List of solicitors’ practices for direct marketing campaigns

Looking for a list of solicitors for your sales and marketing teams? More Than Words Marketing’s database will put you in direct touch with key decision makers from practices in the United Kingdom.

Part of our UK business database, our chartered legal executive database is a snapshot of an important industry employing 135,000 legal professionals.

With it, you can find at least one legal professional per firm with the responsibility for purchasing products and services.

You can use the data for 12 months and, you’ll have access to support from our data team and your account manager.

Search through our list of solicitors

The business information on our list of regulated legal professionals includes:

List of solicitors' practices for direct marketing campaigns
  • 13,789 contact names (the name of a budget-holding decision maker within a particular practice),
  • geographical location details for 15,275 practices (full area details for postal marketing campaigns including postcode information),
  • 9,098 telephone numbers, and
  • 2,773 email addresses (including website address).

You don’t have to purchase the details of all the law firms contained on our list of solicitors.

Instead, let us search for the legal practices most likely to need your products and services.

For example, perhaps you only want your marketing campaign to target solicitor firms in your local area, with more than 10 people working in the business.

We can find just that information for you, and offer advice on using your data to achieve the greatest possible returns.

We can search for a range of legal services and specialities, including:

  • employment law,
  • family law,
  • legal aid solicitor,
  • commercial property solicitor, and
  • conveyancing solicitors

Contact us and let us know about your business and what you sell – and why a solicitor or firm of solicitors would need it.

We’ll then search for the solicitors of greatest commercial value to you.

More Than Words note – are you also looking for a list of barristers? Please click on the link for more information.

More Than Words note – do you need to know the SIC codes for solicitors? The code is 69102 – “Solicitors”.

Email marketing to solicitors

You can use a UK law firm database in the same way as a B2B email database to run your own campaigns and find new leads.

Do you want us to run email marketing campaigns to solicitors on your behalf?

Speak to us about our managed B2B email marketing campaigns.

If you want email addresses contained on each law firm record, ask our team on your count.

Telemarketing to solicitors

Our lawyer database can also be used to run telemarketing campaigns to find new leads from legal firms.

Alternatively, we can carry out B2B telemarketing campaigns on your behalf.

In addition to generating appointments and leads, we gather information from your chosen firms within the legal profession.

If you want telephone numbers contained on each law firm record, please ask your account manager to include them on your search.

Postal marketing to solicitors

For postal marketing campaigns, our list of UK solicitors contains a business to business mailing list suitable for use with a third party mailing house.

More Than Words is not able to offer postal services at this time.

If you want postal addresses included with your list of UK Solicitors, ask your account manager to include them.

UK solicitors database FAQ

Individual solicitors tend to become practice professionals in certain areas of law. For example, some will be commercial lawyers, others family lawyers, other immigration lawyers and so on. Some law firms specialise in one area of law while other law firms have separate internal departments specialising in different types of work overseen by a joint management team.

If you’re looking to verify the details of a particular solicitor and check to see that they are regulated for the work they’re advertising, please check that there is an entry for their name on the Solicitors Regulation Authority database – click here for more. You can also use the Law Society website to search by name – click here.

If you’re looking to verify a firm of solicitors and to see if it’s regulated for the work it advertised, please check it against the Solicitors Regulation Authority database – click here for more. You can also use the Law Society website to do the same – click here.

If you want to find a solicitor with experience in a particular field of law, you should consult the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Law Society or, alternatively, use Google.

Our marketing database is not suitable if you wish to find a solicitor to help you with a particular case. What information is contained on our list? In addition to the names of the law firms on our database, you can also search by the size of the organisation (including the number of branches and the number of people working for the organisation), geographical location (including postcode), and other business information (including Companies House registration, year of founding, and so on).

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