Part of our extensive UK business database, our list of facilities managers contains over 8,000 hard and soft FM decision makers with the responsibility for and budget to purchase your company’s products and services.

On all of our comprehensive, up-to-date, and GDPR-compliant lists of facilities managers spanning all UK industries, we have the following:

  • 8,835 UK companies (including mailing address),
  • 8,835 contact names (the business contacts you’ll contact with the job title of facilities managers, facilities directors, estates managers, property directors, property managers, or equivalent ),
  • 7,348 facilities manager phone numbers, and
  • 3,429 direct facilities manager email addresses

We licence our data to you for 12 months – use it as many times as you like to market what you sell to the facilities managers and facilities directors contained on our data file. With our data file, you can also email each of the decision makers once a month giving your company an opportunity to promote its products and services, build traffic to your website, and generate strong sales leads.

For more information on this data file, please call please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us.

Running direct marketing campaigns using our data file of facilities managers

Our data file of facilities managers is extensive but you don’t have to buy the entire database. You can purchase only those facilities managers working within companies which meet your business criteria.

Please call us and let us know more about your company, the products and services you offer, and why facilities managers need them.

Using that information, we’ll then search through our data file for the details of facilities decision makers most likely to need what you sell and present you with a quote.

Only interested in targeting facilities managers by size of company? We can search our data file for the facilities manager contacts are included in our data file by the number of employees, number of branches, and turnover you stipulate.

Prefer your list of facilities managers only to cover parts of the UK? Whether you’re targeting facilities managers in the West Midlands or London, let us know your criteria and we’ll present you with a count and a quote for marketing lists likely to generate you the highest return on your investment.

Included on our data file of facilities manager contacts is a separate field for each of the following:

  • contact title for salutations (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • contact name (separate fields for first and last name for business contracts contained on the data file at each company)
  • job functions or titles (facilities managers and directors, estates managers, property directors, property managers, or equivalent )
  • company name (trading name and the official company name at Companies House)
  • type or line of business
  • legal status including company number
  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number (main switchboard number)
  • email address details (including website address)
  • number of employees (headcount people employed directly by the company)

For more information on this data file, please call please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us.

List of facilities managers FAQ

Our list of facilities managers has been compiled with direct marketing in mind – with our data lists, you can contact the decision makers within the facilities management departments of companies by email, phone number, and post with information on each product and service you offer.

We offer an email list, a telephone list, and a postal marketing list. There is a small additional premium for including our email list of facilities managers on your data file – please ask for more information when you call.

The facilities managers on our email lists are traditionally very responsive to approaches by email. If you wish to run email marketing campaigns to the decision makers on our FM database, please ask our account manager when you get in touch to make sure that the data file we provide you with includes an email address for each facilities manager and facilities director.

As with all our standard UK B2B email database lists, our email lists of facilities managers are all GDPR-compliant, updated regularly, and subject to accuracy guarantees on the company contact details contain on them.

In many companies, there may be more than one chief financial offers representing different areas of the business who are answerable to the ovaerall financial director.

Do you lack the infrastructure or technical ability to broadcast email campaigns to your email list of facilities managers? Do you want to run a telemarketing campaign to open a conversation with facilities managers on your data file but you don’t have a team.

Let us send email marketing campaigns to your email list on your behalf with our managed B2B email marketing service. We’ll design and send the emails for you – an experienced email marketing copywriter will create the text for your campaign. We’ll then send you a full report on how every contact on your email list reacted to the emails we sent for you. We can send campaigns to the recipients on your email list as many times as you like although we always recommend a minimum of three campaigns.

Our experienced outsourced B2B telemarketing campaign team will get in touch with each of the contacts on your data file for you.

Please ask your account manager when you contact us about our outsourced direct marketing services.

Many clients use our lists of facilities managers and facilities directors to run postal marketing campaigns to promote their goods and services. The same accuracy guarantee covers postal and postcode data as on all of our standard business to business mailing lists. Although we don’t offer an outsourced postal marketing campaign service, we can sort your data file into postcode order so that any 3rd party mailing house you’re using can take full advantage of postal volume discounts on your behalf.

Each facilities manager and facilities director is responsible for overseeing some or all of the functions and services of the estate they control as well as managing each asset within that estate.

  • Catering and vending
  • Cleaning requirements – including selection of commercial cleaning services providers, cleaning materials & equipment, window cleaning services, tank cleaning & repair services, industrial cleaning equipment procurement, computer cleaning services, telephone cleaning services, and floor cleaning and polishing services.
  • Maintenance services including buildings and ground maintenance
  • Buildings and building services requirements
  • Information services requirements including signage
  • Space management
  • Security
  • Health and safety
  • Productivity-based facility asset management apps and websites – each app or website we’ve helped clients promote involved a combination of some or all of the following – facility asset tracking, facility data collection, facility asset maintenance, and strategic facility planning.
  • Utilities and communications infrastructure

No. Our list of facilities managers and directors only contains facilities professionals working within internal facilities management departments at companies managing building maintenance, supplier contract services, and so on either as occupier, landlord, or a mixture of both. We do have a separate list of third party facilities management companies and professionals, the largest proportion of which are located in London – please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us for more information.

How to reach UK facilities decision makers direct

Let us know what the requirements are – tell us which facilities management contacts are of the greatest value and which are the most likely to purchase the product or service you’re selling from any marketing campaign you run to them.

Depending on the product or service you offer, it may only take one sale to make your money back from your investment in our list of facilities managers and facilities directors. Whether you run your own marketing campaigns in-house or you outsource them to us, we’re here to help you for one year (12 months) after your purchase.

For more information on our list of facilities managers across the UK, please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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