Why invest in our UK hairdressers list for your direct marketing campaigns and teams?

The beauty industry is one of the UK’s largest and most lucrative sectors.

Research estimates that the industry brings in around £7.5bn annually to the UK economy and there are currently more than 43,000 salons in the UK.

However, the industry has faced serious challenges as one of the sectors most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Many salons have had to close for weeks or months at a time and social distancing measures often require creative workarounds for UK hairdressers to keep their businesses open.

This means that many salons are currently interested in finding products and services that will help them to flourish, making them a prime market for producers of hair products or salon equipment, magazine publishers and printing companies.

Contacting decision makers in the sector is simple with our comprehensive UK hairdressers database.

This offers you a current list of ladies and gents salons all over the UK, featuring high-level contacts and multiple information fields to benefit your marketing strategy.

In this article, we look at how using our UK hairdressers list will allow you to understand the current landscape of hairdressing in the UK, and market to the sector more effectively.

We will also look at:

  • what information you can access on our database
  • the two levels of service we offer
  • who will be working on your campaign
  • advice for marketing to UK hairdressers
  • why you should use a More Than Words database
  • tips for improving your existing marketing strategy

What’s on our UK hairdressers database?

The More Than Words UK hairdressers database provides a complete and current list of companies in the unisex hairdressing sector.

Our list of hairdressers and beauty salons includes multiple data fields, allowing for segmentation and targeted marketing campaigns, and each contact listed is a high-level decision maker within their business.

Our database provides contact details for UK salons including:

  • 35,607 records with postal addresses
  • 24,484 phone numbers
  • 5,700 email addresses

UK hairdressers database and marketing packages

More Than Words offers clients two options for marketing to UK hairdressers:

  • a database-only service and
  • a 12-month fully-managed email marketing service.

UK hairdressers database only service

More Than Words’ database-only service incorporates:

  • Our complete data file for UK hairdressers of all sizes
  • an accurate and up to date list of current UK salons, featuring contact names, job titles and contact details, derived from our extensive UK business database
  • multiple fields per entry allow for data segmentation and a better understanding of your target audience
  • 12 months’ access from the date of purchase
  • you have a full year to access and use the contacts on your database
  • Account manager support
  • access to a dedicated account manager who will be on-hand to provide any help you need for the entire lease period
  • Access to our technical and advertising support teams
  • full technical support with using and maintaining your database
  • support with and feedback for your own marketing campaigns

Managed email marketing campaigns

A fully-managed B2B email marketing campaign this service includes:

  • Email designs
  • our team of experienced copywriters and in-house designers create attractive and impactful email designs based on your offers and requirements. Each email will be designed with your branding and requirements in mind, to ensure maximum impact.
  • Email campaigns
  • our trusted servers guarantee a high rate of delivery into recipients’ inboxes and you can choose the times and dates we send each campaign out if they are free on our schedule.
  • Full analytics for each transmission
  • you will be contacted immediately each time one of your emails is interacted with and requires follow-up action
  • after three days we send you a full analytics report showing you which contacts opened your email and how many times, which recipients clicked through to your website and which, if any, of your contacts chose to unsubscribe from your emails.

Who will be working on your campaign with you?

More Than Words comprises an experienced sales and marketing team of skilled copywriters, designers and content planners, all of whom will be at your disposal to work with you on your campaign.

If you choose the database-only service, our team will happily appraise and give feedback on your own email campaigns.

For the managed service these associates will collaborate with you and your team to create 12 compelling campaigns that are guaranteed to convert.

Our first-class dispatch and reporting team take over the second half of the process, ensuring that each of your emails makes an impact, with a full understanding of the analytics to help improve on the next mailout.

Tips for marketing to UK hairdressers

Selling products or services to UK hairdressers can be a time-consuming process.

Salons tend to be selective about the products they hold, and the majority of businesses have maintained a fairly lo-fi way of operating so it is not as easy to reach them online.

However, if you can build a good relationship with a salon you are likely to have more control over how your product is sold, and will be guaranteed more trust from customers from the beginning.

In order to get UK hairdressers to take an interest in your product or organisation your marketing efforts must take three things into account:


Your marketing communications should be focused on educating the recipient on the benefits and qualities of the product/service you are offering.

UK hairdressers are far more likely to invest in something that they know will benefit them and their customers, so you need to offer detailed information about the ingredients you have used, why you have used them and what benefits they have historically been proven to have.


A partnership with a salon is going to have far greater potential for sales than simply selling your products in store.

The hairdressers working with your brand will remember to use and upsell your products during consultations if a partnership means that you both benefit from this.

You could offer to sponsor the store, or give them products for free to use with customers if they then push to sell the products to happy customers.


The contacts on your list could also be a rich source of information, so early communications could feature market research questions without trying to sell, in order to conduct primary research about trends, customer behaviour and spending.

If you can understand the needs of their customers then you can offer them a product or service that will help them to retain customers, ensuring that your partnership is beneficial for everyone.

Advantages of database marketing to UK hairdressers

Many companies use database marketing as a way to speed up and finesse their content marketing strategy.

Database marketing is useful for most businesses, including UK hairdressers, for the following reasons:

Saves time

Our UK hairdressers list offers current and relevant data that has been extensively checked for accuracy and then structured so that you can segment and work with the information in any way you see fit.

More targeted marketing

The ability to segment and order your list so that you can reach out to groups with specific characteristics makes it easier to tailor your individual communications to those who will respond the most favourably.

You could break down your list by company size or annual turnover, for example, or by job title so you know which contacts are most likely to have decision-making responsibilities in which areas.

Better analytics

It could take months to gather the amount of information about each salon on our UK hairdressers list, let alone breaking it down so that the information can be analysed to boost marketing communications.

Instead, enjoying all of this information means that analysing the results of your communications comes down to who you sent it to, and at what time, making it far quicker to begin improving your analytics.

Tips for generating more leads and sales from our UK hairdressers list

If you purchase the managed marketing campaign option of our UK hairdressers list, our experienced copywriters and designers will immediately begin planning and creating your first email campaign.

You can add your own branding or information as desired, and our team will polish and refine each email so that it loads quickly, gets your message across instantly and gives a great first impression of your business.

We will send email marketing campaigns out for you over the course of the next 12 months, on your behalf, with our trusted servers ensuring that your communications are not caught up in ISP filters or sent to junk folders.

After three days, we send you a full analytics report showing:

  • which recipients opened your email and how many times,
  • which recipients clicked through to your website and how many times, and
  • which recipients unsubscribed from future campaigns.

When your campaign receives direct replies and queries, our team will forward those to you within half an hour of receipt, allowing you to immediately follow-up.

Following up with a telemarketing campaign

People tend to respond more positively to companies with whom they have had a telephone conversation.

Speaking with a member of your team promotes trust and allows them to ask any questions they have, or voice any concerns.

In order to build a connection with contacts from your UK hairdressers list, we offer follow-up telemarketing services.

We will contact a combination of:

  • the UK hairdressers on the database you most want to do business with and
  • the UK hairdressers who open your email and click through to your website the most.

We will provide you with an online campaign folder where you can view these calls as they happen in real time and perform any required follow-ups in a timely fashion.

Ordering your copy of the UK hairdressers database

To find out more about our UK hairdressers database and how to generate additional leads and sales from this marketplace, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our marketing databases team.

Find out more about our UK hairdressers database

To use our UK hairdressers’ database on your upcoming direct marketing campaigns, please call us on 0330 010 8300, click here to email us, or fill in the form below and we’ll get back in touch with you.