An operations manager job description is longer than most job descriptions. They are responsible for company strategy and policies, project delivery, budgets, operations, and people. No-one within a company has a wider view of its performance than the operations manager.

The decisions of a poor operations manager can be the difference between the success and failure of a product or a service and, although they may not have the authority of a managing director, their presence would be missed more than any other leader within most companies.

An operations manager’s role involves everything from business administration to the designing and implementing efficient production processes to ensure smooth service delivery of goods and services to end clients. It also requires constant supervision and measurement of employee performance in conjunction with the human resources team with a view to ensuring that company productivity and quality targets are hit.

Operations managers reduce costly bottlenecks in manufacturing and production and they make sure that, if there are any quality problems which compromise the timely delivery of their products and services to the highest standard to end customers, they find the root cause and eliminate the issue.

They also need to select and manage suppliers and they ensure the flow of information from the board room to the shop floor through the effective communication of company policies, procedures, and goals.

It’s their job to make sure the job gets done. An operations manager is a highly-focused, intelligent, and analytical professional and they normally have a background in project management, engineering, or managerial accounting.

What are they like to sell to?

Tougher than normal. They will want more in-depth information about your products and services than virtually any other type of business buyer. They’ll want to know the process involved in integrating your products, services, and solutions into their companies and they’ll want previous examples of your work and the results you’ve delivered.

Operations managers are excellent communicators. They’ll expect your communication skills to match the levels of their own communication skills and they’ll want clear, understandable, and actionable information about what you sell.

Operations managers have their own budget but the bigger spending decisions will be taken by a team. But given the intimate knowledge operations managers have of the businesses they work for, their word and their opinion is often the most important during the decision making process.

With our list of operations managers, you can get in touch directly with the decision makers to tell them about the products, services, and solutions you offer by email, phone, and fax.

You can use the data for 12 months and, if you’d prefer us to do, we can run your email marketing and telemarketing campaigns for you.

Our list of operations managers contains the following information:

  • 51,765 UK companies (including business mailing address),
  • 51,765 contact names
  • 39,644 operations manager phone numbers, and
  • email list containing 17,794 addresses

For more information on our database of health/safety managers across the UK, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

List of operations managers FAQ

Do I have to purchase the entire database?

No. Our clients generally only want to purchase the contact details of business operations managers with the greatest need for their products and services and, unless your product or service is very generic, the likelihood is that you’ll be only interested in targeting part of the database.

Please get in touch and speak with one of our account managers. Explain to them what your company sells and the benefits that your products and services deliver.

We’ll the come back to you within 24 hours with a fully-costed count and quote for the data which meets your requirements and any additional services you wish to order.

What information do you hold on the business operations managers contained on your list?

We hold the following information on the contacts on our list of operations managers and directors:

  • contact title for salutations (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • contact name (separate fields for first and last name for business contracts contained on the data file at each company)
  • company name (trading name and the official company name at Companies House)
  • type or line of business
  • legal status including company number
  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number (main switchboard number)
  • email address details (including website address)
  • business/company size (personnel count (number of employees), number of sites, turnover)

Can I send promotional material to an operation manager’s email address legally?

Yes. You can run email marketing campaigns to the operations managers using the B2B email database contained on the list.

If you want us to design, send, manage, and report on your email campaigns instead, please ask us about our outsourced B2B email marketing campaign service.

Can I contact each business operations manager on the database by phone?

Yes – telemarketing starts two way conversations between you and your target audience. Every call is an opportunity to introduce your company and its products and services to an operations manager and to build a relationship.

During the call, you can find out any current and future requirements they have for your products and services so that you can take advantage of any immediate selling opportunities. It’s an opportunity to build a sales pipeline for your company for the coming 12-24 months.

Your list of operations managers contains the B2B telemarketing data your team needs to run campaigns.

I want to post catalogues or brochures to the list of operations managers I’ve purchased. Is that possible?

More Than Words doesn’t currently run managed postal mail campaigns but our business to business mailing list (of which this is a part) can be supplied to and used by 3rd party mailing houses if you would like.

What customer service do you offer to clients?

We offer two forms of customer service to clients post-purchase – technical support and advertising support.

If you have any trouble using your data (for example, importing it into a CRM or email service platform), call or email us and we’ll try to resolve the problem for you.

You can also use the skills and insight of our marketing team for the 12 months after purchase. Send us the email or the mailing you want to send to operations managers and, within 24 hours, we’ll review it and come back with suggestions on how you might get a better result from it.

Please note that, for managed clients, we include the email design and copywriting in our service to you.

How long can I use the data for?

You have a licence to use the data for 12 months after purchase. You can use the emails once a month during the year-long licence. Please note that we will have to charge for any use over and above these terms.

Do you offer quality guarantees on the database?

We offer the following guarantees on the list of operations managers we provide you with:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

If we fail to hit our own quality thresholds, we’ll issue you with your choice of a pro-rata refund or replacement records.

How do you deliver the list of operations managers to me?

Your list of operations managers is delivered to you as either a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file, a Microsoft Access (.mdb) file , or a comma separated value (.csv) file. We send it to you by email.

Which other specialist datasets do you hold on other decision makers within businesses?

In addition to the senior contact, we also have tens of thousands of records for company owners and employees with the following responsibilities. The job roles we hold are as follows:

The role of an operation manager

Operations manager job description

The standard operations manager job description is as follows:

“Operations managers manage the activities which are responsible for the production of products and services. They manage both operations strategy and operations processes with specific reference to performance improvement, production management, service delivery, control, planning and design”.

Operations managers, together with their operations team, are the glue which knits a business together.

Their duties include communicating with staff to make sure delivery times and quality standards are met and ensuring that production teams have enough time to manufacture and deliver services and products to client’s timescales.

In conjunction with the board and senior management, they’re in control of the operations function and the operating procedures and requirements of the business.

Operations managers have budgets and procurement responsibilities although, on larger capital expenditure projects (like investment in new manufacturing processes), they will be one of a number of people involved in the purchasing decision.

Sometimes, the job titles “operations manager” and “operations director” are interchangeable within a company and on a personal CV.

An operations director (sometimes known as a director of operations) has many of the same responsibilities within companies however those companies with both a operations manager and operations director tend to be significantly larger.

The term “chief operations officer” is sometimes interchangeable with “operations directors” but this title is used far more often in major international businesses.

Operations manager responsibilities and purchasing responsibilities

The most important operations manager responsibilities are, in addition to overseeing the running of the operations department and reporting back to the management team:

  • Automation
  • Business Processes
  • Capacity Management
  • Devops
  • Feasibility
  • IT Services
  • Kaizen
  • Operations Plan
  • Operations Planning
  • Process Metrics
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Workflow

7 examples of operations management

The seven main examples of the type of work an operations manager does are grouped below:

Operations Management 1. General management responsibilities

  • Asset management
  • General management
  • Capacity management
  • Risk management
  • Vendor management
  • Project management

Operations Management 2. Performance management responsibilities

  • Smart management
  • Performance metrics
  • Business objectives
  • Goal setting
  • Performance improvement

Operations Management 3. Business processes responsibilities

  • Workflow management
  • Process metrics
  • Continuous improvement
  • Kaizen system
  • Business process analysis

Operations Management4. Information Technology (IT) responsibilities

  • IT services
  • Automation
  • Business software
  • Service management
  • Dev-Ops
  • Data science
  • General systems

Operations Management 5. Quality management responsibilities

  • Quality objectives
  • Quality metrics
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Conformance quality
  • Fit for purpose testing

Operations Management 6. Management accounting responsibilities

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Debottlenecking
  • Operations analysis
  • Throughput accounting
  • Demand forecasting
  • Benchmarking
  • Productivity formula

Operations Management 7. Strategic and planning responsibilities

  • Return on investment
  • Operations plan
  • Feasibility
  • Estimates
  • Strategic planning
  • Budget planning
  • Strategic drivers

Who is above the operations manager?

Operations directors are directly above operations managers in the decision making hierarchy.

What are some titles that operations managers hold?

Other titles for operations managers include continuous improvement consultant, continuous improvement lead, director of operations, operations analyst, operations assistant, operations coordinator, operations professional, or scrum master.

The highest operational roles are generally considered to be vice president of president and chief operating officer (COO).

Marketing to operations management leaders

Get to know each operations manager with a need for your product or service by connecting with them by email, phone, and post.

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