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Why are market research telephone interview campaigns increasing in popularity among businesses of all sizes?

They’re better for data collection and generate much more actionable information than online surveys!

If you ask the same respondents the same questions over the phone, in online surveys, or face to face, which do you think you’ll get the most useful answers back from? Which will give you a better feel for public opinion on your business and the products and services it sells?

Telephone interviews offer companies and public sector organisations the most cost effective way of carrying out insightful customer research campaigns.

Why conduct telephone interviews to find out what people are thinking?

Telephone interviews are much better for generating much higher quality market research data than in-person conversations or online surveys.

They yield a higher amount of in-depth information than a more traditional face to face conversation which often happens in a busy shopping street or centre.

Although some market researchers prefer an in-person encounter where they have the ability to view body language for feedback cues from someone they’re talking to, many people stopped by researchers feel discomfort with these encounters and they are concerned that the person speaking with them is going to try to sell them something in the end.

The way that online surveys are conducted presents problems with data collection and the collection of individual opinions. When online, the answers given by people tend to be much shorter and less detailed.

Telephone interviews fall in between online surveys and face to face surveys. For a participant, it’s much easier to end a conversation over the phone than it is face to face so they don’t feel under pressure or, in some cases, obliged to the interviewer. Yet speaking on the phone is personal unlike a web survey so, with an experienced researcher, a participant is much more likely to open up, especially if rapport can be established.

Phone interviews generate information of a high quality and levels of engagement are a lot higher.

What goes into planning a telephone market research interview campaign?

For the best telephone survey results, we need to understand that it is that you want from your survey first.

From there, we need to agree on the structured questionnaire we use for your campaign.

Most people who are willing to participate with a questionnaire will give little more than five minutes of their time so we need to decide on which questions to include and how to phrase them so that the person we’re speaking to can give us the information you want in the shortest space of time.

Following agreement on the contents of your questionnaire, we then create a screen which our interviewers use to add data and information to each person’s record. The screens are designed for quick and accurate input.

Prior to the first phone call, a script manager phrases the questions and structures the conversation in such a way that calls flow naturally and there is the opportunity for your caller to endear themselves to the people we’re speaking with on your behalf.

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Telephone Market Research Benefits

Telephone Market Research FAQ

To get the optimal results from market research campaigns conducted using telephone interviewing, it’s better for a member of staff with a history of customer services and telesales to be the person making the calls.

The more experienced the operative, the better they are in opening the phone call to ensure the best chance of a conversation occurring. They can also link better between the different questions on your questionnaire so that no time is wasted on the call.

Companies generally don’t sell their own client lists to their competitors as we’re absolutely certain your aware of.

We can create focus groups for your campaign though. Focus groups are, when telephone interviewing, databases of people and companies likely to be buying the products and services from your competitors making them your prospective customers.

The major advantage of this approach is that these potential customers provide you with the information you need to target your marketing messages based upon the information they share.

In each of these telephone interviews, we’ll be finding out potential clients’ hopes, pain points, price tolerance levels, awareness of companies in the sector, and more. Each conversation we have will provide you and your marketing and sales team with valuable target audience information.

Qualitative research is the use of questions to seek understanding of why people have the opinions they have and why people make the choices they make. We aim to provide this to you in the answers we get from the people we speak to on your market research campaign.

This is different from quantitative interviews where participants often select from a series of options. Quantitative research is best suited to online surveys.

When sourcing data used to contact people on your campaigns, we seek to select a representative sample of your target audience(s). For example, if you were targeting accountants, there are over 35,000 of them in the UK. We would build a representative sample whose constituents reflected the wider market.

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    Telemarketing to businesses – interesting links and more information

    Using the services of an outbound B2B telemarketing service like More Than Words’ is one of the ways in which businesses can discover whether this approach to market is right for them.

    If, after sustained testing, it gets the desired results, many companies will look to either invest more in outsourced telemarketing and in their own in-house telesales team.

    If you’re new to how telemarketing works and what actually happens on a call, please ask us when you get in touch how it works.

    If you’d prefer to do a bit more reading before you do contact us, we’ve compiled a list of six links showing how telemarketing works and how it can persuade people who have never heard of you until you called them to find out more about you:

    If you want to speak with one of our experienced outsourced B2B telemarketing account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do you offer a payment on results service?

    For b2b appointment setting, a pay per appointment is, unfortunately, not something we’d consider at present.

    Do you do joint ventures?

    When we’re approached to do a joint venture project, this normally means that we’ll be paid for every sale which is made as a result of our B2B telemarketing.

    Again, we are not entering such arrangement at this time, unfortunately.