Why market to a list of operations managers?

Operation managers have longer job descriptions than most.

This is because they oversee the companies project execution, supply chain management, budgets, sales operations, policies and strategies.

The operations manager oversees everything, although they do not have the authority of a managing director.

However, the absence of a skilled operations manager would be felt more than that of any other leader in most organisations.

Operation managers design, implement, and monitor efficient business operations and production processes.

So effective operations management ensures that goods and services are delivered to end customers in a timely and efficient manner.

To meet maximum productivity and quality targets, it requires constant monitoring and measurement of employee performance.

List of operations managers for direct marketing

Operations managers identify and address quality issues that jeopardise timely delivery of products and services to customers.

This eliminates costly bottlenecks in manufacturing and production.

So those managing operations will choose and manage suppliers.

Finally, operations leaders must ensure that company policies, procedures, and goals are communicated effectively from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Because if this they are responsible for ensuring the work is done.

An operations manager is an expert in project management, engineering, or managerial accounting.

What is their buying style?

Almost no other business buyer wants as much information as they do.

Because of this you need to explain how your products, services, and solutions will fit into their daily operations. But also provide examples of your work and results.

Operations managers are excellent communicators.

So your communication should match theirs, and provide clear, understandable, and actionable information.

The budget for operations managers is theirs, but the spending decisions are made by a group.

Due to their deep knowledge of the business process, operations managers are often consulted in decision-making.

Use our list of operations managers to get in touch with decision makers about the products, services, and solutions you provide.

You can use the data for 12 months, and we can manage your email marketing and telemarketing campaigns for you.

Our list of operations managers

More Than Words Marketing’s list of operations managers contains the following information:

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List of operations managers from More Than Words Marketing

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Are promotional emails to operations managers legal?

Yes. Our B2B email list contains a list of operations managers for sending email campaigns.

If you want us to manage, send, and report on your email campaigns instead, please ask us about our outsourced B2B email marketing campaign service.

Do I have the option to call each manager on the database?

Yes, telemarketing allows you to initiate two-way conversations and build a relationship.

During a call find out if there are any current or future requirements because this will help you to maximise your selling opportunities.

Because of taking this approach your company can build a sales pipeline for the next 12-24 months.

Our list contains the B2B telemarketing data your team needs to run a campaign.

The role of an operations manager

Operations manager job description

The job description for an operations manager is as follows:

“Operations managers manage the activities which are responsible for the production of products and services. They manage both operations strategy and operations processes with specific reference to performance improvement, production management, service delivery, control, planning and design”.

Operations managers and their teams form the backbone of a business. So employees report to them to ensure that deliverables and quality standards are met.

They also ensure production teams have enough time to manufacture and deliver services and products according to client deadlines.

Operations and business procedures are handled by operations managers in collaboration with the board and senior management.

Operation managers typically handle budgeting and procurement, though on larger capital expenditure projects (like the investment in new manufacturing processes), they will be one of several parties involved.

Often, “operations director” and “operations manager” are interchangeable titles within a company and on a CV.

Marketing to operations management leaders

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