Opticians database list for direct marketing

More Than Words’ opticians database is part of our extensive UK business database.

It provides businesses with valuable personal information for decision-makers in this sector.

How many opticians are there in the UK?

About 19,700 opticians work in the UK.

Revenue is forecast to grow 16.6% by 2021-22 following a decline in 2020-21 due to NHS England and government restrictions.

Opticians database list for direct marketing

An aging population and a growing health consciousness in the UK should make the market more prosperous in the coming years.

You could significantly increase sales and leads for your business by getting in front of opticians in the UK at this crucial time.

What’s on our optician database?

More Than Words’ database of dispensing opticians comprises:

  • personal data for 3,581 opticians,
  • 2,900 decision maker names,
  • 2,980 telephone numbers, and
  • 1,149 email addresses

More Than Words note – looking for the SIC codes for opticians? The closest code is 47782 – “Retail sale by opticians”.

Marketing to opticians

By using our list of opticians, your company can reach out to business decision-makers with authority and budgets and offer your products and services.

Direct marketing is a very effective way for businesses to introduce themselves to new customers.

In direct marketing, companies send marketing messages to their target audience through a variety of channels.

Businesses who have a good understanding of their target audience can tailor their offers, products, and services to their specific needs.

This is a better strategy than advertising and hoping the right people see it.

Email marketing to opticians

The low cost of email marketing campaigns makes it an effective way for brands to reach prospective customers.

You can upload your B2B email database and send out tailored messages and offers using email marketing tools .

Email marketing platforms offer templates and tools to simplify the process.

You can send out large numbers of emails at once, and there is analytics software that helps you measure your campaigns’ effectiveness.

Telemarketing to opticians

Businesses can generate more leads and sales by combining telemarketing with a list of targeted, relevant opticians in the UK.

With telemarketing, you get instant feedback on your products and services, and can accurately measure and analyse responses.

Our B2B telemarketing data informs your sales team how to interact with prospects to make sales more confident.

A marketing call offers a two-way dialogue between businesses and customers that allows customers to ask questions about products and services.

Do you want us to market to your opticians database?

Occasionally businesses simply don’t have the time or ability to carry out their own marketing campaigns. Why not let us do it instead?

Opticians database from More Than Words Marketing

Through our managed B2B email marketing campaigns, you have instant access to our in-house team of creative copywriters, designers, and campaign planners.

According to ReturnPath, up to 20% of legitimate marketing emails are filtered into junk folders.

All of our campaigns are sent from our trusted servers and are monitored by our team.

We will send you a full report after 3 days so you can keep track of the progress of your campaign.

More Than Words’ managed B2B telemarketing campaigns are performed by experienced telesales reps.

We use our expertise in sales and marketing calls to generate leads, drive conversions, and set appointments for your sales team to follow up on.

Selling to opticians

Any successful marketing campaign offers the prospect something that will benefit their business.

In a highly competitive field, opticians face challenges in attracting and retaining patients.

Reach out to opticians on your list with solutions that help them stand out.

Among the latest news in optometry is the use of new technology that helps opticians improve patient care and speed up their work.

Some examples of technologies that are popular in optometry right now include:

  • smart glasses and augmented reality,
  • online eye exams,
  • customised frames, and
  • virtual try-on software.

Find out what is offered by each optical practice on your list.

Think about what is popular with the end customer and how organisations could implement these solutions in a cost-effective way.

Ensure your marketing messages and offers are all about the customer. Support your business offering with evidence that your product or service offers something your competitors can’t.

Find out more about our opticians database

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For your email, phone, and postal campaigns, More Than Words’ optician directory provides accurate, current data.

It connects businesses selling products and services to opticians with decision-makers who need them and have purchase authority.

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