At More Than Words we understand that access to an accurate, relevant list of solicitors in the UK is an important tool for companies that specialise in products or services for the legal sector.

Businesses get better leads when they can demonstrate professionalism and industry knowledge to solicitors with well-written, highly-targeted, response-driven email marketing campaigns – especially with regards to GDPR compliance.

Our list of UK solicitors, part of our comprehensive UK business database, is fully compliant and regularly updated so that you won’t lose customers to simple mistakes.

Our experience marketing to solicitors for clients

More Than Words represents dozens of clients marketing their products and services to solicitors ranging from solicitors specialising in family, property and tax to solicitors working in large commercial law firms.

We recognise the importance of quality as well as quantity in the data we provide so our lists are extensive but also carefully maintained to maximise the number of leads generated from each database and guarantee the best return on your investment.

While you could use Google to search for a term like ‘Law Society list of solicitors UK database’, the problem with using this approach is that verifying and collating the most relevant information takes time that many businesses like yours simply do not have.

Three advantages of working with our list of UK solicitors

The list of solicitors marketing service from More Than Words includes:

1. A full list of qualified solicitors in the UK

  • a comprehensive list of solicitors in the UK free of duplicates and updated on a regular basis for maximum accuracy,
  • a list of solicitors UK addresses and up-to-date telephone numbers for high-level decision-makers within law firms,
  • a list of solicitors UK email addresses,
  • multiple fields per entry (see below for more information), and
  • access to the data for 12 months

2. Managed email marketing campaigns to solicitors including three full email broadcasts and follow up reporting

  • email design – our in-house copywriters and designers will write and create a persuasive and attractive email design on your behalf,
  • three B2B email marketing campaign broadcasts – your email will be sent to specified recipients from your list of solicitors in the UK via our trusted servers, ensuring maximum deliverability, and
  • full analytics of your campaigns – three days after each email broadcast we will email you a full report showing the responses to your email, including which solicitors opened and clicked through to your website and how many times.

3. After-sales support services

  • free technical support – you will have access to data technicians who can help you to use your data effectively no matter what your level of technical experience, and
  • free advertising support – you will have access to an account manager and our design and copywriting teams who can give feedback for your own marketing campaigns.

List of practising solicitors (UK database) – what you’ll get

The More Than Words list of UK solicitors contains:

  • postal addresses for all 13,732 entries,
  • 8,529 telephone numbers, and
  • a list of solicitors in UK legal premises with details of 2,223 decision-makers.

You don’t have to purchase the entire UK solicitors email marketing database – in fact we prefer that you don’t.

Our lists contain details for solicitors across the entire UK legal sector so we prefer to speak with our clients first to understand their specific target audience.

Contact one of our account managers for a tailored selection of the legal practices that offer the greatest commercial value to your company.

If there are only 3,000 solicitors’ practices likely to need your product or service, we’d rather provide you with contact details for those 3,000 practices than provide you with the entire UK solicitors marketing database.

Unfortunately we can’t help you with a “list of struck off solicitors UK” (a popular search that often brings people to this page) – our databases only include top-level professionals currently practicing law in the UK.

Solicitors and their place in the UK economy

The legal sector currently represents around £37bn of the UK economy.

According to Statista, there were around 135,000 solicitors in employment in the United Kingdom at the end of 2020.

2020 was a challenging year for the legal sector in the UK.

With Brexit looming and technology advancing quickly, solicitors had to work hard and be creative in order to maintain a competitive advantage over other legal firms.

The impact of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in March, the majority of solicitors in the UK had to focus on just keeping themselves afloat.

It is likely that law firms will be more focused on staying afloat than growth over the next few years.

However, the pandemic has also opened up new ways of operating that provide exciting opportunities for businesses selling products and services to legal firms.

Changing landscape of the legal sector

Many companies are now focusing on things like work/life balance, flexible working and upskilling staff in digital tools.

This is an ideal climate for businesses looking to position themselves as providers of products and services to these new concerns.

How to sell to decision-makers in the legal profession with our list of UK solicitors

The decision-makers at law firms tend to be extremely busy.

When solicitors need to choose a product or service they often don’t have the luxury of time to spend making their decision.

When targeting contacts on a list of UK solicitors a business should focus on the low effort/high reward benefits of their product or service.

You will need to demonstrate how little your prospective client will need to do in order to get significant value from your product or service.

How can you approach solicitors to persuade them to buy from your company?

You can use the fact that solicitors are always busy to your advantage.

They want to get a problem solved quickly and you want to make a sale so you are actually both working towards a common goal.

Provide targeted, succinct messages in a mobile-friendly format when contacting your list of UK solicitors.

Cold email response rates are greatly improved when they are used alongside other marketing methods such as direct mail so a multi-channel approach will reinforce your message and maximise your leads.

Email marketing is also more successful if your messages are highly-targeted.

More Than Words account managers can help you to narrow down your list of UK solicitors to the types of decision-makers you want from the types of law firms you work with.

Get us to run your campaigns from our list of UK solicitors

With your purchase of More Than Words‘ list of UK solicitors you also get the experience and support of one of our account managers to help with your own marketing campaigns.

If you prefer, we can also write and design the emails solicitors receive as part of our managed B2B email marketing service.

All you need to do is tell us what you want to sell and who you want to target and our creative copywriters and in-house design team will create a compelling email for you, based on these objectives.

The email we create will sum up the benefits of the products and services you’re selling to solicitors within around 10 seconds. Studies indicate this is how long people pay attention to information before deciding whether or not it is of interest to them.

The recipient will then be directed to your call to action (a word or phrase designed to tell the reader what action you want to take after they finish reading the email).

We follow any design or branding guidelines you give us although we try to keep email designs as minimal as possible to ensure faster loading speeds and maximise deliverability.

Your email design will be mobile-friendly to ensure that it can be opened on any device.

After-sales support

You own the data on your list of UK solicitors for 12 months after the date of purchase, during which time you can use the data as often as you like.

We offer free technical support to help you to use your database effectively and keep it clean and accurate.

You will have the full support of a team of experienced copywriters, designers, telesales representatives and campaign managers to help you to create and implement your email marketing campaigns to UK solicitors.

Just call or email our team and, if we can’t help you straight away, we will let you know when we can (this is rarely longer than a few hours).

Have you considered telemarketing to solicitors in the UK?

The human connection offered by a phone call can really maximise the relationships you build with contacts from your list of solicitors in the UK.

We don’t offer telemarketing services as part of our UK solicitors database service, but it is possible to add an outsourced telemarketing campaign to your package if you feel that this would help.

Our telemarketing service uses experienced telemarketing representatives to speak directly to the important budget-holders within law firms in the UK on your behalf.

We can use these calls to ask questions and find out more information about their supply needs, budgets and procurement processes.

Contact More Than Words about our list of UK solicitors

To speak to us about our UK solicitors database, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our marketing databases team to ask us how we can successfully market your products and services to decision makers within the sector.

Marketing your products and services to UK solicitors

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