List of sports stores for direct marketing campaigns

Our comprehensive list of sport shops provides accurate contact information to businesses providing their products and services to the sector.

Sports stores are part of our extensive UK business database.

Our team can customise your list so you only get information about the sports store audiences relevant to your business.

The sports equipment and leisure goods industry in the UK, much like the wider sports market, has seen surging shares globally in recent years.

List of sports shops for direct marketing campaigns

During 2021-22, industry revenue is expected to increase by 1.9% a year to £10.3 billion.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 (coronavirus) increased health awareness and government initiatives to increase fitness in the UK have broadened the industry’s appeal.

What’s on our list of sports shops

More Than Words’ database of sports stores contains:

  • 375 names of sports stores,
  • 347 contact names for high-level budget holders,
  • 292 telephone numbers, and
  • 130 email addresses

At More Than Words Marketing, we understand the quality of your retailer database is more important than the quantity of contacts.

Therefore, we only include entries on our list of sports stores that we have enough information about to ensure the best return on your investment.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for sports shops? The closest SIC code is 47640 – “Retail sale of sporting equipment in specialised stores”.

Marketing to sports stores

With our list of sports stores, your marketing team can access buyers within appropriate businesses who have the budget, the purchasing authority, and a need for what you offer.

Direct marketing to sports shops with More Than Words Marketing

Our data lists are ideal for direct marketing – a highly targeted form of marketing, which entails direct contact with a target audience of your choice by email, phone, or mail.

Marketing typically focuses on the message first and then entices the right audience to see it, but direct marketing starts with the audience and tailors the offer or message to them.

Email marketing to sports stores

Email marketing is a direct but respectful way for businesses to communicate their product or service’s value to prospective customers using a B2B email database.

Within an email, you have more room to connect with your sporting goods store contacts and deliver offers that speak directly to them.

Using email marketing software, you can create email campaigns quickly and easily.

Most email marketing platforms offer drag-and-drop templates based on a goal or design.

Email marketing campaigns are also measurable.

Many platforms come with analytics that let you A/B test different parts of your emails.

This allows you to compare the performance of different subject lines and content for generating interest and enquiries.

Telemarketing to sports stores

At its core, B2B telemarketing involves human interaction, which helps suppliers stand out in a competitive market.

Our sports shop database contains the B2B telemarketing data you need to target this industry.

Businesses that receive a lot of approaches from potential suppliers may appreciate being able to speak with a representative from your company.  This allows a two way discussion where you can explain what you provide and how it benefits them.

The telephone is an adaptive marketing channel that allows you to change tactics during a call.

Marketing calls can be used to gather valuable market research and quantify your list of sports stores, asking and answering questions.

Our managed campaigns

We can handle email marketing or telemarketing campaigns for you if you don’t have the time, staff, or infrastructure.

It takes time and money to hire or train employees with the skills to create compelling marketing emails.

With our managed email marketing campaigns, our team of experienced designers will write and design your emails for you.

Through our service, you gain access to the expertise necessary to send really persuasive emails to your prospects.

More Than Words also offers managed B2B telemarketing campaigns .

Our team of professional telemarketers is experienced in lead generation and handling objections.

Our telemarketers will focus on your telemarketing campaign, conduct market research or set up appointments for your own sales team.

Selling to sports stores

Sports retail in the UK is a valuable sector, but most of its revenue comes from just two major chains.

Out of the 5,075 sports shops in the UK in 2018, 540 were operated by Sports Direct and 252 were owned by JD Sports.

Drawing consumers away from the major chains is at the core of independent sports stores’ business strategy.

Our sports store contacts are looking for businesses who can help them grow their local markets and offer value to their customers.

Perhaps you are a sporting goods retailer offering the latest:

  • sporting apparel (trainers, football boots and other footwear, as well as clothing)
  • leading brands (like Adidas, Nike and Cricket)
  • fitness equipment
  • snow sports equipment, or
  • sports accessories

However, your brand may also be able to approach these businesses with:

  • popular products in the local market, or emerging trends,
  • customer services that help them provide a more personal service,
  • faster or more convenient delivery,
  • repair or hire services, or
  • collaborations with local personalities, events or teams.

Marketing campaigns should engage your target sports retailer.

Use our list to find the best sports shop for your product/service, then demonstrate a wide range of knowledge of their specific market and target audience.

You must demonstrate your ability to provide long-term value to their customers.

Continually reinvent and stay on top of trends that larger chains may struggle with because of their size.

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