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Contact fleet managers direct by email, phone, and post
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Use our list of fleet managers to market your products and services by email, phone, and post direct to your target audience

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Jan 10, 2024

Contact fleet managers direct by email, phone, and post

Since 2016, our list of fleet managers, part of our extensive UK business database, has been used to promote everything from fuel cards to vehicle tracking services to the decision makers in charge of their companies’ fleets of vehicles.

We’ve not only supplied the data – we’ve also managed their email and telephone marketing campaigns successfully in-house on their behalf, through our experienced marketing team.

Our team has years of experience, are on top of the latest news and best practices, and know how to effectively pitch to your contacts – thereby increasing your chances of making sales.

Fleet manager database – what’s on offer

The fleet management list offered by More Than Words Marketing contains:

  • 11,776 fleet manager contact names,
  • 9,180 email addresses,
  • 11,776 company names, and
  • 9,333 telephone numbers.

1. Fleet managers’ database

  • An extensive fleet management company list (part of our wider database of UK businesses),
  • Fleet manager email addresses,
  • Data will be available for use for 12 months from the date of purchase, and
  • Each entry contains multiple fields.

2. One email marketing design, three email broadcasts, and full follow-up reports for each campaign

  • Our in-house copywriters and designers create one engaging and persuasive email design,
  • Three email marketing campaigns delivered from our trusted servers
  • Every email campaign has full reports – we provide you with a spreadsheet showing every email click through and opened.

3. After-sales support services

  • Regardless of your level of technical experience, our in-house data technicians are on hand to assist you in using the data you purchase.
  • We will review any campaigns that you design yourself during the 12 months you own the list during the time you are the owner of the list, along with support from our design and copywriting teams.

Advertising to your fleet management list

Clients use the range of data and information of our lists of fleet management services and professionals to conduct direct marketing campaigns to decision makers within the fleet industry.

Two of the most popular channels for our clients are:

Email marketing

Each contact name on our list is responsible for managing their own fleet of vehicles. You can run email marketing campaigns to those lists to generate leads for your sales reps to follow up.

With the data generated from each email campaign, your sales reps can also connect with the fleet managers who open your emails and click through to your website the most.

Ask your account manager about how to spot and convert these leads from campaign interaction data.


A popular route to market for many of our clients is B2B telemarketing

Let your sales reps start a two-way conversation with the decision makers on our lists about what you sell.

Your telemarketing reps can book appointments, generate leads, and gather valuable market intelligence on the fleet operations from your list to help you to build a pipeline of sales opportunities over the next year or two.

Selling to decision makers in fleet management

This data is particularly popular among companies in the following sectors:

  • Fleet management software – help fleet managers track stock on and off site, optimise driver delivery routes, schedule dispatches, and reduce risk.
  • Vehicle tracking – make sense of mileage and fuel costs through GPS tracking and analysis of the movement and routes of cars, vans, and lorries on an individual vehicle basis.
  • Fuel management – monitor and control fuel consumption costs by vehicle
  • Accident management – handling claims of staff whose vehicles have been in an accident and monitoring driver safety,
  • Fleet operation – for companies wanting to outsource fleet management or work on operational efficiency
  • Vehicle investment – vehicles must have longevity to be an asset. Improve future forecasts with electric vehicle provision, fuel efficiency or preventative maintenance. Also covers asset tracking,
  • Fleet maintenance – help fleet managers & directors with vehicle maintenance to improve fleet efficiency
  • Fleet services – a range of other fleet tracking and transportation services.
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Find out more about our list of fleet managers 

Our fleet management data list offers you direct access to a community of fleet managers as a solution to better, more efficient marketing. 

You can phone and email fleet managers within the businesses you target by using our comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate, and GDPR-compliant list of fleet managers.

To buy sales data for your next campaign to UK fleet decision makers call 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our marketing databases team.

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