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Sell your products and services to school decision makers by post with our education mailing list

In a sea of digital marketing, a physical message can help you to stand out from competitors.

Gain access to over 50,000 state-funded, academy, and private schools with More Than Words’ school mailing list.

Despite generally declining mail volumes across the UK, postal marketing still remains popular with companies wanting to introduce their products and services to decision makers within the education sector.

In fact, shared mailings remain popular more than 40 years after the first services to schools started, and an even bigger return on investment can be achieved from sending independent marketing communications to schools via post.

Our school mailing list

Part of our UK schools database, our school mailing list contains the contact details, telephone number, postal and email addresses of over 50,000 educators and head teachers within the British educational sector.

You don’t have to buy the entire database.

You can select which schools’ data you purchase by:

Direct Mailing List for UK Schools from More Than Words
  • type of school (private school, college etc)
  • how they’re funded,
  • geographical location (postal address or wider location), and
  • specialisms (performing arts, SEN provision) and more.

Up-to-date, accurate school mailing lists

More Than Words offers its school mailing list clients a guarantee of 98% postal address accuracy on our education database.

A significant reason behind successful direct mail campaigns to schools is how up-to-date and correct the details of the schools you wish to target are.

If we miss our accuracy target, we’ll either refund you pro-rata or we’ll offer you replacement records.

Back up service and support for 12 months

Your account manager is responsible for making sure that all of your dealings with More Than Words Marketing are smooth.

Backing them up is our technical team.

We supply our school mailing list to you as a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or comma-separated values spreadsheet.

If you need help using your data, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through how to do it.

Our advertising and marketing support team are here to help too.

If you want us to provide you with feedback and suggestions on marketing material you’ve created for your mailing campaign, please email them over to us.

We’ll let you know what we think works and what we think needs attention with the goal of maximising the number of leads and sales you receive as a result of your campaign.

Mix direct mail marketing with an education industry email list and phone numbers

For companies looking to sell to the public sector, schools offer the quickest way to build a relevant client database. In addition, the education sector is a domino marketplace often leading to multiple orders through recommendation.

Achieve maximum visibility for your company and its products & services by using different approaches.


Direct mail is a highly effective marketing strategy for businesses working with schools, but maximising leads often requires the personal touch.

Adding telemarketing to your marketing mix is a good strategy when working with institutions within childcare or education industries.

These sectors have strict regulations and often require a business to earn their trust before they become a customer.

The use of telemarketing is an effective supplement to your direct mail marketing campaign as a means to maximize the return on investment and the engagement of your school staff with your business.

Email marketing

Another way of increasing responses from your postal mail campaign is to follow up with a series of email communications to schools.

We can add school email data to your postal mailing list.

For more than a decade now, a school email database has been a valuable resource for any supplier to the public sector.

In a highly competitive market, email marketing messages can inform the schools on your email list about the ways in which you can help them save money, make money, and increase student enrolment.

You will be better able to connect with your prospects in the future once they acknowledge your business for sending only the latest news and relevant ads.

After you’ve sent your direct mail campaign out, we recommend sending an email one week after to remind head teachers and other decision makers of your company and its products and services.

School mailing lists - FAQ

When we’ve supplied you with your school mailing list, you’ll have a database of schools which you’ve identified to us as having the greatest need for your products and services.

You have a licence to contact the schools you want to sell to for 12 months following the purchase of your mailing list.

For companies new to postal mail marketing, there are two approaches you can take to using the database.

If you want to do fairly small mailing campaigns, you may wish to ask your staff to carry out the campaign for you using your printer and franking machine.

In these circumstances, it’s better to use mailing address labels onto which you print schools’ address details. Your staff will then remove the labels from paper to which they’re attached and then affix them onto the envelopes.

If you want to send out more than 200 at a time though, it may be worth considering using outside companies to help you. That’s because the time needed for staff to carry out larger campaigns will be considerable and this will take them away from their other duties.

If you were to use outside companies for a larger mailing campaign, you’ll probably need to source one or more of the following:

  • copywriter – a copywriter is responsible for creating the text which is used on your sales letter and any accompanying material like brochures
  • designer – responsible for creating the design of your sales letter, brochure, and other accompanying materials onto which the copywriter’s words are transposed
  • printing company – responsible for printing the contents of your envelope (they’ll use the designer’s raw graphic files to do this)
  • mailing house – responsible for inserting the printed material into the envelopes and then organising the send in such a way to take advantage of volume-based carrier discounts offered by the Royal Mail and their competitors.

If you’ve never run a mailing campaign before and you’d like advice on how to do so, please contact us.

When you get in touch, please also ask your account manager about our sales letter copywriting and brochure writing and design services.


We either include a public school mailing list as part of the entire database or as a separate bespoke database according to the brief you give to your account manager.

You can further specify which public schools you wish to get in touch with by letting us know any additional criteria we need to work to in order to find the most suitable decision makers for you to contact.

We can append a list of UK school email addresses to your education postal marketing database for a nominal fee.

Email marketing to schools in the UK is an established sales channel used by thousands of companies which delivers very high returns on investment for clients.

Please ask your account manager about:

  • adding a school email list into your overall schools database when you contact us and
  • our managed school email campaign service.

Yes – you can add telemarketing data onto your school postal marketing lists.

Please ask your account manager when you contact us for more information.

Yes. Postal marketing conducted to schools falls within the scope of the “legitimate interest” ground of the GPDR regulations.

However please be aware that, when mailing schools, the products and services you offer are of benefit to the teaching aims of the organisation only and not the individuals.

The only current constraint you may face with your existing school mailing lists is the licence you agreed of you purchased it from a third party supplier.

If you purchased it more than 12 months ago, please check you with your supplier that you still have the right to use it within the terms and conditions of the contract you signed.

Self-generated school mailing lists you possess or 3rd party data you hold under licence will not be affected by GDPR as long as you’re marketing products and services of benefit to the school and not of benefit to the individuals personally.

Following the expiry of your 12 month licence, you’ll need to purchase another 12 month licence to continue to use the data.

You may, however, contact school decision makers after the 12 months if, as a result of a direct mail campaign:

  • a school has bought something from you,
  • you are in ongoing dialogue with a school although a sale has not yet taken place, or
  • you have asked them if they wish to continue receiving postal marketing to you and they have written back to you permitting this.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer international schools mailing lists to clients.

How to buy school mailing lists from More Than Words

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