The UK engineering sector is significant – it pays the wages of more than 5.7 million employees (around one fifth of the UK workforce). And this is a well-paid, intelligent workforce where employees’ average wages are much higher than the rest of the population. The sector continues to grow year on year and this presents more opportunities every year for suppliers of products, services, and solutions to the sector.

The range of engineering companies and disciplines is diverse and, with our list of UK engineering company decision makers, you can promote your company  and what you’re selling direct to the people who have the budgets and the responsibilities to buy your products, services, and solutions by email, phone, and post.

Our database of engineering company contacts contains the following:

  • 54,428 engineering companies (including business mailing address),
  • 54,428 engineering company contact names (including actual job title)
  • 46,207 direct phone numbers, and
  • 21,616 direct engineering decision maker email addresses

Contact us – tell us what you sell and who buys from you. You don’t have to buy the entire dataset from us – we only want to sell you the contacts of greatest value. Within 24 hours, we’ll come back to you with a fully-costed count and a quote.

For more information on our database of engineering companies across the UK, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

Engineering companies UK FAQ

Which types of engineering companies does your database cover?

We have engineering decision makers’ contact details across a wide range of areas, sectors, industries, and type of work:

  • aerospace engineering
  • architectural engineering
  • automotive engineering
  • biomedical engineering
  • building services
  • chain manufacture
  • chemical engineering
  • civil engineering
  • computer engineering
  • construction engineering
  • cooling tower engineering
  • dairy engineers
  • defence engineering
  • design engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • energy engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • forensic engineering
  • genetic engineering
  • geotechnical engineering
  • health and safety
  • hydrology
  • industrial engineering
  • infrastructural engineering
  • instrumentation and control systems
  • manufacturing engineering
  • marine engineering
  • materials engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • mining engineering
  • petroleum, oil, and gas engineering
  • piping stress engineer
  • plant engineering
  • power engineering
  • precision engineering
  • precision grinding
  • process engineering
  • project management
  • quality engineering
  • railway engineering
  • reverse engineering
  • robotic engineering
  • safe engineering
  • small parts engineering
  • software engineering
  • solar engineering
  • solid fuel engineer
  • spring manufacture
  • structural engineering
  • telecoms, digital communications, and network
  • test engineering
  • transportation
  • underwater engineering

What job titles do the contacts on the database have?

The vast majority of the decision makers on our database are senior contacts. We’re also able to provide you with information on health and safety managers, facilities management, quality control, and operations managers within these companies.

We can provide you with contact data on people in over 60 engineering job categories. The most popular requests are for acoustic engineers, agricultural engineers, biomedical engineers, chemical engineers, design engineers, imaging engineers, mechanical engineers, process engineers, sales engineers, structural engineers, systems engineers, tool engineers, transport engineers, and vehicle engineers.

If you have a specific type of buyer or category in mind or want to target engineers involved in particular types of work, please let us know when you call.

What data do you hold on the top engineering companies and contacts in the sector?

We hold the following information on our list of decision makers within the engineering sector:

  • contact title for salutations (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • contact name (separate fields for first and last name for business contracts contained on the data file at each company)
  • company name (trading name and the official company name at Companies House)
  • type or line of business
  • legal status including company number
  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number (main switchboard number)
  • email address details (including website address)
  • business/company size (personnel count (number of employees), number of sites, turnover)

Is email marketing a successful way to generate more sales from engineering firms?

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most successful ways you can present information about your products, services, and solutions to decision makers within engineering companies.

Our list of engineering company contacts is also a B2B email database which your marketing teams can use to send out broadcasts.

Some of our engineering list clients do not have the facilities to send out email campaigns. If this is you, please ask us about our managed B2B email marketing campaign service when you call.

Can you generate leads and sales by cold calling decision makers?

Some decision makers within engineering companies prefer to get to know their potential suppliers personally before making a purchase. Telemarketing can generate a significant number of leads from decision makers who prefer this more personal approach.

B2B telemarketing data is included as standard on your database of engineering companies and your team can begin to use that data straight away. If you do not have your own telesales team but you’d like us to get in touch with the decision makers on the database on your behalf, please ask us about our managed B2B telemarketing service.

Which products, services, and solutions do engineering company buyers purchase?

Many suppliers already take advantage of the opportunities to generate new leads and sales from our database of engineering companies and to build their customer database. Three main examples are:

1. Employment and jobs

The engineering sector is one of the UK’s leading employers requiring some of the country’s most talented people to work in a variety of roles on projects.

The engineering industry is often in competition for quality people with manufacturers. Both sectors suffer from significant skills shortages so, by getting in touch with decision makers and getting to know how many and what type of engineers they need, there is a good chance of placing staff and building a long-term relationship.

You may also wish to use the database if you are involved in graduate recruitment as many employers in the industry run schemes to attract newly-qualified talent.

2. Funding

Can you work with engineering companies to help them find the funding they need for new projects? Or can you help companies raise funding by claiming on R&D tax credits?

The planning and execution of particular major engineering projects is particularly capital intensive and companies need to ensure that they have the funding in place before they can proceed with a project.

3. Management support

Management teams in both engineering and manufacturing companies employ the services of business consultants to help them:

  • access new markets,
  • achieve the highest standards of efficiency in the industry, and
  • for general advice on business, operational, and financial management.

If you or your colleagues have experience in guiding companies in a process- and innovation-driven sector like engineering, our database provides you with the opportunities you need to start new relationships with management teams and leaders by demonstrating your track record in current or previous work roles.

Do you offer a support service to customers post-purchase?

We offer a comprehensive after-sales service to clients for the duration of the 12 months’ usage licence.

Our technical service team will help you with any queries you have on usage of the data. You can send the emails or postal marketing you’re proposing to send to the decision makers on our list to our advertising service team – they’ll get back to you within 24 hours with information, insights, and suggestions on how to maximise the level of responses you receive.

You can view our GDPR policy on our web site by clicking here.

Using our database to pitch direct to engineering company decision makers

Take advantage of the opportunities to supply Britain’s fast-growing engineering sector and to find new markets for your products and services with our database and back-up support.

Get in touch with us – let us know the types of engineering company your products, services, and solutions you sell and the target audience you need to approach. We’ll search through our UK business database for the right contacts then get back to you within 24 hours with a count and a quote.

For more information on our database of engineering companies across the UK, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our direct marketing team.

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Selling your products and services to UK engineering companies

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