A complete guide to our email verification service

Email is an essential communication channel for reaching customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Over 95% of marketers agree that it is an important aspect of marketing.

So why isn’t your email marketing working?

Many factors may be at play when email marketing fails to produce results.

A common factor is subscriber data quality.

Deliverability problems and low ROI can start with an email service provider responding to an invalid email address.

Bad email addresses lose customers

Email lists decline 20-30% annually so an estimated one-third of your subscribers won’t open or click on your emails.

Disposable emails sent to unqualified email addresses increase bounces, hurt engagement metrics, and damage sender reputation.

Clean up your data with email verification services

Data suppliers are widely available, making data sourcing more efficient. But it’s important to prioritise data maintenance.

The fastest growing obstacle to effective email marketing is data deterioration. It is important for businesses to take greater steps to maintain the quality of their datasets.

Email list cleaning is one of the most effective, affordable ways to maintain and even improve datasets.

B2B data verification, cleansing and appending

More Than Words note – full data cleaning, replacement, and validation services are available through More Than Words.

Our team of professionals can clean, verify, and replace supporting information for businesses, schools, and other organisations.

Benefits of our email validation service

With More Than Words Marketing’s email verification service, we can act as an email checker and get rid of outdated and invalid emails.

Cleaner email lists ensure better data.

By sending your emails to an up-to-date, compliant and relevant audience, you’re able to run more successful email campaigns.

Cost-effective mailing

You receive better returns if your marketing messages reach valid emails.

This is because better email deliverability means fewer individual mailings and databases to maintain.

You can then focus your marketing team on more important tasks.

Improves customer engagement

Bulk email verification services validate emails and clear your list of bad emails and inaccurate information.

They leave any valid email address on your list, ready to use with an email marketing campaign.

You’ll be able to reach out to people interested in your services, and your emails will be pertinent to their interests.

This will help you to better engage your customers.

Limit spam complaints

For every 5000 emails you send, there should be fewer than five spam complaints.

Your reputation will be damaged if your spam complaint rate rises above a certain threshold.

An email verification tool (such as those used by our team) can identify email accounts that often mark emails as spam.

Improved sender reputation

According to most marketing experts, bounce rates shouldn’t exceed 2%.

A high bounce rate may cause an Internet service provider (ISP) to block your emails. It can also mean that your emails will be automatically sorted into spam folders.

Validating emails is one of the best ways to prevent bounces and avoid spam traps. It also helps you to avoid people who regularly mark your emails as spam.

Provide your sales team with accurate data

Your marketing team will work more effectively when you provide them with accurate and clean data.

Verified lists give them more confidence and reduce the effort that your sales team must expend -all while increasing productivity.

How does our email list cleaning service work?

We run the email addresses in your databases through two separate processes to verify their validity.

Currently, we have over 650,000 direct email addresses for businesses, schools, and the public sector.

We match your data with ours to verify that we have the same email address.

When we have a different email account, we let you know.

This is especially useful when you work with companies or organisations that typically have generic emails.

Our email verification process

Email Verification Service from More Than Words Marketing
  • email us your list of customers,
  • let us know if you have a database of companies, schools, and public sector organisations who have not yet purchased from you.
  • email any marketing databases you own or have permission to use that you purchased from third parties.

We’ll match each to the 650,000 direct decision-maker email addresses in our database.

Email addresses are verified by:

  1. checking that your database contains limited companies or corporate bodies, so they are GDPR compliant, and
  2. ensuring that web addresses or email servers have not changed recently, which suggests they were purchased by a spam trapper or ISP.

Returning your customer database

During email validation, we can tell you which emails are safer and which ones you should avoid using.

When we return your database file, we will indicate the records that remain unchanged.

We will also notify you whenever we find a different record than the one you already have.

You may choose to use our email appending service if you want any new information details we find added to your database.

More Than Words note: If it’s not in our database, it’s probably not a limited company, school, or public-sector entity. That record will be flagged to alert you it’s either a sole trader, a partnership, or a dead email.

Verify your customer, prospect, and bought-in marketing databases

Get in touch with More Than Words Marketing

In addition to providing an email verification service, More Than Words Marketing has its own telemarketing team and marketing databases.

We know how important accurate data is so contact us now and we can have your email addresses verified within 48 hours, so you can launch your campaign.

Additionally, we confirm and update contact and organisation details across your databases.

We’re available on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us.

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