Since 2016, our list of fleet managers, part of our extensive UK business database, has been used to promote everything from fuel cards to vehicle tracking services to the decision makers in charge of their companies’ fleets of vehices.

We’ve not only supplied the data – for many of our clients, we’ve managed their email advertising and telesales campaigns successfully in-house on their behalf thanks to the experience team of direct marketing staff we have at More Than Words.

Our file of fleet managers contains the following contact information:

  • 11.776 fleet manager contact names (type of business or establishment),
  • 11,776 company names,
  • 9,333 telephone numbers, and
  • 9,180 email addresses

We guarantee the quality and accuracy of our database with pro-rata refunds if we miss our targets. We licence the data to you for 12 months during which you can use the data as often as you like (there is a maximum of 12 broadcasts you can send to individual email addresses).

To find out more, please call our business data team on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.

Do I have to buy the entire fleet manager database?

You don’t have to buy our entire file of fleet decision makers. In fact, we’d much rather you call us up, tell us about your business and the products and services you sell, and what benefits fleet managers would derive from what you sell.

In addition to targeting by line of business, geographical area, and the size of the business, you can also target by the size of company fleet:

Number of vehicles Total With phone With email address
1 to 4 3,690 2,850 2,647
5 to 9 3,257 2,505 2,539
10 to 24 3,327 2,677 2,771
25 to 49 963 826 804
50 or more 539 475 419
Total 11,776 9,333 9,180

On our file, we have the following information for each fleet manager:

  • salutation (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, etc)
  • separate fields for the decision maker’s first and last name
  • job titles (as reported by the contact at time of canvassing – many are at director level)
  • company name (the trading name and official name of the company for which the fleet managers or directors work)
  • the line of business of the company
  • legal status of the company
  • company postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • company telephone number (main switchboard number)
  • email address details

The email address contained on each record of our fleet managers and directors database is a personalised email address. If you would like access to generic or company email addresses too, please let your account manager know when you contact us.

Advertising to your list of fleet managers

Clients use the range of data and information of our lists of fleet managers to conduct direct marketing campaigns to decision makers within the fleet industry – specifically, email advertising, telesales, and postal mail campaigns.

Email advertising to fleet management decision makers

Each contact name on our lists (part of our larger UK B2B email database) is responsible for managing their own fleet of vehicles. You can run email marketing campaigns to those lists to generate leads for your sales reps to follow up.

With the data generated from each email campaign, your sales reps can also connect with the fleet managers who open your emails and click through to your website the most times – a certain sign of heightened interest. Ask your account manager about how to spot and convert these leads from campaign interaction data.

Telesales to fleet managers

A popular route to market for many of our fleet manager database clients is B2B telemarketing – let your sales reps start a two-way conversation with the decision makers on our lists about what you sell.

Your telemarketing reps can book appointments, generate leads, and gather valuable market intelligence on each fleet manager to build a pipeline of sales opportunities over the next year or two.

Let us carry out email and telephone campaigns to your business fleet data on your behalf

If you don’t have the infrastructure or the staff to carry out email advertising or telesales campaigns, please ask your account manager when you call for a quote on:

Promoting your products and services to the UK fleet market by post

Our database of fleet managers is one of the more popular business to business mailing lists we offer and it can be used for postal marketing campaign to fleet decision makers.

You can either send the campaigns yourself using our mailing list to the companies on our data file or send them via a 3rd party mailing company. If you intend to send them via a mailing company, let us know and we can assemble the data in such a way that the mailing house can take maximum advantage of postal discounts which they then pass onto you.

Selling to business fleet management decision makers

Our data on buyers within UK fleet mangement market is particularly popular among companies in the following sector:

  • Fleet management software – help fleet managers track stock on and off site, optimise deliver routes, schedule dispatches, and reduce risk
  • Vehicle tracking – make sense of milage and fuel costs through analysis of the movement and routes of cars, van, and lorries on a vehicle by vehicle basis.
  • Fuel management – monitor and control fuel consumption costs by vehicle
  • Accident management – handling claims of staff whose vhicles have been in an accident
  • Fleet management companies – for companies wanting to outsource fleet management
  • Vehicle investment – each vehicle is an asset to operations whether owned or leased. Help fleet managers & directors manage each asset better
  • Fleet services – a range of other transportation services for companies with a fleet of vehicles.

Over the course of 12 months, send news to your prospects of interest as well as offers. Think about the user experience – if every email is a pitch, they’re less likely to be opened. Give them an experience to look forward to by sharing advice and your knowledge with decision makers.

Find out more about our commercial fleet management database

You can phone and email fleet managers within the businesses you target by using our comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate, and GDPR-compliant list of fleet managers. Our fleet management database offer you direct access to a community of fleet managers and represents a true snapshot of the industry and the businesses & organisations which make the industry up.

To buy sales data for your next campaign to UK fleet decision makers, please call us 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our marketing databases staff. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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