Telemarketing leads – why cold calling can be the best way to find brand new qualified leads for your sales team

For the last decade, marketing mavens worldwide have pronounced telemarketing “dead”. They’ve said that lead generation has moved online and that companies should focus on inbound marketing and social media marketing. 

The image of telemarketing as a series of pointless, pushy calls to uninterested prospects has persevered despite the enormous change seen by the industry over the past few years. 

But we are here to let you in on the secret.

Thanks to GDPR rules, societal changes, and a better understanding of marketing practices, telemarketing leads are now often stronger than sales leads from other channels including direct mail marketing and SMS marketing. 

Telemarketing can even be as cost effective at generating leads as email marketing when done correctly.

One way to measure whether telemarketing is an effective lead generation strategy is its effect on revenues and turnover. Sales teams actually enjoy some of the highest conversion rates from potential customers who were introduced to companies over the phone.

The B2B telemarketing industry has changed a lot in the last 20 years. 

It’s become harder to generate sales opportunities from phone calls as people have become more mobile at work. However, all this has done is raised standards across the telemarketing industry. 

As target markets have become harder to reach and persuade, telemarketing lead generation companies and their staff have got better and more professional.

In fact, cold calling generates £11 worth of turnover for every £1 spent on it, according to the UK Data and Marketing Association, making it one of the most consistently reliable channels for delivering high quality, affordable sales leads.

Four ways a telemarketing company can open doors for your business

1. Appointment making

If your company employs reps who visit clients to make in-person sales calls, you can get them in front of more hot leads by working with a telemarketing business.

If your reps are personally responsible for their own lead generation at the moment, they may be spending two or three days finding new prospects to go out and meet.

The time they spend doing this means that they will only have a limited window of time left in the week to meet these clients.

If your rep is capable of seeing 20 clients a week (4 a day) but, because they’re responsible for generating their own leads, they’re only seeing 10, that’s:

  • nearly 500 sales opportunities they’re being denied every year and
  • up to 500 additional sales your business is missing out on every year.

2. Lead generation

An increasing trend in telemarketing and telesales over the last 10 years has been the introduction of lead generators.

Lead generators don’t possess the skills or have the authority to close deals over the phone; however what they do really well is find brand new prospects.

When they find potential clients, they pass the lead onto a deal closer to make the sale.

If your deal closers are currently having to find their own prospects, they’re not going to have the time they need to make more sales.

That’s because they’re spending the majority of their days being blocked by secretaries and other gatekeepers.

3. Market research

Conducting market research among both your existing clients and prospective clients provides you with deeper-level marketing and sales insights that you can use to help decide future promotional activities and product development.

Valuable insights can be gained by asking questions like:

  • What do existing customers think of your business?
  • Where could you improve?
  • Are there any companion products or services clients would buy from you if you made them available for sale?
  • For clients who haven’t bought from you yet or who have stopped buying from you, who are they currently using?
  • What is it about your competitors which makes your target customers keep buying from them and not you?
  • What does your company need to do to stand out?

4. Data validation

Customer data and prospect data are two of the most valuable assets any business owns.

The quality of the data you hold, as well as how you use it, directly affects both your company’s overall revenue and the lifetime value of each client or prospect.

B2B customer and prospect databases deteriorate in quality to a rate of around 30% per annum. Telemarketers can ensure the accuracy of your databases, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

The More Than Words telemarketing team

Front-line telemarketing team

The colleagues who will be making your calls on your behalf all have at least five years’ experience in telemarketing and telesales.

Prior to each campaign going live, they have a full understanding of the results you want from your campaign.

A professional telesales script writer

In the early days of calling for a new client, every telesales professional, no matter how experienced, needs a structure.

They need to know:

  • which points they need to introduce to a prospect in the first instance to stoke interest,
  • what a prospect’s likely questions are going to be and how they should answer them, and
  • how to engineer the close of the call 

We have an experienced in-house telesales script writer who will create a call script and structure for your campaign.

Experienced telesales manager

Your telesales manager is a particularly important figure on your campaign because they filter all leads or appointments generated as a result of your campaign for quality.

We have three experienced telemarketing managers overseeing, training, supporting, and encouraging our telesales team members, ensuring that each lead we deliver to you conforms to your standards.

Make More Than Words your telemarketing lead generation company

Email campaigns are very effective allowing you to send your message to many companies at once. 

Want to target schools or the public sector? Ask us about telemarketing to the public sector or telemarketing to schools.

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