More Than Words’ list of vets is a comprehensive vets’ contact database, featuring current information for decision-makers in UK veterinary practices.

This database of vets is part of our extensive UK business database – an exhaustive, accurate source of data for hundreds of different UK sectors.

If your business sells to more than one sector, your More Than Words account manager can help you to build a bespoke list that includes your entire target audience.

The veterinary sector is an important part of the United Kingdom’s economy.

Although less people are buying animals than in previous decades, people tend to be more invested in the health of the animals they have and are happy to spend significant sums of money on the upkeep of their pets.

Veterinary practice revenue for 2021 is projected to amount to £4,513m by the end of the year, which demonstrates an annual growth rate of around 2.86%.

Further to this, it is estimated that this revenue will grow to approximately £4.9m by 2024.

How many vets are there in the UK?

As of 2020, the number of vets in UK towns and cities was approximately 28,900, spread out across roughly 4,058 veterinary practices.

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What’s on our list of vets?

More Than Words’ vets contact list comprises:

  • 6,051 registered veterinary practices,
  • 5,533 contact names for decision-makers with purchase authority in these practices,
  • 3,524 telephone numbers, and
  • 2,206 email addresses.

The sales and marketing team at More Than Words is dedicated to building and maintaining the highest quality databases for our clients.

We know from experience that an exhaustive list of vets will do little for your marketing efforts in comparison with a highly-targeted, regularly updated list that is geared toward your specific target market.

We offer clients the following guarantees on the list of vets we supply them with:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

On the rare occasion that we miss these targets we will provide you with a pro-rata refund or replacement records – whichever you prefer.

More Than Words – looking for the SIC codes for vets? The code is 75000 – “Veterinary activities”.

Do I have to buy the entire list of vets?

Not only do you not have to buy the entire list of vets, we actually would prefer that you don’t if you don’t need all of the data.

Your More Than Words account manager will discuss your business, products and services in advance of supplying your database so that they can build you a bespoke list that has been matched against the variables that are most important to your marketing campaigns.

The variables contained on this database include:

  • contact title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, Sir etc)
  • name and full address of the veterinary practice
  • contact name for a decision-maker within the practice
  • job title of the contact
  • direct telephone number for the contact or main switchboard
  • email address details

Some of the specialist types of data we provide for this sector include:

  • list of vets in Ireland
  • list of vets in Nottingham
  • list of vets in Northern Ireland
  • list of vets in Warrington
  • British Veterinary Association

Marketing to vets

With our list of vets, your business can gain access to high-value decision makers with budgets and a need for your product or service – and use direct marketing to connect with them.

Direct marketing is a form of advertising wherein businesses communicate directly with prospects via a range of channels, including postal mail, email, telephone and even in person.

Direct marketing messages involve a call-to-action.

This makes these direct marketing campaigns highly measurable, because marketers can quickly assess how many of their contacts responded to the action requested.

Email marketing to vets

Email marketing campaigns are a quick, simple and cost-effective way for businesses to market their products and services to prospects.

Through email you can deliver information about your business, special offers and promotions to the contacts on your B2B email database in a tangible way that does not require printing or postage costs.

Email marketing campaigns are so simple to manage that they do not increase the workload of your staff and can be done by people with little to no experience.

Using email marketing software such as GetResponse or MailChimp you can easily create campaigns using drag & drop templates.

Most email marketing tools feature a range of inbuilt tools that include analytics software that helps you to test different parts of your campaign and refine your strategy over time.

Telemarketing to vets

According to a 2018 paper from the Direct Marketing Association, telemarketing can deliver 1,000 times the return on investment compared to the returns delivered using other channels.

Where email marketing is still the most effective channel when used alone, using email and telemarketing in a multi-channel approach helps to make a strong impression on prospects from your list of vets.

For example, telemarketing is a great way to set appointments with prospects. If you send a follow-up email to confirm, you then have the opportunity to reintroduce yourself and summarise your discussion.

Your prospects will feel more comfortable choosing your products/service because they have an interactive, two-way dialogue going with you and your business.

Using the latest and up-to-date B2B telemarketing data is also essential for data qualification and cleansing.

Because telemarketing is an immediate marketing medium, you can quickly find out which of your contacts are active and add any other important information to your list of vets.

Do you want us to market to your list of vets instead?

If your business does not currently have the time or ability to carry out your own email or telemarketing campaigns, we can do it for you.

More Than Words provides professional managed B2B email marketing campaigns and managed B2B telemarketing campaigns –  overseen by our experienced team of campaign planners, telemarketers, copywriters and designers.

The benefits of outsourced marketing go far beyond saving you time or helping you with the technical side of marketing campaigns.

Many of our clients choose to outsource to us because it helps them to reduce their costs and budget more effectively.

While it can be very costly to hire or train professional marketing staff, our managed service gives you instant access to a highly experienced team with decades of experience in the industry.

Because you pay a fee for the service overall, rather than as an ongoing project, you don’t have to worry about any costs going forward and your team is free to focus on the essential daily tasks of your own business.

Postal marketing to vets

If you also want to outsource your direct mail campaigns, unfortunately we don’t provide this service at the moment.

However, our business to business mailing list (of which the list of vets is a part) can be used by 3rd party mailing houses if you would like us to supply it to them.

Selling to vets

Marketing products and services to veterinarians is much more likely to be successful if you understand what it is that vets most want or need.

Marketing campaigns that revolve around how the product or service can help the contact to meet a previously unmet need generate far stronger leads than those that focus on how great your product/service is.

Vets are always looking to please their customers in order to beat the competition and increase their customer base.

People love their animals and will choose a vet based on how much they feel they can trust them to look after their pet.

Start your marketing campaign by researching the animal health sector and work out where your product or service fits.

Read up about industry trends and scientific developments so that you can offer your prospects an expert understanding of your niche. If they feel that they can trust you then they know that they can pass this on to their own customers.

Including customer reviews and research reports that clearly show how effective and safe your product/service is should be the foundation of your campaigns.

Finally, if you sell into the consumer market as well as to vets, consider offering a special price or offer to your B2B customers that makes it worthwhile to enter a business relationship with you.

Find out more about More Than Words’ list of vets

More Than Words’ list of vets is an accurate and up-to-date source of contact information for budget-holders in veterinary practices all over the UK.

For more information on our list of vets, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

More Than Words' list of vets helps you sell yours products and services to this growing sector

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