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Sell more to schools in the UK with our education telemarketing service

When telemarketing to schools, More Than Words’ reps are experienced and successful in:

  • finding new opportunities to grow our client’s businesses in this sector and
  • deepening the connections our clients already have with school heads, teachers, and leaders.

We offer five types of telemarketing services to clients targeting the schools sector:

  1. Making face-to-face appointments to see head teachers, school leaders, and individual teachers
  2. Lead generation services for your marketing and sales teams to follow up
  3. Research into the individual schools you wish to target
  4. Building awareness of your company name, its brand, and its products and services within the education sector
  5. Personal invitiations to attend exhibitions you’re attending or events you’re hosting

Why do you want us to call schools for you?

Before we source data or set any of the telemarketing team involved to work for you, your account manager will find out what your commercial and revenue goals are for your campaign.

If it’s extra business you want, we want to make sure that the type of business we find for you is the type that you actually want.

If you want us to gather market intelligence, we want to be sure that the information we gather for you will generate a significant return on your investment when you put it to work.

Please be as clear with your account manager as possible about what you hope to achieve to give us the best chance of producing the results you want.

Where will the calling data for the campaign come from?

We can either use our in-house schools marketing database on your campaign, your customer/prospect list, or a mixture of both.

If you want us to work from your database, we’re happy to sign an NDA.

Who’ll be working on your campaign

The three different team members working on your campaign will be:

  • a telemarketer with at least 2 years’ experience contacting schools and with a track record of success,
  • an experienced telemarketing manager who trains your telemarketer and monitors your telemarketer’s progress during your campaign, and
  • a telesales script writer in charge of creating the approach we use on the phone to prospects including openings, question handling, and closing.

Booking the hours we call for you

You book your campaign by the number of hours we call for you subject to a minimum order of 40 hours.

Once your campaign has been booked and paid for, we then confirm the dates and times in consultation with you on which your telemarketer will be making calls for you.

We do not charge any set up fees for this service.

When your campaign is live

When we’re working on your campaign, you benefit from:

  • immediate contact from us when we speak to a school head, leader, or teacher who is close to making a decision to purchase your products and services and
  • online tracking of your campaign in real time (including seeing the notes written by your telemarketer after every call).

Find out more

Contact one of our account managers about our education telemarketing service by calling 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

Interested in email marketing to schools as well? Ask your account manager about school email address list and our managed school email marketing campaigns.

Telemarketing to schools service – how it works

Telemarketing to schools builds valuable connections and wins new orders

Email and postal marketing to schools still both work really well.

However, the most overlooked and mistakenly-undervalued promotional channel today open to companies is telemarketing to the education sector.

We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of school emails and school email marketing campaigns to British businesses.

We know that email and postal marketing delivers leads but they don’t always promote deeper conversations.

And sometimes it’s that lack of immediate two-way communication which prevents relationships from being established and orders from being placed.

By following up your emails and letters to schools, you can start a shared conversation and gain a deeper understanding of each other.

In fact, you don’t even need an email or letter to make your initial contact – you can use telemarketing as your starting point.

So what opportunities does education telemarketing present to your company?

5 ways to use telemarketing to schools

1. Make appointment for a sales visit

Many education sales reps still call in unannounced to schools to present new products or services to head teachers and to other senior member of staff.

While this is still a successful strategy for many firms, particularly for independent agents who work for a number of clients, the timing of your visit can be hit or miss.

We set up appointments specifically agreed in advance with a head, leader, or teacher – when your rep arrives, the decision maker you’re meeting will be ready.

Many heads and school leaders still prefer to meet a supplier representative prior to placing an order.

Make more of each sales day by having a higher number of firm and pre-booked face-to-face appointments to attend.

Our telemarketing team will speak to your chosen contact directly and attempt to book a face-to-face time for you to meet them.

Market intelligence

Most suppliers in the education sector build up productive and valuable long-term relationships with their school customers.

However, is your company missing out on opportunities to build new relationships and to profit more from its existing ones?

Let us speak with the schools you already work with and the schools you want to work with to better understand current and future trends in the education marketplace.

This information provides you with what you need to know about to stay ahead of your competitors.

You can build up a deeper understanding of the wider state of the market as a whole and of the needs of each individual school we contact for you.

Build brand awareness

With over 500,000 teachers in the UK, placing your brand, your products, and your services in front of enough of the right people is a challenge.

Find the widest possible audience for your products and services by using our telemarketers to discuss your products, services, and brand direct with school heads, leaders, and teachers.

Let us create a marketing database for you containing the leaders and teachers of greatest commercial value to you from the conversations we have.

Promote an event

There are over 100 education and training conferences, exhibitions, and workshops held in the UK every year.

Competition is high to attract heads, school leaders, and teachers to attend.

Let us personally invite the education professionals you’d like to see attend your stand with an introductory phone call from our team.

Improve your data

Let us contact schools on your behalf (from either your list or our list) to determine who makes the decisions to purchase your products and services.

At the same time, we can ask questions about their current provider, contract end dates, budgets, and any other factor relevant to you.

The information we discover and record for you when telemarketing is yours and we do not use it to append our own databases.

Why telemarketing to schools works

Getting into meaningful, relationship-initiating two-way conversations with the school heads and teachers you want to connect with and sell is of real value.

However, it’s something that most of your competitors simply will not do.

And there are a variety of reasons for that, specifically:

  • lack of knowledge on how to recruit or manage telesales staff,
  • how telemarketing to educational establishments should be done,
  • a lack of awareness of just how responsive schools are to telemarketing, and
  • a personal dislike of telemarketing which they assume everyone else shares.

Our telemarketers are very experienced and comfortable when dealing with schools and when speaking to head teachers, school leaders, teachers, and business managers.

The two-way dialogue we initiate allows you to better know what requirements each individual school has for your product or service right now or in the future.

And with better information comes better marketing campaigns which, in turn, deliver higher returns on your investment.

And, whenever an opportunity for an immediate appointment, sale, or quote arises when we’re calling schools on your behalf, we book at a time for you or your rep to either meet the decision maker in person or make a follow-up call without delay.

Telemarketing to schools – get in touch about a campaign

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve when we’re in conversation with the heads, leaders, and teachers of greatest value to your business.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can contact our telemarketing company team at

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s lots of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk away from North Shields Metro station.

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