Why telephone marketing works in the digital age

One of the most effective ways for businesses to reach prospects is through telemarketing lead generation.

Among the more traditional forms of direct marketing, telemarketing is still widely used by marketing professionals.

For generating leads, telemarketing is “very effective” according to almost 60% of Fortune 500 marketers.

With “effective” included, this percentage exceeds 90%.

In addition, 57% of C-level (executive management) professionals prefer to be contacted over the phone.

51% of directors and 47% of managers agree.

Telemarketing lead generation

In another study, 41.2% of sales professionals said their phone was the most effective sales tool.

More Than Words Marketing provides a telemarketing and lead generation service to companies across many industries.

Who uses More Than Words’ telemarketing service?

Telemarketing lead generation can be a useful means of attracting prospects or following up on other marketing messages like email and direct mail.

B2B telemarketing can be used to:

  • establish a rapport with potential clients,
  • generate leads and appointments for your sales team, and
  • gather market intelligence from current and prospective clients.

Who will be working on your telemarketing lead generation campaign?

Our telemarketing team generates leads in-house. Your team will include:

1. Experienced telemarketer

You will be able to speak with your telemarketer in advance of your campaign.

Describe the products and services you offer or the decision-makers you are targeting.

They will ask you questions before starting the campaign. This will enable telemarketing agents to answer customer questions.

2. Account manager

An account manager will work closely with you and your telemarketer.

It is your manager’s job to help the telemarketer get a better understanding of your company.

Included in this will be the telemarketing campaign’s goals as well as the products and services it will promote.

Telemarketing lead generation – who do we contact?

As with many telemarketing lead generation companies, we can use your existing customer and prospect databases.

We can also provide a decision maker database related to the industries most in need of your products and services.

B2B Telemarketing Leads from More Than Words

Many of our clients purchase a list from us when they are:

  • getting started in a new market,
  • expanding in an unfamiliar location, and
  • aiming to maximise leads from marketing campaigns.

You can choose a list of contacts selected from defined demographics including:

  • purchasing responsibilities,
  • line of business,
  • geographical area, and
  • size (based on turnover and/or number of employees).

You should refine your customer list if you are working from an existing database so that only the most valuable prospects are left.

This makes every call we make for you as valuable as possible and increases the return on your investment.

Making a sale through telemarketing

According to the UK Data and Marketing Association (DMA), telemarketing returns an average return of £11 for every pound spent.

Returns are often higher when combined with other marketing channels (such as email).

The benefits of telemarketing extend beyond just generating qualified leads and selling products.

Telemarketing through a lead generation company offers businesses the following benefits:

Market research

A B2B buying cycle is the process that a company goes through from becoming aware of an alternative company to purchasing from it.

Sales opportunities are often more complex and require multiple interactions than with business to consumer (B2C) sales.

Telemarketing is a good way to begin personal relationships with other businesses.

A properly phrased question will most likely get suppliers to open up about their situation.

In this way, you both inform the prospect of your business while gathering intelligence to aid future communications.

Multi-channel integration

Regardless of the return on investment for a particular marketing channel, it almost always improves when used alongside another.

This is known as multi-channel integration.

Taking advantage of digital marketing, such as email or pay-per-click advertising, can help generate high quality leads and strengthen associations with prospects.

Prospects are warmer to companies they have heard of.

A proactive approach to pain points creates a better dialogue.

Creating a human connection

Even in B2B, people trust people more than faceless companies.

Most B2B contracts and high-value deals require a personal relationship to be successful.

Our telemarketing sales lead service helps to put a friendly face on your products and services.

Furthermore, it makes businesses feel confident about choosing you as a supplier.

How can More Than Words telemarketing lead generation help?

Research has shown that, according to buyers, the top ways to create a positive sales experience include:

  • listening to their needs (69%),
  • not being pushy (61%),
  • providing relevant information (61%), and
  • responding in a timely manner (51%).

Many companies like yours have too much on their plate to build and nurture relationships with large numbers of prospects.

More Than Words is a sales-focused marketing agency.

Our sales team has decades of collective experience and can effectively represent your business over the phone.

Customers benefit from hands-on campaign management and real-time monitoring.

This allows you to follow up, where appropriate, in a timely manner.

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