Our domiciliary care database and marketing services are used by over one hundred UK companies to make meaningful, sales-driven, persuasive contacts with important decision makers in this £4.8bn sector.

Use our database to promote your products and services direct to decision makers or let us do it for you with our managed services.

In this article, we share with you:

  • What’s on our extensive, comprehensive, and GDPR-compliant database and details of our back-up support services
  • Information on our managed B2B email marketing campaign service to domiciliary care agencies
  • More on our outsourced B2B telemarketing services to domiciliary care agencies
  • 10 sectors we’ve worked with lately promoting their products and services to the domiciliary care sector
  • Frequently-asked questions about domiciliary care and our services

Our domiciliary care database

Our domiciliary case database, part of our comprehensive UK business database, is constantly updated and is fully GDPR compliant. You can use the data for marketing purposes for 12 months following purchase.

We currently have the marketing contact details for 5,090 establishments on our list of domiciliary care agencies including:

  • 5,090 with postal addresses
  • 4,132 with phone numbers
  • 2,598 with email addresses

Choose the domiciliary care agencies you want to contact

You don’t have to buy the entire database.

If you target specific types of domiciliary care agency (for example by size) or you only want to service domiciliary care agencies within certain geographical locations, please speak with one of our account managers on 0330 010 8300.

Once we understand which homecare agencies you wish to target, we’ll then come back to you with a count and a quote.

12 months’ support with your home care agency mailing lists & database purchase

We offer our domiciliary care database clients two forms of support for the 12 months of their licence in addition to the support offered by your account manager.

When you need to use them, please get in touch with our:

  • technical support team – we’ll help you if you need assistance in using the database we send you
  • advertising support team – want our feedback on the letter or the email you’ve created before sending them to the agencies on the database? Want our opinion on the telesales script you’ve composed? Send what you have to us and we’ll get back to you with our thoughts within 24 hours.

To speak with one of our account managers about our database-only service, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

Managed email marketing campaigns to domiciliary care providers

Do you want to use our database to email information about your products and services to domiciliary care providers?

If you do but you’d prefer our team to do it for you, we’ll organise, plan, and execute a campaign to the important decision makers you’re targeting for 12 months.

With More Than Words’ managed service, we include for you:

  • 12 email advertisements – let us design and write your emails for you,
  • 12 email campaigns – we send on your behalf from our high-impact, high-trust servers for greater inbox deliverability,
  • 12 campaign reports – find out which domiciliary care agencies are opening your email and clicking through to your website (and the number of times they do), and
  • your own copy of the database

To speak with one of our account managers about our managed email marketing service to domiciliary care agencies, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email.

Telemarketing campaigns to domiciliary care providers

We regularly run telemarketing campaigns for our clients to the domiciliary care sector.

Our clients generally ask us to make five different types of calls to decision makers based upon what they want for their campaign:

  • Lead generation services – we find out who’s interested now and, as soon as we identify an opportunity, w contact you straight away
  • Appointment-making – we book face to face appointments for you or your sales reps
  • Market research – let us know the information you want to have about each agency and we’ll get as many answers for you as possible
  • Brand building – let us open a conversation with each domiciliary care agency showcasing your products and services and collecting their contact details for an email newsletter service
  • Invitations – are you hosting an event at your premises or exhibiting at a conference? We’ll phone domiciliary care agencies to let them know you’re attending and where they can find you.

Three people will be working on your campaign:

  • an experienced telemarketer with extensive experience dealing with care homes and domiciliary agencies,
  • a telemarketing manager who will train your telemarketer about your company and the products and services you offer to domiciliary agencies, and
  • a professional telesales script writer who will create the opening, the answers to anticipated caller questions, and the closing technique for your campaign.

You’ll be able to track your campaign live online and we’ll contact you straight away where an opportunity presents itself when speaking with your target market.

To speak with one of our account managers about booking a telemarketing campaign to domiciliary care agencies, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

Examples of the types of products and services sold to homecare companies with our home care directory

We work with over 100 UK companies targeting domiciliary care agencies across 32 different lines of business.

Below, please find examples of 10 clients who recently ordered our domiciliary care marketing services and the products and services they wanted to introduce to decision makers in this sector.

Oral care training services

  • Our client offers oral care training for vulnerable adults in community settings and in care homes

Care charts

  • Wall charts, pocket care charts, and file-size care charts detailing service users’ preferences and needs

Laboratory testing services

  • General medical screening service allowing carers to take samples and swabs for service users in their homes

Personal protective equipment

  • Facemasks, scrubs, and other forms of personal protective equipment for staff visiting service users. As you’d expect, this service was much more heavily promoted following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Domiciliary care software UK

  • Medical record digitisation of service users and subsequent communication to pharmacies
  • Staff management system focused on giving carers more time with service users

Vulnerable care provision

  • Providers of care to vulnerable services users in care settings extending their services to domiciliary agencies

Document shredding

  • Destruction of documents containing sensitive personal and health-related information on service users

Uniform suppliers

  • Suppliers of uniforms to homecare agencies

HR, employment law, and health & safety

  • On-site health and safety training for domiciliary carers
  • HR and employment law consulting for recruitment managers, senior managers, and owners of domiciliary care agencies

Recruitment consultants

  • Supply of home carers, sales staff, and administrative staff to domiciliary care agencies

Domiciliary care data UK – frequently asked questions

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is an alternative for people who wish to stay living in their home rather than moving to a care home or residential home.

Sometimes called “care at home”, services users of domiciliary care agencies may require anything from frequent visits just to check that they are doing well right through to having a full-time live-in carer.

Not all domiciliary care users require care because of advancing age. Other service users may have:

  • issues with cognition and memory,
  • learning disabilities,
  • physical movement issues,
  • sensory issues, or
  • mental health issues.

The current number of care providers in the UK you can contact under GDPR legislation is 5,090 from a total of around 11,000 suppliers.

An overview of the UK domiciliary care sector

The UK domiciliary market is worth at least £4.7 billion a year employing over 300,000 people. The average annual growth rate for the sector is 2.7%.

An additional £2.9bn was awarded to local social care funding budgets because of the coronavirus outbreak of 2020.

There is intense competition in the sector between providers.

The typical domiciliary care profit margin before operating costs vary between 11% and 20% depending on which country or region an agency operates.

However, after the deduction of operating costs, care providers lose an average of £1.68 an hour on state-funded care they provide.

From a marketing point of view, the compelling reason to target this sector is that, because it operates on such tight margins, providers of products and services which can offer operators a lower rate will be in keen demand.

This explains the consistently higher engagement rate our clients enjoy when contacting this sector compared with average engagement rates.

Do you also supply care home data and marketing to care homes?

Yes – we can supply care home data and marketing to care homes.

Please contact us on 0330 010 8300 or email data-requests@morethanwordsuk.co.uk.

What additional home care statistics come with your domiciliary care database?

For each of the homecare companies on our database, the following information is provided:

  • Contact name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Company name
  • Line of business
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Information on size (turnover, number of employees, and so on)

Please note that not each field is populated in every record.

Can you supply us with data on the largest domiciliary care providers in the UK?

Yes – we can provide you with marketing data and marketing services targeting the largest domiciliary care providers in the UK.

The information used to determine which domiciliary care providers in the UK are the largest are turnover information and by number of employees.

Can I use the data after the twelve month licence has ended?

No – you’ll need to renew the licence on your domiciliary care database for another 12 months.

Returning clients are entitled to a discount from our standard prices at the time of ordering a new licence.

Following the end of the 12 month period, you can stay in touch with any domiciliary care provider decision makers on our list who contacted you as a result of one of our marketing campaigns.

Do you offer guarantees on the accuracy of the data on my home care directory?

Yes. We offer the following accuracy guarantees on the fields contained within our database:

  • 90% email deliverability,
  • 90% contact name accuracy,
  • 92% telephone number accuracy, and
  • 98% postal address accuracy.

If we fail to hit any of these targets, we’ll either refund you pro-rata or issue replacement records based upon the margin by which we’ve missed the accuracy guarantees,

Contact us for more on our home care & nursing agencies data & mailing lists

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