search engines

According to a survey from, engineers prefer to gain the bulk of their information via search engines, just like everyone else.

However, it is worth noting that engineers are one of the few audiences who will look past the first couple of search engine results pages (SERPs).

This means that you are up against more competition than with other markets, so all of your content must be optimised to grab them at that first look.

To boost your chances of appealing to engineers, you must take extra care in creating your meta descriptions so that they fully explain what your page does and its value.

You might also take the extra time to create several pieces of interesting, compelling content around each target keyword. A larger content marketing campaign could help you to rank in various places throughout the SERPs, thus boosting your visibility.

Create timely technical content

As with any consumer market, engineers are more likely to purchase from a company that they trust.

Creating trust means creating value in your content, and for engineers this means offering information that helps them to work.

Your communications could contain how-to videos or instructions, product features and specifications or even video demonstrations for the product or service you are offering.

You could also create interesting content surrounding trends and talking points that would be of interest to your chosen audience.

A valuable and interesting web presence can be SEO-optimised by providing both gated and ungated content on your site.

Free to view and interact with could be blog posts, product information and so on, whilst in-depth whitepapers are behind a form, allowing you to more easily convert leads.

Focus on subject lines

When asked, “How do you process emails that land in your inbox?” by, the engineers said that they:

  • Scan subject lines for interest (48%)
  • Open and scan for interest (41%)
  • Read every one (6%)
  • Delete most automatically (5%)

This offers an excellent insight into what needs to be included in a marketing communication to ensure that it will not be disregarded.

If you craft relevant, persuasive subject lines, up to 89% of your audience will be compelled to at least open and look over your email.

Advantages of using our list of engineering companies

Personalising communications

The best way to grab the attention of any potential customer is to deliver relevant messages, tailored to their wants and needs.

An up-to-date list of engineering companies provides you with individual contacts for a wealth of UK-based engineers, but also other data including demographic elements such as location and job title. Finally you can segment even further by specific variables such as company size and estimated annual revenue.

This allows you to tailor your marketing messages better.

A major reason that marketing messages are missed or passed on is that they go to the wrong audience.

Doing this can hurt your brand, as algorithms and ISPs note when your messages are commonly deleted or unsubscribed from, lowering the priority of subsequent mail outs.

Increased trust

People tend to buy the most from companies that they recognise and trust, so building your relationship with consumers is the most important thing you can do ahead of actually making a sale.

Database marketing gives you a direct line of contact with the important decision-makers in your chosen industry, and if you choose the right approach you will have a captive audience for your message.

Any line of communication goes both ways, and when customers and businesses can reach each other via email or telemarketing, customers feel more connected to the brand.

For this reason, simply opening up a dialogue could be enough to get a potential client to choose you over another brand.

Using a list of engineering companies to improve your content marketing strategy

Once you have purchased your list of engineering companies, our expert team of copywriters and designers will get to work creating a series of 12 marketing emails – one for each month of your lease – to send out to the contacts on your database.

You can choose when you send each mailout according to your own research, and we will support you in analysing each campaign to refine your strategy over the course of the year.

We will then send all of the email marketing campaigns out for you on your behalf, using our trusted servers to maximise the deliverability of each and every email we send.

After three days we send you a full analytics report showing:

  • which recipients opened your email and how many times,
  • which recipients clicked through to your website and how many times, and
  • which recipients opted out of being included on future campaigns

We will forward any direct responses to you within half an hour of receipt to allow your team to follow-up promptly.

Follow up with a telemarketing campaign

In order to increase connection with the contacts from your engineering companies UK list, we can provide follow-up telemarketing services. We will contact a combination of:

  • the engineering companies on the database you most want to do business with and
  • the UK engineering companies who open your email and click through to your website the most.

You will be given access to an online campaign folder where you can view these calls as they happen, allowing you to give feedback or follow up as you see fit.

Ordering your copy of the engineering companies UK database

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Ask us how we can work with you to market your products to engineers across all specialities.

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