In the age of digital marketing and mass media communication, B2B lead generation is one of the greatest challenges of companies around the world.

You can post radio or magazine ads but you will have a hard time to find out what is working and what is not.

When selling high ticket items and expensive products, telemarketing still plays an important role and you should consider using it or expanding its use as you chase new business and market share

Find out why below.

B2B lead generation requires the personal touch

The main reason why many companies choose to include telemarketing in their lead generation plan is because it allows them to establish a personal relationship with the right person.

Getting through the gatekeepers and finding the person who has the authority to make informed decisions about the company’s purchases in the business-to-business environment is a challenge.

An experienced telemarketing company will have the right methods and tools to overcome this difficulty and get your message through.

You can find out more about the market as a whole and individual targets

Adding telemarketing to your overall B2B lead generation strategy will also allow you to monitor your market and find out more about your ideal clients.

You should always try and ask qualifying questions and ask the telemarketing company to take note of the main objections people have.

This will help you improve your marketing strategy, your targeting, and your products, as well.

Getting first hand information about your target market is invaluable, and business intelligence can take your company further.

Two-way communication and B2B lead generation

Unlike digital advertising, TV, radio, and magazine ads, you can establish a two-way communication channel with your customers.

Many people prefer to talk to a real person when it comes to making buying decisions.

Telemarketing can build trust and help you create a strong and consistent brand.

You can use it to follow up leads you generated when you went out networking, or to promote your business to those who might not even have heard about it.

In short, telemarketing will give you a chance to establish trust and a meaningful connection with your potential customers.

Is your telemarketing team having trouble getting past the gatekeeper and then convincing the prospective client.

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Measurable results

When you post an ad in the local magazine, you will find it hard to measure how many new customers or orders you are getting.

Telemarketing is different.

Most companies are going to give you a full report of

  • how many potential customers they contacted,
  • how many were interested, and
  • how many of them wanted to set up a meeting or bought over the phone.

If you would like to monitor your return on marketing investment, using a telemarketing company might be a good option.

Cost effective

Some telemarketing firms will provide you their services on a flexible basis which makes it easy for you to control your marketing budget.

The weekly or monthly reports will not only tell you how much it costs you to get a lead but also give you an idea which types of potential customers are the most likely to respond to the call and take on the offer.

This means that you can carry on improving your marketing and get a better ROI on your overall campaign.

Easy to Scale

If you are sitting on the fence and are unsure whether digital marketing would work for your business, you can start small.

Some companies offer a trial for a certain number of hours and give you detailed statistics about the calls they made and the results they generated.

This will give you enough information to make an informed decision and plan your campaign accordingly.

Making telemarketing as a part of your sales funnel can also be a great way of scaling up your business.

The benefits of B2B lead generation via telemarketing

There are some companies that benefit from telemarketing more than others.

If you are looking to fill your capacity, scale up your business, or are launching a new product or service, you can create awareness in your market simply by using this method.

You can even survey your target customers before the product launch, so you can adjust the design, the packaging, and the price.

Telemarketing can benefit new and growing businesses alike.

It helps you manage your costs, establish trust, and have a two-way conversation with your target market.

This will result in better product placement and more conversions.

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